Body Image/self worth [POLL]

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  • poll: Which applies to you?

    I hate my body

    I dislike my body

    I feel neutral towards my body

    I like my body

    I love my body


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    Busy bee
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    Hate it. Im 300lbs. I dont even feel bad for hating it. I have 0 self control and i stress eat so here I am. 

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    Blushing bee
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    I like it. I wish I had some more discipline but overall I’m happy (usually) with how I look. I’m 133-135 lbs usually and my ideal goal for myself is 125. Realistically I’d be ecstatic if I made it under 130.

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    Helper bee

    I struggle with having been obese for my height and weighing 210lbs most my life. Lost the weight having developed an eating disorder. Gained it back after an on the job injury then finally lost it again (the healthy way). Even tho I weigh less this time around… I’m bigger at this weight than I was before. Clothes fit drastically differently. Loose sagging skin is awful.. 

    I’m in recovery with my eating disorder. And learning to love my body regardless of the size. Some days are better than others. But I’m trying. 

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    I’m pretty unhappy, but at least I know I’m wrong in my thinking. I am an average weight, but just a year or two ago I was extremely fit and had a six pack. As such, I’m still adjusting to the fact that 90% of my clothes don’t fit, that my belly is not totally flat AND (biggest of all) that I simply have less physical fitness when exercising. 

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    onlythemarginleft :  It’s crazy that I selected “I dislike my body” but then felt so sad that the majority of other voters also selected the same option…


    I preach body positivity to everyone else but here I am borderline hating my own body. I’m such a hypocrite. 


    ETA: in all fairness, I do need to lose about 50-60lbs to get to my ideal weight of ~125-115 (I’m 5’2) so it’s not like I have body dysmorphia or anything. I actually do need to lose. I just wish I didn’t associate worthiness/deservingness to be happy with thinness. I almost feel like I don’t deserve to feel attractive because I don’t have a conventionally attractive body. 

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    Busy bee

    I voted that I dislike my body. I won’t let myself hate it anymore. I’ve also struggled with disordered eating since I was a teenager. I have a handle on it now. Healthy eating/exercise is about health for me now. 

    Interesting topic. I working on a master’s in education, but I would totally be like your sister if I was awarded for any type of accomplishment. “No pictures!”

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    Sugar Beekeeper
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    I generally like my body. I am overweight and would like to lose about 50-70 lbs but my main motivation is health over hating my body. I’m generally happy when I look in the mirror or see pictures of myself. I do think if I reached my goal weight I could love my body (mostly because I’d feel like I could pull off some clothing choices I can’t now) but I certainly don’t hate it or even dislike it.

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    azf0019 :  The same. I have a hard time practicing what I preach with myself.

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    Blushing bee

    I have a pretty horrible relationship with my body. 

    I experienced precocious puberty, with breast development at 6 and menarche just after my 9th birthday. I was absolutely terrorized at school for this.

    I was diagnosed with anorexia at age 11 and had an extended admission in an eating disorder inpatient unit at 16.

    I got well and I definitely haven’t had any behaviours resembling an eating disorder for almost 2 decades (I’m 38). But I do not like my body. I am large framed with a belly and I always feel big.

    How down I am on myself does ebv and flow a bit. I have recently been trying to be kinder to myself. After decades of running my knees are feeling it, so I’ve been doing cycling and yoga to give my knees a break from the daily running. Not running regularly has caused a lot of thoughts and panicked feelings to surface which has been really uncomfortable. But I’m working through that.


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    Don’t hate my face but I used to be very slim!! Now I’m not. Need to get back to the gym & stop eating chocolates. More squats and less sweets 

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    I actually don’t hate or dislike my body. That doesn’t mean that it’s perfect and there’s definitely things that I am working towards changing… So I didn’t feel comfortable selecting any of the options besides ‘other’ I feel like just because you can acknoweldge that you need to change doesn’t mean you need to hate or dislike yourself. If that makes sense. 

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    I voted I like my body(!!), which a decade ago I would have never dreamed was something I’d be able to say. I had anorexia in my teens into my early twenties and spent 3 separate, extended stays in inpatient hospital care. I’ve considered myself recovered for the past 7 years.

    Now, I do finally like my body. I feel healthy for sure — I eat mostly healthily, but also what I like in moderation, I’m a longtime vegetarian, I exercise daily, love running and horseback riding, and compete in trail running races. I suppose it’d be dishonest not to mention that in addition to daily exercise and relatively reasonable eating, I do have a naturally slim build, so I’m not hardcore fighting biology to maintain a size 0.

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    I was pretty happy with my body when I got married twelve years ago, and was 20 years old.

    I have had 3 kids in that time and have since had a love/hate relationship with my body.

    I gained 60 pounds during each pregnancy and had a c-section each time.

    I need to lose like twenty pounds to be in my healthy weight range right now. But I know that my body will never look the way it did at 20, no matter what I weigh.

    Pregnancy changes so much, at least it has for me. The stretch marks, saggy belly, can depress me at times.

    But I know what I got in exchange for all of the changes my body has gone through; Three babies that have brought so much joy, love, and happiness  into my life and I wouldn’t trade them to have the hottest body in the world.

    Bodies change, bodies get old, nobody stays looking good forever, so there are other things more important than what you look like.

    Confidence is what really makes people attractive and when you put yourself down all the time, that’s what you give off to other people. When you love yourself, people can see that and are more drawn to you because people like to be around happy people. And truly loving who you are, can bring that happiness.

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