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I was backed into a corner by a supervisor in the lab, she called me in there when everyone had left, she called me a baby said I was inadequate and that I should be fired.

Then she stopped inviting me to lunch and people would come back after, walk by and give me weird looks.  Then when I make a mistake one day her boss came out and said “Oh my god did you know how to do your job at all?”  Which I thought was uncalled for.   I was canned that afternoon.  

I was a temp so it was the recruiter who called to tell me  that night, she asked me to email me a list of my things and I would exchange them for my old badge.  I had never been treated to badly in my life.

When I picked up my things I arranged a meeting with the recruiter to give her my side of the story, how I had never  been trained properly because the other two employees took a month and a half vacation between the two of them when I first started so everyone kept saying your a month behind where you should be but never awknowledging this.  They also had other problems which I won’t discuss here but the situation wasn’t good.  The recruiter noted everything.  I thought the best I could do now is save someone from dealing with the same situation I did by presenting facts.  I didn’t even bother to go into the way I was treated.  Thats a he said she said thing.  I gave them tangible things they could go back and verify.

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All through college I waited tables for a couple who owns a local chain of Japanese restaurants. I wouldn’t say they’re worst-boss-ever candidates but I don’t like them. I worked for them for 5 years and outlasted every other server and never got a raise; they refused to give me one because “servers can’t make over $____” even though I know for a fact there were 2 other servers who were making $1.50 more than the rest of us.

You also can’t win any argument with them, ever. When they yell at you, you’re only supposed to nod and apologize. If you try to explain, even if it’s legitimate, they get mad. Nothing is ever their fault. They also thrive on drama. Darling Husband managed one of their restaurants for a while and they got pissed when he said “everything’s fine” and ordered him to give them a list every week of every single thing every employee did wrong. They basically stressed him out so bad he said “I don’t want to manage anymore. Put me back as a server” and they wouldn’t let him, at first. They know how to criticize but not how to praise.

They’re also Chinese and hire one or two full time Chinese servers for each restaurant, and most of the cooks were chinese as well. At the pre-opening party of their newest restaurant, Lady Boss wanted an employee picture in front of the new store…but only the full time Chinese employees. Us Americans were standing on the side watching and feeling awkward/left out.

Also, Lady Boss wanted me to marry her brother. They offered to give me one of their restaurants if I did. Uh, thanks but no thank lol. I’d be prematurely old by now if i had to be part of their family.

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At my previous school, my former boss (she was my boss in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010) was…well, from hell.  From the bowels of hell, as you put it.  

I am a reading specialist.  Part of my job is to work one-on-one or in small groups with struggling readers.  I had a schedule worked out at my old school, and my boss had to approve that schedule. 

Once a week, AT LEAST, she would email us (a few of us in the curriculum office) a task list of things she expected to be done by “8am, when I get there” (paraphrase of her words). So we’d rush around and do all this crap, which was basically stuff she was supposed to be doing…and then at 8, when she did not show up, I’d go work with kids.  You know, do my job?  Then I’d check in periodically. At which point she would say, “Where have you been?” as if I had been out shopping or something.  

AND she was racist against white people, and spread rumors about white people who worked there.  For example, she told me that “you people, your babies don’t look like you when they’re born, but in the African American community, our babies look just like us.”  AND…”White people don’t learn as quickly as black people.”  Like…WHAT????   Oh and the rumors…she was bffs with the HR woman, and told her that I and some other (white) teachers had been complaining about the “ghetto” school in which we worked.  Um…yeah I have never said anything like that. Ever. 

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I had a crazy woman boss before that would yell at me in the morning and 2 hours later would call me into her office or over the phone and then act like nothing happened.  She was in another building next door to mine, but she wanted to use me as her little minion and gossip queen for the building I was in….which I refused to do…she was horrible….was never so happy to leave a job than that one.


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Man, some of your bosses make my shitty boss look like an angel in comparison!

