(Closed) Blood pressure 151/104?

posted 7 years ago in Pregnancy
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That is extremely high.. If its a correct reading you’re getting from your Bridal Party cuff, that’s very dangerous even for someone who isn’t pregnant. Especially the diastolic (lower) number. If you’re sure the reading is correct, I would definitely be calling my doctor/going to the hospital ASAP. 


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It is very high. See your doctor as soon as possible.

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Yup thats super high and at 20 weeks you need to keep ontop of that with the risks of preeclampsia. Id be straight onto my doctor or midwife. Even if you can just get to an ER to get your bp checked manually. 

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@figgnewton:  have you had your cuff checked? I took mine into my docs office last week & she used her manual & then mine. The diastolic was on average 8 pts higher. Have you been taking it often and see this is a break from the normal pattern?

That bottom number- diastolic- is concerning. Call your doc’s emergency line if you don’t want to go right to the ER. But hbp is serious esp in pregnancy. I would probably have it checked and I’m not too much of a worrier. 

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At 16w, I was ordered to pick up a blood pressure cuff at home. I find most of the time it does really accurate readings, but when something seems off (usually to human error) I get my husband to come over and we check his to see that the cuff just isn’t whacky. If his comes back in normal range, we wait a few minutes and take mine again. With that being said, I would still proceed with caution in that range and be contacting my doctor. Always better safe than sorry imo! GL 🙂

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Yes, that # is high.

High blood pressure is of concern when Bridal Party readings are 140/90 or higher. Either number should be below that. They typically like to see Bridal Party below 130/80. Most offices have a doctor on call, so I would start there. Otherwise the ER or emergency clinic are the way to go so you can see someone sooner. Good luck and smart of you to be on top of your readings.

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Where was this taken, and if at home, why do you have a cuff at home? I ask because many of the automatic machines in drug stores, etc are really inaccurate.  And if you have a cuff at home, that leads me to wonder why, and to be more concerned than perhaps average (because if you have a cuff at home there might be a reason why, eg. history of high bp in the past).

Either way, a diastolic (lower number) over 90 is concerning during pregnancy.  The higher number (systolic) is much more variable, depending on stress, emotions, even having a full bladder can raise it.

High bp is a diagnosis based on at least 2 readings in the same arm (preferably left), seated with feet flat on the floor and legs uncrossed, and the time range varies 15mins to 4hrs or more.

You should take it again and if it remains high, I would suggest calling your doctor’s on-call service or calling the birthing unit at the hospital you plan to birth at (assuming a hospital birth).  It could be pre-existing hypertension (anything presenting before 20 weeks could be), but even if it’s gestational hypertension your doctor needs to know.

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That is defintely really high.  I’d talk to your doctor about it for sure.

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If you are taking it with a home machine, they can really be off. I have one, because I have PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) and need to keep an eye on it between appointments…however, mine has lately given me some really whack-a-doo readings. When I get a reading that is really high, I wait a few minutes and try again. If it is still high, I then go to the drugstore and take it with their machine. If it is high there, I call the doctor. 

However, I don’t want to give you a false sense of security, if a reading really was that high, you need to have it checked ASAP. 

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Yes it’s high, but don’t worry too much until you catch it like that twice. Readings consistently over 140/90 are a concern, but a one-off high reading isn’t as it could be due to anything. (I’m assuming you’re on a cuff at home. If you’re not, I’d wonder if you have a history of high bp, felt any symptoms of high bp, or were just taking it somewhere for fun. It matters.) I would take a few deep breaths, relax, and try again in a few minutes. If that comes up just as high, you do need to call your doctor.

The most common thing they watch for with high blood pressure is pre-eclampsia. Even though you’re only around 20 weeks, it is possible to get early onset pre-eclampsia at any point in pregnancy. Obviously the earlier it happens, the more concerning it becomes. 

Your doctor may ask you to monitor and log your blood pressure at home for a certain amount of time while they consider options. You also may need to do a 24-hour urine collection to rule out pre-eclampsia. Sometimes, doctors will prefer to monitor you for 24 hours in the hospital (and most likely do the urine colection at the same time there).

Once you decide what to do, let us know how you’re doing?

Either way, the trick is to try not to stress out about it. Hogh blood pressure is an obnoxious problem, because the more you worry, the worse it gets. 

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