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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: March 2012

sorry your going through this? but youhave lost alot of weight and you still have a a month left til your wedding towork on your “problem” areas. dont give up yet! If i can ask how tall are you? Are you considered overweight? Just know that your Fiance loves you regardless. dont let your body issues interfer with your relationship.

I would suggest going to see a physc soon…every bride should feel beautiful on thier wedding day!

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Sugar bee
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I went thru that the last time I lost a bunch of weight and the only thing that helped was setting up a crunching schedule. Just knowing I was doing 350 crunches a day helped me to feel better about my midriff. (It worked for me but I don’t know if it will work for you.) Plus everything got toned and tightened.

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Busy bee
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@bali_y:  I’m not a bride yet, but I’ve had my share of body issues.  I think you already know what the problem is when you said, “Feels like I’m kinda becoming obsessed with it all and if anyone has a way to just slap me out of it I would appreciate it.” 

Maybe you should talk to a good friend about this and start thinking more positively about the way your body is.  You have made AWESOME strides in losing weight!  So you need to congratulate yourself for that.  The feeling of putting on a bridal gown and still seeing your flaws is daunting, but think about how much you weighed before.  Focus on being HEALTHY and not just THIN. 

I used to be very heavy and I still feel that I am… I lost about 65 lbs a few years ago.  I am now at a healthy weight but I still feel FAT, see FAT, and get upset about being FAT.  But the truth is, I’m not anymore- and it took me a lot of time to get over it and I still have my bad days.  So please be patient with yourself and talk to someone about how you’re feeilng… Being obsessed about weight is no way to live and can be a precursor to eating disorders (I know, I’ve struggled with one).  This all starts with you!  I hope you feel better, and I’m sure you’ll look beautiful in your gown 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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Oh wow..I feel you. Today my fiance came home and I was sitting at my desk doing some work and he reached around to hug me and I just automatically push his hands away cuz I feel so fat today! lol. I have had an extra 15-20 lbs on me for the last couple of years…I’ve been meaning to get rid of it but everytime I start to I do great, the weight just falls off from an hour of biking a day…..but then I get sidetracked with massive amounts of housework and schoolwork and I can never find time to get out of the house and off my duff.  I dont’ eat bad stuff…it’s just a lack of physical activity and a slowing metabolism (I’m 29)…I weight around 150 right now..I really should be no more than 130 at 5’5. I was lucky when I got my dress though. I had been putting off shopping for so long thinking I had to loose weight or I would just feel fat in everything…but I did end up going and founds something I really liked on me, even at my current weight. I still hope I can get more control overy my schedule now that I have about 9 months until the wedding…and get rid of the suprifilous weight. I don’t mind it some days, but other days I just feel like a bloated mess and I hate when Fiance touches my tummy if I’m sitting down. For me physical activity makes all the difference. Don’t worry, ur not alone! 

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Bumble bee
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You are doing great!!! 30 lbs!!! that is a small child! change the voices in your head to focus on all youve lost!!! And DONT feel guilty about indulging! we all need a lil piece of chocolate every now and then. I have cut my calories too but refuse to weigh myself. I swear I have never had body issues until I got engaged!

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Helper bee

i have lost 175lbs in the past two years. and it does a huge number on your self confidence. everything….and i mean everything hangs. my bottom half is larger than my top making shopping a nightmare. but in the end, im healthier and am going to live longer. just with some jiggly skin  😉

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Sugar bee
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Congrats on your weight loss.  We all have body issues to a certai extent no matter our size.  My problem areas seemed to scream when I was in my dress.  I swore my belly stuck out and I didnt fill my bodice correctly.  So I brought a really push up bra that made my boobs look bigger and had some really slimming undergarments.  I was poured into my dress.  I actually have slimming undergarments for every occasion cause sometimes no matter what we do, our body just doesnt cooperate.  

To help me w/ my negative recording in my head, I started listening to podcasts w/ daily affirmations.  They really help me when I forget how lovely and beautiful I am.

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Busy bee
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Ive lost like 80 pounds (it varies – Im a chronic dieter and binger, so sometimes I’ve lost 80, sometimes 70, sometimes 90 lol…depends how things are going) and I still hate my body. I have more to lose but it won’t matter, I’ll still hate my body. 

But due to a horrible family tragedy last week, I’ve had kind of a personal epiphany. My fiance loves me more than anything on this earth, and as long as that means we can grow old together, it won’t matter if I weigh 700 pounds on our wedding day. I have been stress eating for the past week, and physically I feel like crap as a result. I would love to feel healthy for our wedding (whatever scale weight that means, that’s where I’d like to be, but I’ve also given up weighing myself as I used to do it compulsively so I’m not putting a number on it). I just want us to be both healthy and happy and nothing else could matter more than that 🙂 Its a very freeing feeling to not hate myself every time I eat something. I’ve been just focusing on eating until my body tells me that its satisfied (not full, just content) knowing that if I want more later, I can go back to it. Nothing is “off limits” or “bad”.

Anyways, it took me along time to get to the point where I wasn’t dreading my wedding because I probably wouldn’t be at the goal weight I was aiming for. Im excited to marry the love of my life and looking forward to a long life of love and children and endless support and companionship and knowing that my wedding is going to be perfect no matter what I weigh because I will be marrying the man I was destined for since we were both born.

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