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I’m a 30L. I may be in the future getting them done down to maybe a F or G or H, or not at all as I don’t want them to be small and I’m afraid that would be small. I support ppl doing whatever type of surgery they want to their own bodies. You have to be happy with your boobies, good luck

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Bumble bee

I’ve had a reduction. I was a 36DDD+.  Severe back and neck pain.  I went through months and months of physical therapy for it.  They failed me out due to posture related (so they told the insurance company).  My insurance covered 90% of the cost.  My final measurements, after weightloss was a 34B. 

I’m happy with my small boobs. I’d never, ever want to go any bigger than what they are. I always ranged from a C to over a DDD my entire life…mainly a D. I hated it.  Big boobs aren’t for me. 

Good luck though.  I hope you did your research and future replacement in the years to come…

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@MrsDToBe2014:  I haven’t had this procedure, but I do have several friends that got breast augmentation.  The only one that had issues/was not happy was a girl that went from an A cup to a large D and got her surgery done in Columbia.  The other one went to a very good doctor in Newport Beach, CA, has had them for over 10 years, and is very happy.  Her breasts look totally natural in most positions, except when she leans over (there is some rippling on the side).  She went from an A/B cup to a full C.  I personally would never get them because my husband hates them, but mostly because I’ve seen the procedure and it scares the crap out of me lol.

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@MrsDToBe2014:  good luck 🙂 that’s exciting! I’m all for cosmetic surgery as long as you do it for yourself because you wanted to (not because someone else likes them). But sounds like this is something you’ve wanted for a long time! 

I’m not sure what it’s called but I would like to get a lift to mine (depending on my weight, my boobs fluctuate between a full C to DDs so size isn’t the issue… They just kinda hang tho) after babies but I don’t know that I would want to spend the money on it lol. Who knows haha

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Yay! How exciting!  I got mine done last year in December and I love them! 

Just for reference I have High Profile 375cc under the muscle.

Here are a few things I learned from my experience:

Aleve is awesome.  After a few days when you don’t take the prescription meds you can take Aleve at night and not worry about remedicating for 12 hours!  I think the worse part of my experience was the lack of sleep from having to wake up every 2-4 hours.

I’m a side sleeper so I had a heck of a time trying to get comfy on my back but at my first post op appt I talked to my doc and she told me I could sleep on my side and they wouldn’t go anywhere.  So I got a pillow and basically propped them up and kind of hugged it.  The pressure felt good because they felt like they weren’t going anywhere.  At first when I layed on my side unsupported they felt like big heavy loose cannons!

I hope everything goes smoothly for you!


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I’ve considered getting a boob job, but my previous hair stylist got one and is now suffering(literally) from an autoimmune disease, so I’ve sort of been scared out of it! In fact I only stopped going to her because she had to drop half of her clients because of her illness.


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Oh wow congrats and good luck! I had one done in 2008. went from being totally flat chested to a D-cup, I’m 5’7 and weigh about 130 pounds and NOBODY has ever questioned the ‘authenticity’ of my boobs. They suit me perfectly. My surgeon is also leading in reconstructive surgery and my result is very natural. Even friends who have seen me naked several times didn’t guess until I told them. I haven’t regretted it for a second. 

@vermonster:  encapsulation is not something you can prevent by massage. I’m sorry but that’s a myth. It’s the result of hardened scar tissue that forms around the implant and is most likely to occur within the first year of two of surgery. 


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Good luck with your surgery!

I personally was very happy with my 32 B breasts before I had my daughter. After breastfeeding though, they shrunk to like a negative bra size. Like, I doubt I`m even an AA, and it’s not sag either, they just shrunk to nothing. It makes me feel very effeminate..

I never thought I would consider breast surgery, but Darling Husband and I have been discussing it. He personally doesnt’ care either way, but said after we have our second child, if I still wanted it, and we were financially stable enough, I might go through with it.

I only want to be like.. back to my B cup.. that’s all! lol

I wish you luck. I hope it all goes well!

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I would love one if someone else paid for it.  I can’t bring myself to buy a pair of $50 boots, no way I could convince myself to spend thousands. Lol. 

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I would like to do that procedure they dub the “mommy makeover”. It’s a breast lift (or implants, but I just want the lift), a tummy tuck and a bit of lipo. My body wasn’t perfect before I had my son, but it’s kind of been a train wreck ever since. I’m all for people doing whatever they need to do to feel great about themselves.

Good luck with your procedure!

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I had a breast reduction in July of this year and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I love the shape and size of my boobs now and my back pain is so much better! Also, clothes that I could never wear before fit nicely now. My only regret was waiting until 40 to do it!

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It’s not for me (though I can’t say I haven’t thought about it!) but I know at least 4 women who have them and they all look very natural.

Two of them I would NEVER have guessed they were fake, one girl I knew before she got them and she talked about getting them so I obviously knew about those but they look great, the other girl is very petite and got very big ones HOWEVER I still didn’t know they were fake. But once she told me they were, I wasn’t surprised. They are a little big for her, but the boobies themselves look very natural.


The surgeon “went in” through her armpit so no noticeable scar or anything.

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After breastfeeding for well over a year my already smallish boobs suck. I’m pregnant again now and they’ve gone from a 30B to about a 32D (I’m only 13 weeks!!) so after the boob blow up and then the eventual deflating after one more round of breast feeding I am for sure getting mine done. My Darling Husband used to be against the idea but after Boyfriend or Best Friend he decided it was ok 🙂 

hopefully in about 2.5 years (after baby and nursing again) Ill get them to a 30C

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I have no interest in one.  Mines are pretty big already, and I actually wish they were smaller.  I am a 34D.  I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

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@MrsDToBe2014:  I certainly don’t need one, but certainly see myself getting a lift in the future so I can defy gravity. So many people are against them, but I’m all for tweaking your appearance for yourself. 

Good luck! I think it sounds like  you’ve thought about it and its right for you. Hopefully your Fiance picks out a nice engagement ring for them.. haha.

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