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Don’t do it.  It’s a major surgery meaning they put you under and cut your body open.  You could have serious side effects, including (worst case scenario) death.  If you are willing to risk dying to have one cup size larger then go for it I guess.  I think you should ignore all the societal pressures and just listen to your husband.  The grass is always greener anyway, boobs are overrated.  I’ve always wanted to be able to wear tank tops and strapless dresses without a bra.  Big boobs are not what makes someone a woman.

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If I were you, I’d wait a few years and see what happens. Although you can sometimes breastfeed with a breast enhancement, I’d probably wait until you are done having kids just to be on the safe side. Besides, it is possible that your breasts could get bigger on their own within a year or two.

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I went from an A cup to a D cup.  I increased a cup size cup every decade.  Sure glad I didn’t have a boob job.

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I’d wait a few years. First of all, if you are goign to have more children, you have no idea what is still in store for the size of your chest. My mom’s breasts stayed larger after the third child even though they didn’t for me or my older brother.

Then, consider that this is a lifelong commitment. Many people ignore or forget that are signing up for a financial recommitment every 10 years are so. Do you want to be worrying about redoing your boobs when you kid is calling you from college asking for money to pay for summer classes? Are those the priority decisions you want to ahve to make?

Mostly, though, I think the biggest thing is to wait until you are done for sure having children.

(If you have girls, make sure you are prepared to explain to them how they are supposed to have self-esteem and love their own bodies when their number one female role model felt the need to surgically change hers. I’m not saying this cannot be done, but it is very hard and you need to be prepapred to deal with it.)

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I would wait a few years. I used to be an A/B, and now I’m a C. I think that finally happened around 25?

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seriously, i would wait.  it’s amazing how much one’s body can change in 10 years.

you are still very young.  wait until you are finished having children.  this could make a huge impact on your body.

i had zero boobs when i was younger and then after my son, i had boobs!  now over the years, they are getting bigger and i would love for them to be a bit smaller.

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Haven’t had anything done to my girls, but I think I would wait until you’re done having kids.  You never know how your body’s going to react to more pregnancies (if you’re planning on having more), and I do think your body fills out a bit in your 20s.

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I agree with @vorpalette, my breast size has increased in the last year or 2… I’m now 25. Wait a few more years at least. 

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@catalinaislandbabe:  My best friend had the type of boob job you’re talking about. She is slim and was very insecure about being so flat up top. She went from an A cup to a full B. Nobody could tell the difference because she wore padded bras everyday. It made her feel more comfortable with herself. She was already a beauty queeen literally but it made her feel better. She has had them for about 8 years now and she talks about going to get them replaced in another year or two. Now let me tell you the bad part, she hurt like hell for 3 days and within a week she was back at work.

You mentioned society playing a role in what you think you should look like as a woman. You may need to dig into that a little more and see the real reason why you want to change your body. It seems like there may be some underlying issues there honestly.

If you want to do it because it will make you feel better about your personal appearance then research the risk and make a wise decision. If you are doing it because you don’t like who you are as a person and this will help you fit into a standard of beauty based on our society then you need to fix the self esteem issues not your breast. Good luck dear.

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I got a boob job last summer & i would recommend it to anyone!  Love the results & i only had to miss a week of work!  I do hair, i could have gone back sooner but didnt want to ruin my healing…im now 5 1/2 months preggo so i will let you know what happens post pregnancy lol


I went as big as i could for my size at the time ( a 0 ). I went from an A to a D.  Wouldnt change a thing about the size.  I have not for one second had any regrets, i seriously see no downside if you can afford it & feel as though it would make you more confident

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I’m going against the majority here and saying I say do it. Everyone I know who had one feels better about their body. Im 22 also, and would love one!

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My profile is similar to yours except that I don’t and probably won’t have kids. I’m planning to get a boob job within the next few years. My perspective is that I have a healthy self-esteem but I just hate not having boobs. I hate wearing padded bras and that clothes never fit right. I hate that even a push up bra can’t give me even the tiniest bit of cleavage. My self-worth isn’t tied to my boobs, I’m just not happy with the way they look. In my case, I consider a boob job as similar to dyeing my hair. I don’t dye my hair because I have low self-esteem and don’t love my body. I do it because I prefer a color other than my natural color and I don’t see a problem with that.

Ultimately a lot of people have strong opinions on boob jobs, but you have to make your own choices. Make sure you really do your homework and read articles from both sides of the issue (pro and anti). Read accounts from women who had both positive and negative experiences.

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@catalinaislandbabe:  first, on the boob job.  I dont have one, I thought for the longest time to get one but I didnt.  Yup, my boobs have grown -and considerably- in the last 6 years (I’m 28), but I know this has been due to body weight fluctuations and hormones (I have been taking them for like… 6 years), so I am not quite sure how this would work for you, because I know a lot of people whose bodies didnt change since highschool.  

Now, on the surgery thing, I think you should get one if you think it will make YOU feel better.  Forget the society and with all due respect, forget your husband.  I did have a cosmetic surgery when I was 20 and it made me happier with myself, I didn’t do it to get more attraction or anything like that, I did it so I would feel pretty and happy.  Honestly, I never thought of myself as an ugly person, but after the surgery I would see myself in the mirror every morning and just smile.  I also want to have kids, and I would love to have 2 daughters.  The main thing I want them to know is that IT IS THEIR HAPPINESS THAT MATTERS. 

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