(Closed) Blood clots on hormonal BC?

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I think your doctor would be the best person to help you here.  I know there are ‘low dose’ Pills, which might be less inclined to cause clotting.  My family has the opposite issues – I’m part-way to anemic, and since I don’t smoke and have always had good blood pressure Ive never worried about it.  Since your family has tendencies to blood clots, I’d ask your doctor about low dose Pills, and maybe see if IUDs or the Nuva Ring have any less reasons for concern about blood clots.  I know the Pills works pretty much by trickig your body that you’re already pregnant, so it shouldn’t release an egg each month, it thins the uterine lining so any egg that migh be released can’t attach, and it’s also supposed to help thicken the cervical mucus (sexy, right?) to act almost as a antural diaphram. 

Maybe in your case you’d need to see if there was a safe, long-term blood thinner you can use in addition to the Pill?

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I would also check with your dr about it.  I am on the lowest dose combo pill (alesse), and supposedly I am at a lower risk of blood clots from it.  You can also take baby asprin when on bc and that will lower your risk for blood clots as well.

Look into a non-hormonal IUD or a diaphragm for other non-hormonal options!

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I have a clotting disorder that causes my blood not to clot, but strangely it puts me at greater risk for those little clots. I went to consult with a hematologist about the birth control and I would suggest you do that in addition to speaking with your gyno.

The hematologist can actually check your clotting factors using a blood test to find out if and why you are more prone to clotting. Tell him about your family history (my condition is genetic and they found it because my mom and grandma had symptoms). Your gyno then can use that information to find that right pill for you. Just make sure you take the info from the hematologist to the gyno and vice versa.

I am on a low dose birth control with the continuous hormones (all the same pills).

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@Kant: I would definitely talk to your doctor about this. My family has a history of strokes and aneurysms… but unfortunately, I found all of that out a little too late. I’m not sure if a history affects you taking BC, but still. Better safe than sorry.

When I was 19, I had been taking the Pill for about 6 months. I was on the low-dose ones. Started getting insane chest pains. This was misdiagnosed twice. Finally, turned out I had multiple and massive blood clots in both of my lungs. The doctor told me had it not been discovered, I would’ve had a stroke or heart attack within 2 weeks. It was pretty scary, especially at only 19. I was on bloodthinning medication for a year, going for blood tests every week [eventually that got down to every month, thankfully!]. They couldn’t figure out exactly what caused the clots, but they figured it was most likely that the BC is what brought it on.

I’m doing fine now, but I’m never able to take hormonal BC ever again. Which kinda sucks. I also have to keep an eye on how I’m feeling [ie: chest pains and what not]. I’m not saying any of this to scare you, but moreso to let you know… I too read the side effects and how blood clots are a rare side effect. I thought nothing like that would ever happen to me.

If you are able to get on it though, go for it. I miss it terribly, it helped with cramps and everything! There was a lot of pros to it aside from just preventing pregnancy.

Definitely talk to your doctor though.

Best of luck! 🙂

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Yes BC pills cause blood clots. I would not recommend the pill for you, consider maybe a copper IUD. Please don’t take the pill if you have a family history of strokes or heart attacks!

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Yes, I developed a blood clot from hormonal BC – and mine was progesterone only.  Not worth the risk of dying in my opinion.

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As everyone has already stated the best thing for u to do is to talk to ur dr. There are things that they can do that will allow u to take HBC even with a history of clotting. My 1st cousin has a history of blood clots in her legs and her dr still allows her to use HBC. Foe me however that was not the case. I was on HBC (the pill, low dose) for a couple years and I developed a horrible pain on the left lower abdominal. I thought it was appendicitis and so did the emergency room dr. I had an emergency MRI and they found blood clots in both my ovarian veins. I was told that this was not due to the BC, these clots are extremely rare and usually have truamatic triggers… but since I was healthy and hadn’t engaged in any of the normal triggers they felt it would be best if I stopped taking the pill. My dr recommeded the copper IUD because there is no hormones in it. IUD’s are an option but from what I have read they are most beneficial and usually only recommeded to women who have had at least 1 child.

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@healthily_married:  I’d like to know what you can do with a history of blood clots so that the doctor prescribes the pill.  That shocks me! 

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My best friend just found out last week she has this blood clotting disorder.  She has not had an episode but her sister had one that put her into the hospital (lung issues, couldn’t breath, etc.)  My friend had a very simple test and found out she has the same condition.  You should talk to your doctor about having this test.  There are NO birth control pills you can take if you end up having this condition.  You can use the sponge or the copper IUD to prevent pregnancy, that’s it.  But again, you might not even have the clotting issue, just get tested at your doctor.

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I was fitted for a diaphragm last year.

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