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@SillyStacey:  You look fabulous. FYI, 5’5″, 140 is not overweight by BMI. I’m 5’3″ and 140 is at the verge of overweight (by BMI) for me. You would have to be around 150 to be technically overweight. But it doesn’t really matter because you look wonderful.

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@Mrs_Amanda:  I’m pretty sure that BMI just takes height/weight=ratio.  And they determine which ratios are healthy and which are not.  BMI doesn’t take into account fitness which is why an althlete like Treejewel can’t get an accurate BMI measurement.  

The BMI tells her that her ratio is bad but its not taking into account the muscle or the fitness level.  It’s a great tool to tell you if you are considered a healthy weight if you are a part of the general population.  But it will not tell you how fit you are.  There are many other things that could tell you, you are fit no matter what your body looks like, for example a fitness test like this: 


It is also possible to be fit but not be at a healthy weight.  At that point someone would have to sit down and talk to a doctor to determine what healthy is suppost to be for their body.

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This is really the only recent full-body shot of myself I have from recently (friends rage-faced to protect the innocent!) BMI-28.8 .. knocking on door of obesity. 5’6, ~175 lbs

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@EffieTrinket:  I am 5’7″ and was 180 pounds at the start of this year.  I would have considered myself overweight and I was also knocking on obesity’s door.  Below is a picture of what I looked like at some point last year and I was probaly about 173 here, this is the picture that made me want to do something about it because I realized I was starting to look how I felt.  

It looks to me like you are active, so maybe in your case BMI is not necessarily a completely true reflection of your weight status.




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@Mrs Christopher:  Yeah, I play roller derby so my legs are really solid. That’s one good reason I don’t think BMI is worth much except to sedentary or near sedentary people.

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@caits615:  For what it’s worth, I’m 5’2″, 175 lbs. (which ends up a BMI of 32.2 – a decent amount into the obese category!), but I’m extremely active, lift weights 4-5 days a week and am a runner, and as such, wear a size 4-6, and have had my body fat measured at 17%. So maybe not 5’2″, 175, and “all muscle,” but mostly muscle, and definitely healthy.

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@Treejewel19: I would agree that BMI is not a completely accurate portrayal of health. 

As for me, I am someone who doesn’t put on a lot of weight easily, but when I don’t work out, I have “skinny fat,” as I call it, if I’m not active. What I mean by that is that my body isn’t toned, even though I stay a size 2, my body isn’t in its healthiest form, even if you can’t necessarily see my cellulite when I’m wearing clothes.

My BMI would technically show that I’m healthier than you as a hardcore volleyball player are, which isn’t true.  

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@MsPoodles:  Same with my fi, he’s very muscular but when we got on the wii fit the girl told him he was fat lol. Bmi is useless

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I don’t put too much stock into the BMI charts myself, since I know that it doesn’t take into account a person’s build or musicle mass. I’m 5’3 and weigh around 105lbs – which puts me at the lower end of a ‘normal’ weight according to the BMI charts – however I am the very definition of ‘skinny fat’, and while I am not at all sure what my body fat percentage is, I would have to guess that it is very high. Also, I know for a fact that I am a lot less healthy than most of you ‘heavier’ girls. (I guess since I eat terribly and hardly ever work out.)

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I found this website on Pinterest – My Body Gallery


You can enter in your weight and height and see other women who are the same size as you. It’s much more helpful than a BMI calculator. Sometime we can see others clearer than we can see ourselves. 

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I agree with you guys. 

I think what’s happened is that overweight is the new normal, and obese is the new overweight. We are accustomed to seeing bigger people, so when we see someone who is truly in the normal range, we might see that person as “skinny” or “too thin.” 

I don’t mean that to be harsh; it’s just the truth as I see it. 

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@stillme: @caits615: @mrsSonthebeach:

I actually agree with you when it comes to most people. Most people are not nearly active enough nor do they have enough muscle to make BMI irrelevant for them. I know I certainly am not. However, some people truly are enough outside of the “norm” that this scale (which is meant to determine a number based on height and weight for the normal person) simply isn’t accurate. Darling Husband is one of those people. At one point he had 10% body fat, but BMI still stated that he was obese. He has a large frame and tons of muscle, which is why BMI is off for him.

Still, I don’t think BMI should be disregarded by everyone. It’s actually a relevant tool for most people. Most people I hear saying BMI is complete “crap” aren’t enough outside of the normal range for it to be off for them; they just don’t like it’s determination of their weight. I don’t think those people should be using the outliers like Darling Husband to justify ignoring it because they are not in the same situation.  

Also, even though I do think BMI can be useful, I still think it should be taken with a grain of salt if you are in the normal range. It’s not necessarily better to be lower as long as you are still inside the normal range. I know my BMI goes up when I gain muscle (though it’s still on the low end of normal), which initially strikes me as bad. Then, when I really think about it, I realize that it’s not because without the muscle I’m “skinny fat” the way PP have mentioned. Like anything health related, it can be useful within reason.

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Some BMI tests say I am “normal” & some say “underweight.” I however think I look fine. I weigh 108 & I am 5’3. Body maxx Index is 19.1

I am very active (hiking, walking, golfing, ect) & I eat like a horse. 


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BMI is a very rough tool at judging somebodies size and health. There are just too many variables between people, cody composition, set weight points, activity, etc. 

I think were kinda brainwashed to think that overweight is unhealthy, where there actualy is no correlation with moderatly overweight people and health risks. They keep changing the normal for BMI as well. “normal” used to be 20-27. 

A lot of people who are considered overweight ( 25-30) but are in perfect shape get pressured to lose weight for the sake of losing weight where this may actualy be very unhealthy for them. 

People don’t know this but study after study show that the BMI of 25-27 have the lowest % of health problems and mortality. 

If you look at a typical North American person, and somebody who lives a more traditional way like farmers in Europe, the BMI might be the same but their health is much different. Being unhealthy is not determined by BMI, it is determined by lifestyle. 

I cringe when people say ” Ill lose down to 18.5 and then Ill still be in the healthy category” um… no. Unless your like 2% of the population where this is healthy. Being underweight ( chategorized by some at 20, others at 18.5 ) is actually a lot more unhealthy for you than overweight. 


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