Body Image/self worth [POLL]

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  • poll: Which applies to you?

    I hate my body

    I dislike my body

    I feel neutral towards my body

    I like my body

    I love my body


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    I like my body. It’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t change it. It’s me. Of course sometimes it would be better not to eat the last slice of cake and maybe go to the gym more, but all in all I am happy with myself. 

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    I’m obese, probably morbidly obese if you look at the numbers, but I love my body. I think I’m proportional overall, but my big “problem” is my belly. My mother has a thyroid problem so her weight was always something she could not really control and learn to deal with before we were even born. We are three girls and she always taught us to love ourselves. Our body, our mind, and the person we are. That no matter what everyone one else might think of our bodies, we were healthy and able bodied so that’s what was more important. Now, if we were not happy, we were the ones to have to do something about it for ourselves. So i’ve Never had a problem with this. I think I’m damn hot even if not every body may agree with me.

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    I’ve grown to appreciate my body more as I get older. In my late teens/early 20’s, I HATED the way I looked. Now that I’m in my 30’s and see how the train of aging isn’t stoping, I start to embrace it more. My hang ups with my body have more to do with things others take for granted. I have pretty bad eczema and struggled with acne growing up– so my skin has always been a point of contention for me and something I spend an enormous amount of time stressing over or trying to treat (or hide, in the case of a bad eczema breakout). I’ve always been pretty envious of people who naturally have pretty, healthy looking skin! 

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    I absolutely love my body. I am 20 pounds overweight and working hard to lose it and get fit, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what I have. I am fairly healthy, having full mobility, and appreciate that this body works hard every day to keep me going. 

    I am definitely of the mindset that you should workout and eat right because you love your body, not because you hate it.

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    I voted neutral. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. I am technically underweight by the numbers (5’2″ and 93lbs) but I’m healthy overall.. I just have problems gaining weight and keeping it on. I wish I could add a solid 15lbs to myself. I wish I had bigger boobs but I’d never put myself through a breast augmentation (too much fear of it being botched and then hating myself for doing it). I just feel meh. 

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    Im mid 40s and i love my body. I have been consistently training in some form since i was 17. I have been sacrificing my entire life because it’s important to me. I sacrifice my time because i make time to go to the gym, I sacrifice every hour of every day by passing up things i want to eat or even going hungry because i ate a meal and still wanted more. Its a choice I make for me, i dont expect others to agree with it. I don’t judge other’s bodies, I think we are all gorgeous and I hate when women feel they need to justify their lifestyle to me, I am not judging anyone, EVER about their bodies. This is a choice I make for me, but I never EVER judge anyone else, we are ALL beautiful and I wish more women loved themselves. Fitness is important to me because after 25+ years its just part of who I am.  

    Now the BUT – I will say that in general i always had abs and definition but since i have been with my boyfriend he has encouraged me to lighten up, so now i am probably 5 pounds heavier with WAY less definition, but i still love my body and look amazing for my age. No one has to agree with me, all that matters is i think i look amazing. Im proud of my body, I am proud of training for over 25 years. I always say I am a success story, because I have sacrificed to keep my figure my entire life. 

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    I put like. I think the biggest way I came to realization that you have to accept yourself is when I go to the beach every year… maybe more… or a pool… or anywhere… look around… and see NO ONE has some Victoria Secret body. Not even thin people. Even plus size isn’t really what people envision it “should be”. 

    I still focus on the scale CONSTANTLY but… things are changing in my head. And it was not just a beach experience that changes it… its when you stop and realize all sizes of YOUNG people around you pass away and you outlive them by years… decades even.  Because they were stripped of their health depsite their weight. So why worry about it as much and just try to be healthy? 

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    Sugar bee
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    I used to be in pretty good shape (ran half marathons) and I liked how my body looked, but more importantly I liked how it FELT – strong and capable!

    I fell off the good-habits wagon a couple years ago and gained like 25 pounds during a stressful divorce, and I definitely feel neutral about it now. I wish I liked my appearance more but I don’t – but I don’t dislike it per se. And now I’m pregnant so I can’t drop the weight. Really working on self-acceptance for now, and regular light exercise,and self-control as to not gain any more weight than necessary. I really look forward to getting back to how things were, or some semblance of it. 

