Body Image/self worth [POLL]

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  • poll: Which applies to you?

    I hate my body

    I dislike my body

    I feel neutral towards my body

    I like my body

    I love my body


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    I like my body. It does what I need it to. I should note  that a couple of years ago,  I weighed 255. Now I fluctuate between 165 and 160 and while I’d like to lose another 20 pounds,  I don’t stress about it  and I’m not actively working on it. 

    Now that I think about it though,  I didn’t really hate my body before,  I just didn’t like my knees aching when I walked up steps or getting out of breath without running more than a few feet. Do I wish I had less cellulite or wrinkles?

    Sure,  but I try really hard to not be overly critical, and I’m not critical of myself IRL,  like dress shopping was a hoot,  but when I got back my engagement photos,  it bugged me how much my eyes lasered in on my wrinkles and bum. I gave it time and now I love the photos.  I think it’s okay to give yourself time appreciate yourself if that makes sense.

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    Voted I love my body. Its not perfect, far from it, but getsme through the day, where I want to go, I know what clothing styles flatter my body and love my curves when I have a nice outfit on. My mom did a GREAT job of instilling in us from childhood to always love ourselves the way we are, even if by society’s standards we are not perfect. I know I sound delusional lol but I really love my body and I’ve never let myself feel worse than anyone else. What’s the point? 

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    i dislike my body for a few reasons, some vanity related (tummy wrecked from 10lb baby, 30lbs overweight, general perceived lack of cuteness) and some health related (chronic joint pain, IBS, migraines)but i also have perspective. i am grateful to be plagued by these annoyances rather than any substantial concerns, and feel good about myself when i know i am doing things that actively benefit my body and my mind. 🙂

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    I definitely had some level of disordered eating as a teenager, and it’s weird looking back and realizing that I hated my body so much when I weighed like…117 pounds lol. (I will probably never weigh so little again). But as I’ve gotten older I’ve generally grown more thankful to simply be alive, and to not struggle with mobility (yet). I switched my eating/exercise to focus on general health metrics like cholesterol, blood sugar, and cardiovascular endurance instead of how I weigh. 

    Now I don’t LOVE how I look in the sense that I’m aware that there’s always room for improvement, and that I wasn’t born with supermodel proportions, but I’m pretty happy with what I have, and I generally give myself a mental thumbs up when I see my reflection in the mirror these days. I didn’t imagine I would ever be here, but man am I glad I arrived. 

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    I love my body. I really don’t give it too much thought, though. Ok.  That’s not entirely true. I want to lose 35 lbs. And I’d be more attractive & in less pain if I lost that weight. The thing is, though, that on a daily basis, I’m really confortable with who I am. I feel sexy. I’m able to appreciate my body without making comparisons against an ideal. Maybe it’s because I have so many stretch marks & surgical scars that I just have a different viewpoint than I once had? Idk. My husband thinks I’m super sexy & I believe him when he says it. I’m 5’2″ and a size 12. Objectively, I look short and overweight. For some reason, it’s just not bothering me. Maybe its my age? I’m 43. I’m smart, funny, attractive, and adored by my husband.

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    I have figured out I’ll never be happy until I decide to be.  After having been 200+ lbs for many years and getting down to 125, I wanted to be 115.  And I was stuck with a lot of loose skin.  Oh, and did I mention the cellulite?  I’m actually made. Of  chunks of cellulite strung together.

    I’ve had several cosmetic surgeries, enough for now.

    Now, at my advanced age, I’ve hit a choice point—do I want to continue to starve and struggle or can I relax and enjoy life a little more, going out to eat with Dh (which he loves) more often.  We live in a city filled with restaurants we haven’t even tried.  I’m not talking about letting myself go, that’s not who I am.  I just mean not fighting so hard to be quite so thin.

    I’ve also had a terrible run with thyroid meds—a wretched all over rash, my hair falling out, and weight gain.  Another uphill battle.

    The good news is, despite it all, I’m still beautiful.


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    I am 5’6 and 108lbs and still have body hang ups… For most part I am happy with the way i look with clothes on, but there are still wobbly bits here and there when the clothes come off! A recent knee surgery has me appreciating my body a whole lot more more; realization that the physical form is more than mere aesthetics.  To appreciate what an able body does that we take so for granted, like mobility, endurance, and resilience. It basically took me 4 weeks (and counting!) of not being able to walk to realize all this. In a way, it’s pretty refreshing. 

