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Honey Beekeeper
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If you want to go on the trip, just purchase travel insurance before hand.  That way to can cancel if you need to and get most of the money back.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I agree with getting a really good travel insurance package.  The right will cover cancellation (for you and all parties you’ve booked with if you joining is a deal breaker for everybody) if you’re too pregnant to fly according to airline policy or your doctor.  However, thinking about how I’ve been feeling these last couple weeks even in the first trimester (which I don’t think I would have gotten an actual travel restriction, just barfing all the time) you may just not WANT go be travelling, which might not be covered.  Just pay super close attention to the policy that you buy.

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Bumble bee
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We determined around May 2012 that we were ready NOW to start TTC; however, we had my Darling Husband cousin getting married in Asia Christmas 2012. I contacted my Ob/Gyn, he said that at no time during the pregnancy would he approve me to travel that far just for fun. We had to make the choice to either risk becoming pregnant and I would have to eat the cost of my ticket (my Darling Husband would still have gone), both of us bow out before buying tickets (and therefore tell everyone we were TTC), or put off TTC until we got back. My head and heart had very different feelings, but I went with my head and we put off TTC until January 2013. It was very difficult, but in the end, I’m happy I had that experience because I won’t be traveling that far for several years (at least until I’m comfortable bringing kids to Asia).

I can’t offer any advise, it is a very personal decision, but I can say I’ve been there and I’ll be happy to “listen” to you hash it out if you want to PM me.

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Bee Keeper
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I would still go on a vacation pregnant (I think, but I’ve never been pregnant) so I would either a) wait a few more months before you buy your tickets until you are in a range where you wouldn’t be WAY pregnant by December if you do get pg or b) buy trip insurance. Just make sure that something like that is covered under your policy. I have a friend who rescheduled a trip to NY that she had scheduled a week after Sandy hit, and they are trying to not refund her even though it was a natural disaster. And good luck TTC!

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Helper bee
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You definitely have to get the right travel insurance policy if you go that route. I’ve gotten travel insurance twice, and a regular pregnancy/birth was never covered. However, miscarriage was.

Another option you have that no one has mentioned is to buy the tickets, and then try to prevent pregnancy 7 through 11 months ahead of time, so you definitely wont be too pregnant to travel.

Can you pay more to get refundable tickets? I personally would not put TTC on hold due to a vacation, but that’s just me!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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With travel insurance it shouldn’t matter if you have to cancel (as long as your reason for cancelling is covered!). If I wasn’t super sick, or in my final trimester, or traveling to a developing country, i’d still go.

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Sugar bee
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@KH:  that’s weird that your Ob/gyn wouldn’t let you travel. are you high risk?

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Bumble bee
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I think I’d decline taking the trip.  While the chance to travel would be amazing, I don’t think I’d be comfortable putting down that much money and risk losing it if I ended up pregnant.  I’m 7 months pregnant now, and we actually turned down a trip to Germany with the in-laws that they started planning back in August.  While I would “technically” still be in the window where airlines/doctors okay flying, I was to worried to risk it for two reasons.  First I couldn’t imagine sitting for 14ish hours on a plane when I was pregnant. Secondly while we were going to a country with good hospital and doctors, the concern was what if something happened healthwise while I was there that prevented me from flying home.  My in-laws leave in 2 weeks, and I’m very happy with our choice.  It would have been to stressful, uncomfortable etc for me to go.  

If you don’t want to disclose you are TTC yet, I’d just decline and say that “DH and I have talked it over and while we’d love to travel, its just not the right time for us.”  Your family may be curious or question you, but its your business.  You could be trying to save money, planning something about work etc.  I’d stick with “We appreciate the concern but staying here is the right choice for us. We can’t wait to see your pictures/hear about the trip.” 

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Honey Beekeeper
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It really depends on what you want to do.  If you really want to go on a trip, and putting off TTC is an option, go for it.  We put off TTC for a year to go on 2 trips.  If you want to get pregnant and don’t care for the trip, just don’t book it.  Or I like the idea of buying insurnance with it so that if you do get pregnant and cant go , you can cancel, but if unfortunately you dont, you can still go on the trip.  I’d just want to avoid worst case, where it takes longer to get pregnant than you thought, you dont book the trip, and you’re stuck with neither a pregnancy or a trip come Xmas time. 

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Bumble bee
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@bebero:  I’m not high risk, he said that sitting for 12 + hours puts every pregnant woman at risk for clots. He doesn’t want to take the risk when the destination has questionable health care (Thailand and Hong Kong). I told other pregnant women, and they all seemed to agree with my MD’s assessment. I have seen women who are pregnant on these flights though and they don’t seem to have problems-so maybe he is just cautious.

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Bumble bee
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We were in this situation last month–my parents live halfway around the world (like, 17 hours of regular flight time and then 10 hours of island hopping on top of that), and we were set to visit for Christmas. We decided that we’d try up to when we were comfortable with having kids on a flight, and that we’d stop for the months that would put us pregnant when travel wouldn’t be possible due to pregnancy. 

I wound up pregnant with twins, so all plans are off now–traveling with one baby would be okay, but 27 hours with 2 infants… I don’t think so. I guess I’d see how it goes for these first few months when getting pregnant would mean you’d be traveling with a baby. That way, you can decide about buying tickets on the basis of what kind of package you’ll be carrying. If you’re not KU by then, I’d buy the tickets and just wait a few months before trying again. 

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Bee Keeper

I would say do not put off a trip for TTC…we put of far too many trips for TTC and now we’ve missed far too many opportunities! Travel insurance!

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Honey bee
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i agree with pp, you should try to get insurance with this, in case you have to cancel.

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