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    I’ve always had issues with how I looked. I was a chubby child and was called fat several times throughout middle school which really killed any self esteem I did have. I slimmed down when I hit highschool and was a very healthy weight as a teenager, though I’ve always hated the amount of cellulite I have. For years of my life I did not wear shorts. While in college my weight yo-yoed more, between 145-165 or so. I got back down to around 154 for my wedding and really was happy about that but then gained a huge amount of weight the year since. I am the biggest I have ever been and I look back on pictures when I thought I was fat and wish to goodness I still looked like that. I would definitely say I normally dislike my body but with my extra weight right now I hate it. But I am in the process of losing weight and maybe once I do I can appreciate my body more.

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    I realized in my late 20s how bad my relationship with my body actually is. I’m nowhere near fat, but have struggled with disordered eating as far back as middle school. I’m 5’4″ and have always been in the 107-113 range (which tells you how obsessed I was with the scale that I know those completely insignificant numbers).

    After my wedding, probably when I was at my leanest/most in shape, I turned 30. After turning 30 my body changed completely. Working out is much harder and yields different results, body parts look and tone differently. Cellulite has appeared almost overnight and I think intends to hang out for a bit. It’s crazy to me. I also gained about 7 pounds and have been unable to get them off. It tore me up for over a year.

    I hate that I put that much energy into disliking my body, but now that I’ve recognized it, I am trying to really look at what I’m putting myself through and trying to change that. It’s exhausting feeling guilty after indulging. It’s exhausting stepping on the scale and praying the right number will appear. I am a very healthy person, and am trying to just be thankful for that. It’s a tough balance, but I’m willing to put in the work because I won’t allow it to consume my life anymore.

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    I put dislike, but that’s a pretty recent development. I’ve gained probably 10-15 lbs since my wedding last fall, which I’d gotten into pretty good shape for – between our honeymoon and the holidays I kind of stopped taking good care of myself and lost the good exercise habits I’d develped in the 5 or so months leading up to the wedding. Now my clothes are tight and I feel uncomfortable in my skin. I did work out again this week for the first time in a while and it felt good. I think the key for me will be to focus on how good I feel when I have endorphins flowing and start to see muscle definition, rather than the depressed feeling of “I’m a whale” I feel when I don’t move enough. My husband tells me every day that I’m beautiful, but I’d like to feel better about myself.

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    I selected neutral. Im slightly overweight (and pregnant) and of course I would love to have a victoria secret models body BUT I selected neutral because I dont loathe it, Im used to my body now and im not ashamed of it. I used to hate my body growing up and would get so upset at photos of myself but I dont feel that way anymore, its just a body and it does what its supposed to do. It could be much better, but it could also be much worse. 

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    onlythemarginleft :  I chose other. My body is amazing – it recently grew a human, birthed her, and has continued to keep her alive with my boobs. That’s pretty darn impressive when you really stop and think about it. However, before getting pregnant I had about 25 pounds to lose and while the baby weight fell off quickly and I was blessed to not get stretch marks, I still have those 25 pounds to lose. I love my body for what it is capable of and has accomplished, but there are parts of it that I wish looked more like they did 10 years ago. 

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    Sugar bee

    I’m in the minority here but I love my body. I love the way my body looks in a bikini, but also that it’s healthy and strong and keeps me going. I also see it as a fundamental part of myself, and I can’t imagine thinking of it as this separate entity that I could hate. I am happy with myself so my body is part of that.

    I’m naturally slim and petite. I was teased for being skinny as a kid and I worried when I was younger that being short (5’1″) and small was be unattractive, but as I entered adulthood I realized that was silly. Plenty of tall guys still wanted to date me, so I figured if it was cool with them it was cool with me too. I still occasionally worry that my petite frame makes me look young and makes people take me less seriously in professional contexts. I just combat it by dressing more professionally than most of my peers. 

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