(Closed) Boobs are a menace. Rant.

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I have the SAME EXACT thing – same sizes, even!
A 32DDD is somewhat equal to a 34Dear Daughter, it’s a sliding scale. So if you wear a 36C and want a tighter fit in the band, but the cups fit fine, you’d try on a 34D to keep the cups the same. If the 34D was still not tight enough, you’d try a 32Dear Daughter next. Then if you like the band fit you’d probably try on a couple other cup sizes in that band size just to make sure you get the right cup fit.

Felina, Freya, and Fayreform make some pretty bras that fit my ladies (and look sexy!)
Wacoal makes REALLY great T-shirt bras in bigger sizes.
Enell makes AMAZING high-impact sports bras. Like seriously, I can jog in them without holding anything in place with me hands haha

I’ve owned bras from all those companies and loved them – wore them till they broke haha

I am not a fan of VS – there isn’t enough support for me. I don’t like padded, and I also haven’t found one that doesn’t make me spill out! So good on you for finding a VS bra that works, haha!

To shop, I’ve used websites like HerRoom, BareNeccessities… I also pop into a local bra shop that specializes in a wide range of sizes. A lot of areas have them – maybe check them out! I know there’s a mall by me that has a store in it that specializes in larger sizes as well (BraSmythe).
All my bras are about $60 each, and quite frankly I think that’s worth it as I don’t buy often.

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@CakeyP:  +1 to all of this.  I got fitted at Nordstrom and I was like 32DDD, whaaat?  But my clothes fit much better now and I just look better.  I love all of the brands you listed and even though they are pricey individually, they are made well so if I am careful washing them, the bras last a long time.

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That article was pretty awesome

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I’m a 36K (UK sizes don’t know if it’s the same in the US). It’s a pain. I currently own 2 bras in the correct size, and my boobs are always in my peripheral vision! 

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Ugh bra shopping is the worse. Nothing is ever consistantly sized. I’m a shallow 34 C, 34 B is too small in the cup diameter, but I’ve barely got enough boob volume for the C, so I end up with gapping in most bras (not compatible with my low-cut tops!!)

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I’m a 34G and what pisses me off is when I go to a different store and they tell me I’m a different size. Happens all the time! Like pps said, they want your business, so they will try to fit you into whatever they have. What makes me sad is that there are so many bras for my size that are just plain or ugly. I have large boobs…shouldn’t they look pretty too?? My mom and I always talk about how on earth women who get huge breast implants buy bras. Where do they go?

My biggest fear for my boobs is when I get pregnant in a few years. How big will they get?? I’m terrified…

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@KatiePi:  I’m not sure about the US sizes but I used to be a 75G and towards the end of my pregnancy and after my daughter was born I was an 80H. These bras are now (half a year later) too big. Still haven’t gotten around to shopping smaller nursing bras though as it’s a struggle finding any suitable bras in that size, not to mention nursing ones.  


This DDD-system confuses the heck out of me! we just go by the alphabet, which I know is also mostly done in the US? How come some cup sizes carry quadruple letters? 


OP, I think the “sister sizes” don’t work across more than one size. So you were mentioning how a 36D would be sister size to 32DDD. Theoretically yes, but I think it would only work with a 34Dear Daughter, you can’t go up or down endlessly. At least that’s how it was explained to me once. 

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@NellieBelly37:  Hmm, maybe I should go back. Really, it was just the staff that completely put me off. 


My other problem with VS is that I find the cups never go high enough….I always end up with half my boobs in the cup and it’s always horribly uncomfortable and embarassing. Or that the wires in the cups curl weirdly into my sides. Just a personal thing there though. Really what I should do is find a bra store for petite frames, as it usually seems that the bra/cup/front area (?) is too wide for my frame. Oif.

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I went through this last year. My mom is a B cup and in middleschool she told me I was a C cup and I believed her. It never occured to me that my bra size would change because my other clothes sizes hadn’t really changed. For years I wore a 36 C. During an abusive roommate relationship I started loosing a bunch of weight (I would hide in out in the apartment’s gym:P) and I noticed that my bra wasn’t fitting too well anymore. I went and got myself fitted at Nordstorm’s… yep 36DDD. I can just barely find bras in my size at JC Penney’s and Kohls right now, once I lose some more weight finding bras is person is going to be pretty much impossible because I will go down in band size, but I tend not to loose much in cup size.

I bought a Freya sports bra online and that thing is magic. It works on encapsulation rather than trying to squish your chest down. When I’ve got that thing on my chest does. not. move. Not even when I jump up and down. It actually threw my balance off a bit the first few times I wore it because I wasn’t used to not having to compensate for the sway of my chest when I moved.

Now everytime the subject of my chest comes up my mom tells me I should get a breast reduction -__- She just can’t wrap her head around the idea that I am 5 cup sizes larger than she is; she likes to blame my father because ‘I must have gotten the busty genes from his side’.

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Sister sizes are not identical sizes. They work, but not as well as your actual size. I’m in the 32E/34Dear Daughter range. 

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20F! Not sure how sizes in Aus compare with US and UK but it’s big and it’s annoying. Everytime I find a decent sized bra I either lose it or it breaks because it’s shit quality. LIFE IS SO HARD UGH

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