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    As a teen I was shy, very low self esteem and hated how I looked.

    I developed some passions, which pushed me out of my comfort zone gave me confidence to stand on stage and advocate for them, which in turn improved my self esteem. I realised I’m not so bad after all. Now, 10 years later, I like my body. It’s not perfect, but it’s what lets me do everything I do and I try to look after it.

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    I am a recovering anorexic mum and am really struggling not to go back to my old ways. I am currently 113lbs which is a lot for me and I feel huge and flabby and embarrassed about my body. I am currently breastfeeding and I think that’s the only thing that keeps me eating so I have no idea what will happen when I stop. 

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    I like how my body looks but get frustrated with my body as I get older for, well, getting older. I hate that I now feel like my muscles are tight all the time, I hate that I feel stiff EVERY morning, I hate that I can’t just pick up and decide to run 5k after months of no running like I could when I was in my early 20s.

    My frustration actually lies more in my poor job at taking care of my body (staying fit, stretching, drinking enough water) and less with how my body looks. I always look thin, but I can see that it’s thin and not fit which frustrates me — but then I don’t work out regularly and do nothing to change it so who’s fault is it really? 

    But my body does wonderful things for me and I’m incredibly fortunate to be as healthy as I am. I just wish I had appreciated my natural 18-year old “go from couch potatoe to fitness fanatic in 15 minutes” ability at the time. Because those dayse are looooooong gone.

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    I dislike my body. I’m overweight and I’ve been overweight for a long time. I’m in the process of losing weight at the minute and I’ve lost about half of what I need to lose to be in a healthy weight range (currently just short of 60lbs).

    However, the main issue is that I don’t like many parts of myself at the moment. I’ve got a masters. And I don’t work directly in that field and due to it being a tech field, I won’t work with that directly again. I won’t do the type of job my masters is meant to lead to. I’ve got several years experience in one sector but I can’t get hired for any jobs in this sector. I’m in a job in which I feel useless and takes all my confidence. My attempts to use my transferable skills have left me not being able to get past several interviews. Generally, I feel useless and generally just not all that much, not that good at anything. So my body just feels like it’s a reflection of what is inside – trying but never really achieving anything.

    The saddest thing for me is that on my wedding day, I felt beautiful. It was the biggest I’d ever been I had a dress that was completely horrible on the model but somehow looked ok on me. I felt beautiful. When I looked at the majority of my wedding pictures I was happy with them, obviously not all but the majority. Now I look at my wedding pictures and I hate the vast majority. I need to work on not feeling like my greatness is attached to any external force (achievements, husband, career, body image) and try to like myself for what I am without all of that but it’s hard. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to like the vast majority of our wedding photos again.

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    Like a PP, I don’t mind my body with clothes on – once I can find clothes that fit. It can be too hourglass – shirts that are fitted on the boobs but too baggy below making me feel fat or fitted on my stomach and scanalous cleavage. The same with skirts, fitted at the waist but uncomfortably tight on my hips or fitted at my hips and practically a hoola-hoop on my waist. When I take off my clothes however, all I can focus on are the little lovehandles that I can’t seem to shift, the cellulite on my thighs etc.

    I’ve also always had issues accepting my face. My eyes are big, my lips are big and my nose is big and has a bump on it. I always felt like I could never look delicate or feminine because of my exaggrated features. 

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    I love my body but perhaps that’s because my ego is the size of Texas.

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    onlythemarginleft :  

    When l look at old photos l now see that l was pretty damn nice looking and had an excellent body. I didn’t see      or appreciate it though then,  l thought l was passably attractive at best. 

    Now l’m much older l see myself as ‘good for my age’ though objectively l might be better than that. I wish l could  apply my feminist principles to body image like l can to other things lol!

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    Hate. I’m fat, but even when I wasn’t, I still hated my body. I think I have some nice features, like a pretty face and nice hair, but I just totally lost the genetic lottery on body features. The women in my family all have thick legs and arms, so I’m not alone at least.

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