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My OB practice said no vigorous exercise and to keep my heart rate under 140. I don’t know if this was because I’d had a miscarriage previously, or whether that’s their standard recommendation. They are ok with me walking, lightly jogging, and swimming.

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@78h2o:  Ditto for me…miscarriage with a SCH to boot. I’m lucky I wasn’t on bedrest. 

I’d talk to your OB about it, but I know that bee simpleandchic did boot camp almost through the end of her pregnancy, so you might PM her about it (I think she lives in Australia, though, and I don’t know how lax their “rules” are as compared to ours…)

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It is pretty much accepted that all pregnant ladies should try to keep their HR below 140. I don’t know of any OB who would recommend continuing with boot camp, unless it were modified for your new growing bump. But then again, it wouldn’t be boot camp anymore, would it? Yoga, swimming, walking and light jogging (if you are already an experienced jogger) are acceptable pregnancy exercises. And if you feel any pain or shortness of breath, stop! Don’t push yourself too hard, but definitely keep lightly active as this can make labor easier, as well.

Sorry so long. Long story short: no boot camp.

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Just to put a different opinion in here, I am following my OB’s instructions and the book “Exercising through your Pregnancy” which encourages exercise throughout the pregnancy, so long as it is what your body is already used to.

My understanding is that the heart rate limit, while a good thing to think about as a guide perhaps, is leftover from the 80’s and has been de-bunked. However, I’m not a medical professional, so take that witha grain of salt.

My doc said that his primary concerns are overheating and dehydration – so he wants me to work in a gym rather than outside in the summer and he wants me to drink LOTS of water to replenish (and eat enough to replace the calories). 

Bottom line – I’m going to bootcamp and going to follow my body’s instructions. If I’m getting really tired, I’ll rest. If my heart rate goes way up, I’ll probably slow down my intensity. But I’ve been doing bootcamp for the past year and my body is used to it, so I’m not worried.


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I’m not pregnant, but wanted to comment. I have seen SEVERAL women in our crazy hard classes at the gym up until about a few weeks prior to delivery. Some even go until the week before. It just depends on how the pregnancy is going and if there are any preexisting issues. These women worked out before and continued through the pregnancy. They modified the exercises as needed, as certain moves became uncomfortable. STRONG WOMEN! Know your body and be honest with your OB from the beginning. I know if I have a child, I will do my best to continue working out through delivery and want to be VERY clear with my OB that is my expectation.

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I actually JUST talked to my doctor about this!  Well, not boot camp specifially… anyway- I’m a runner.  Always have been.  I did a marathon this spring and am training for another one in November.  He said I should still be able to complete the marathon, but I have to listen to my body and take it easy if  I need to.  He did mention that the 140 HR max information is a bit dated, but a good guideline for people who aren’t as active prior to becoming pregnant.  He said to stay hydrated, and to LISTEN to my body.  Don’t exercise to the point of exhaustion.  Don’t get overheated.  Basically, you don’t have to change anything that you’re already doing if you’re used to doing it and have no other complications.


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The advice I was given is to keep excerisiing during pregnany but at about 60% of your regular level. For exampe I used to run/walk 5 miles a night so my doctor advised to continue walking but since I wasn’t at the level of an avid runner to just walk. I too have seen women in the gym running and lifting weights, but it may be much less intense than they had done before. I personally wouldn’t start boot camp if you didn’t do it before. But you are going to be sick and tired and in pain (hopefully you will have a pregnancy that doesn’t experience any of this) so just make sure you listen to your body. Now is the time to stay healthy and active but not to push your body and set personal records.

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i was doing bootcamp classes about 3 times a week before i got pregnant, but my doctor said no to strenous exercise. i lucked out and found a prenatal bootcamp class that i go to once or twice a week. it’s great because it’s tailored to pregnant women so it’s a bit easier (definitely appreciated) and also focused on muscles and movements that will come in useful later. that class plus walking a lot has really helped me feel like i’m at least maintaining some level of fitness during pregnancy.

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I did a class similar to boot camp until mid-way through my second trimester.  I modified to low impact but was able to keep up with most of the class activities.  If I noticed I was getting over heated or too out of breath I would slow it down.  I just really listened to my body and I knew when it was time to stop.  My doctor fully supported the classes I took (including spin) and encouraged my continuing since I had been taking these classes regularly for 2.5+ years.

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Ask your doctor first.

If you are already very active and get your heart rate up a few times a week, you should be ok. My mom taught aerobics (sometimes very fast) while pregnant with my little sister, and since the doctor said she was already very active, it was fine. But some of the floor stuff and really hard routines she had to limit when she was 7-9 months.

As long as your not slamming your body on the ground or running for crazy long times at 7 on the treadmill you should be ok!

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Oh my goodness – when I read that title, my first thought was ‘army’.  And my initial reaction was: That seems like a really bad idea….

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