I worked retail.  My first store manager didn’t really want me to get the promotion I got, (when he “welcomed me to the team” it was less than enthusiastic), but he got a promotion of his own and was transferred to a larger store, (store manager is store manager, yes, but it’s considered a promotion to head a larger store).  I never thought I’d miss him, but the new guy….ugh.

Where shall I start…he started by promoting people who were under-qualified because “the’d been grooming her for the position.”  I found out later she was sleeping with him, (maybe it was part of the “grooming?”).  I mean, the lady was suddenly my boss, but she didn’t even know how to do basic floor skills like printing signs, (the lady she was chosen over had been there since the store opened four years before and was absolutely a hard worker deserving of the promotion).  

He also blamed me that my department, (Jewelry) wasn’t doing well.  Um, the economy took a nose-dive, and our neighborhood was hit very hard.  When people are losing their homes, I am pretty sure jewelry isn’t going to be high on their priority list.  As he was telling me what a terrible job I was doing, I had people from other stores coming in to shop and telling me how great my department looked compared to the one at their store.  We also had other stores referring their customers to us because we could size watches that they lacked the skill to size at their store, (though to be fair, I was trained by the previous head of the department).  

I wasn’t the only one in his targets…bascially he and his second-in-command had it in for all the people who had been there longest and wanted to do a complete change of department heads.  They started keeping track of every little thing we did “wrong” and using it to put us on “probabtion” in an effort to get to quit or fire us.  I got blamed for ONE box of fashion jewelry backstock being a tangled mess.  Um, it was my rule that the CLEARANCE jewelry be laid flat in a box and the layers separated by paper to avoid tangling; do you really think *I* was responsible for that?  I didn’t even know it was there, because it was in a closed box under a cabinet…I guess I was supposed to check all of our backstock every day to make sure that didn’t happen?  But whatever…just one of the dumb things they used against us.  Oh, AND they pulled me in the office to put me on “probation” the week before the wedding, (and yes, they all knew I was getting married and when). It’s like, really?!  You couldn’t have waited until I got back to do this?!

On the plus side, it was the push I needed to get out of my retail rut and go back to school.  I gave up my position and went to a regular, part-time associate so I could go to school.  I worked the first three quarters of my one-year program, but my last quarter I had several classes plus my externship, and I asked to take the quarter off.  I was told they didn’t allow that.  BS!  I had been there for SIX YEARS at that point, I know da** well several college students took time off for school and worked on their breaks and during the summer.  I even called coporate HR about it and they told me “it was at the discretion of the store manager.”  Lovely.  I wanted to take TEN WEEKS off, not six months.  So, I quit.  The best part was that he didn’t even talk to me himself…he made one of the brand new managers that didn’t know me do it after he’d left for the night.  She was apologetic and basically told me she thought it was stupid, but that it wasn’t her decision.  

Oh, and also, he was sleeping with a couple other women after the first.  He was a married man.  He wasn’t funny, attractive, or even particularly nice.  He also had no authority to promote people other than to the level he promoted the first woman to, (which basically amounts to an assistant assistant store manager…anything higher than that has to come from corporate).  So I don’t know what those women saw in him….but to each their own.

I miss my coworkers and the discount, but as long as he’s there, I won’t return.  I also had a coworker who quit, but went back as a holiday temp (for the extra cash and the discount), and one of the other managers begged her to come back.  The coworker said she wouldn’t even consider it while he was still store manager.  Last time I shopped there I heard him over the PA, so I know he’s still there.  Yucky.  I don’t even enjoy shopping there much because of him.

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ooh I just remembered.  My crazy horrible boss would also answer her Blackberry WHILE WE WERE TALKING TO HER…and then if we stopped talking, she’d say, “I can multitask.” 

AND…she once told me, “Email is not a formal means of communication.”  

AND…she pulled me out of a training I needed to be in, during the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year, when she didn’t even work there anymore!!!!! TO CHANGE A GODDAMN WORD DOCUMENT FROM PORTRAIT TO LANDSCAPE!!!!!  


Not bitter. NOT NOT NOT.

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