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You should handle it by accepting it and moving on.  She can chose whomever she wishes and quite frankly I don’t think she needs to provide you with an explanation.  It’s a pretty silly thing to let come between you, so I’d just move on. 

Since you clearly want to ruin your friendship over something so petty, just kick her out of your bridal party. It’s worse to keep her in and not treat her the same as the other girls. The only one that is going to suffer from all of this is you though.  If you keep her in, it will be awkward on your wedding day and won’t be fun like it should be while you’re all getting ready.  If you decide to ruin your friendship over this and kick her out, I’m sure you will regret it and be sad she isn’t there with you on your day.

I didn’t include one of my best friends in the wedding party and she never said a word about it to me. She’s been there for me through planning and all the showers and parties every step of the way as if she was and accepted it and did not make it awkward for me or make me feel bad about it (which I already did on my own).  She acted like a mature adult would who values our friendship more than being deemed a bridesmaid. I only recently had a conversation with her about it since it came up via another friend and she was totally cool with it still, said I didn’t need to give her a reason why she was fine with it and still so happy and ready to party at my wedding and that anything she could do to help me she’d be happy to do.


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I’m sorry you’re going through this :(. That really sucks, and I totally understand you feeling hurt and left out. I’d be so upset too, you should really talk to her openly about this situation and how hurt you are.  I hope you can work it out with her. 

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@MrsWBS:  Assuming makes an ass out of u and me. 

Nowhere did she say she shit-talked. And she never stated, “I really REALLY want to end this friendship because of something petty!”

Your situation with your friend is a bit different. OP was told she was going to be in the wedding. If you’re not sure, you don’t say anything. I wouldn’t be hurt if my friend didn’t include me, but i would be hurt if she says “You’re totally in except just kidding!”

Why would you get someone’s hopes up like that? 

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@Chrysoberyl:  there’s only 1 way all her friends and family and Fiance now don’t like the girl – because she told them what happened.

Don’t call me an ass, thanks very much.

Also, maybe you shouldn’t be the one assuming anything about my story since you don’t have all the facts.  All my friends and I have all talked about being in each other’s weddings and we’ve all said they would be, and sometimes it hasn’t worked out that way, this was one of those times. I hardly see it as getting someone’s hopes up and more of situations change once you actually get engaged and plan a wedding. 

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Honestly, it is a crappy ordeal but I would suck it up and just have her in the wedding OR if you know this will cause tension I would drop her out (if you are willing to lose a friendship) because this could potentially create problems depending on your attitudes are towards each other.

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Ok, i’m gonna have to back a girl up on this one (being you, OP). You are not being unreasonable, you are cleary not trying to ruin your friendship, you are not being petty, she does owe you an explanation since she has already told you you were in the bridal party prior to the official engagement, and this is not a “grow up and deal with it” scenario. All I had to do was put myself in your shoes for a minute and replace your best friend with my best friend and I could instantly feel the hurt you are feeling right now. Don’t panic though, it’s going to be ok. My fiance sometimes doesn’t appreciate my bestie as much as I do…and he’s more annoyed with her than I wish, but I would not exclude her from anything in my life bc of it. That’s if we are assuming that your best friend’s fiance is the one who prompted this, but since we don’t know the reason yet you are going to have to muster the courage to talk to her about it. Just ask her, don’t worry that you will offend her, if you just tell her you were really surprised and thought that when she told you back during Thanksgiving that you were obviously going to be in the wedding that you took that as being a bridesmaid…and you would just really like to know why you weren’t considered one. You can even tell her a little white lie like “I won’t be upset if you never considered me to be one, I just misunderstood I guess…”

I think considering how close you two were/are that you are going to get a reason you can process instead of just feeling cut off.

Sorry sweetie 🙁

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@MrsWBS:  “Since you clearly want to ruin your friendship over something so petty,

It’s amazing that you figured out her intention. You really think this is what she wanted? Why would you say that? That is so incredibly hurtful! 

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I’m sorry to hear that you are going through this. Although there is not much you can do…my suggestion is to take this as a sign of what she thinks of your friendship. Your wedding is just one extremely special moments in your life that you will share with your friends and family. For example, if you have a child at least you know NOW not to make her their god parent, or if something really serious happened and you NEED a friend to help, don’t call on her.

My Future Mother-In-Law helped me through something like this when someone I really thought was my friend let me down. We are civil towards one another, but I was wise enough not to ask her to be a bridesmaid, thank God. 

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@Chrysoberyl: Sorry but the way I see it is SHE is letting this come between them instead of chosing to accept it and move forward. She admitted she doesn’t want her in her wedding now, doesn’t care about her being there or getting her a gift, etc.  It’s all pretty childish to me.  

OP – obviously they would have found out eventulaly , but there’s no reason for them to hate her now and treat her differently unless you were saying things to lead them to feel that way.  We had a groomsmen drop out, both of us were very hurt and pissed because of the reason – We didn’t go around telling everyone what happened or the reason why because we didn’t want anyone to be upset with him or think poorly of him.   In fact, we haven’t told anyone except the tux shop that we will need 1 less tux than originally stated. 

Also, maybe her and her fiance compromised on the number of people.  THis is how my friend got left out.  He wnated his sisters in it and only wanted 3 people.  THat would have left me with just mine and his sisters.  I wanted 6 to have all 3 sisters and 3 best friends.  We settled on 5 for me and 4 for him.  It happens.  It’s not the end of thje world and not worth ruining a friendship over.  I think you’ll really regret it one day.

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@MrsWBS:  That was kind of uncalled for… Who are you to say that the OP wants to ruin the friendship or that she ‘shit-talked’ about her to the rest of the bridal party? I’m not really sure how stating letting people know that your feelings are hurt is talking shit. “I’m hurt because my friend kicked me out of her bridal party,” is not the same as going around telling everyone how awful a person is or why you don’t like them.

How many brides have been told on this site that it is NOT okay to kick someone out of their wedding party?

“If you decide to ruin your friendship over this and kick her out, I’m sure you will regret it and be sad she isn’t there with you on your day.”

The OP’s friend got engaged, then told the OP she was in the wedding, then kicked the OP out of the wedding. So why is it the OP’s fault for ‘ruining the friendship’ when the friend kicked the OP out first?

If the friend hadn’t already ASKED the OP to be in the bridal party, it would be different, but the fact is that the OP was a bridesmaid, and now she isn’t.

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