(Closed) Botox- Have you used? At what age? How many units? Where?

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  • poll: Have you had Botox injections?
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    Commenting to follow. I don’t have many lines or wrinkles, but I do have a very…expressive forehead, so I’m considering having it done before my wedding. From what I have read it’s actually good to start young because it limits the repetitive motion that causes most wrinkles.

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    I’ve gotten it.i was 22, but it wasnt for wrinkles…. It was for sweating.. gross i know lol my face sweats more than it should, and i can never wear makeup in the summer because of it, so one summer i got fed up and gor a few little injections above and below my lips (worst problem areas). It helped for a couple months. Imight do it again this summer, maybe even get them to do my laugh lines while im paralyzing my face… Lol

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    Nope, and never will. First of, I hate needles & avoid them whenever possible. 

    Also, the concept doesn’t appeal to me. Wrinkles, freckles, frown and laugh lines all tell a story. I wouldn’t erase that for the world. 

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    Buzzing Beekeeper

    @FLBlonde93:  I don’t, but I would. I have no need yet as I don’t have any wrinkles.

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    My husband started using it at 27.  He’s not vain, but the permanent furrow that formed between his brows after a particularly stressful year at work began to negatively impact our relationship.  I always thought he was mad at me because it looked like he was giving me the grumpy face after everything I said.  Best $350 we ever spent.

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    I’m a pretty big fan of botox and injectable fillers, so I’ll play.

    Started getting them around 21, maybe a little younger. I get filler in my lips, and though I am WAY overdue for botox, I’ve had it in my forehead, etc. I began getting it to prevent wrinkles, and the lips just because I like them bigger.

    ETA: the botox is around $13/unit and the lip filler is $450/syringe.



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    I want Botox. Have never had it, but wannnnnt it.

    It is so darn expensive here though! Like $400 a session. I want my forehead done before the wrinkles get REAL bad.

    Maybe someday…

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    For me personally (no judgement) working in the field I do, a vast majority of us cannot get past injecting ourselves with what’s termed ” the most acutely toxic substance known”, since Botox is just extremely diluted botulism toxin. That said if I ever needed it for some sort of medical reason (not cosmetic) I might considered it.

    I overall prefer just taking care of myself, using lots of sunscreen, and hoping for the best! If when I’m older, I look older…that’s just fine.

    I know people who have used it for both medical and cosmetic reasons. They have both good and bad experiences between them all. I certainly don’t judge anyone who does use it in the same way I would hope they wouldn’t judge me for not using it. 

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    Nope, that look is not for me. I just try to take care of my skin and wear sunscreen.

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    I have and have always had a VERY expressive forehead.  So as I’ve aged, it’s become quite pronounced and really, really bothers me (it was great when I was onstage as an actress but now, nope).  I was assured by my doc that no amount of suncreen, lotions/potions, etc. would have helped prevent this lines.  So, I get botox every 6 mos or so.  It usually runs me about $550.  And yes, I can still squint and make faces and do not look like a Real Housewife of Whereever.   And no one can tell.  I just look more relaxed. 🙂 

    I’ve never had any bad side effects at all and I’ve been getting Botox for about 5 years now.

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    I’m 27, and I’m thinking about it. There is a wrinkle between my eyebrows that I absolutely hate, because there are not 2 of them, or even 1 that would be in the center, no, it’s at the right and I hate how unsymetrical it looks. That’s pretty much the only think that bothers me right now, but I know one day I’ll use some botox. Not too much because I want it to be subtle, but I always said the day my eyes would look too wrinkled or puffy because of aging, that I’ll either get Botox or a chirurgical procedure (blepharoplasty). 

    By the way, I have fair skin and avoid sun. So it has nothing to do with sun damage, really just the expression lines. 

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    -Do you use Botox? Yes and I love it.

    -If so, at what age did you begin getting injections?  30

    -How many units do you get and where? I have no idea, but she stuck me with the needle about 6 times. 3 across my forehead and 3 in between my eyebrows.

     Those who have had Botox:

    -Did you have a good experience or a bad one?  Amazing. My forehead was smooth, no angry wrinkly lines between my eyebrows. I think the first week or so I looked kind of unnatural. But after that it was fine. I haven’t done it in about 6 months, so it’s totally worn off (need to get back aah!) and I still feel like my wrinkles are lessened and not as bad as they were before.

    -Did you get it to prevent wrinkles before they really appeared, or after you started to see lines? A mix. I saw lines and didn’t like them. I’m a very expressive person , I raise my eyebrows a lot, furrow my brow, and smile a ton (but probably squint too much). But I also got Botox to prevent the lines from getting worse, too. I don’t think I’ll do it every 3months like they suggest, but  I think 1/2x a year is enough for me. 

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    I’ve had botox around 5 times, I was probably around 40 the first time I had it and very unhappy with how old I was looking.  I have it in three areas, forehead, between the eyes and at the side of the eyes.  I’ve had good and bad experiences and found that the bigger more established clinics were better at getting the right look rather than the small beauty type parlours.

    The last time I had it done (3 months ago) my OH knew I was having something done but couldn’t really notice what lol where as my BFF could tell immediately even over Skype

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    I’ve had it 3 times and love it!! First time was when I was 28, had it in crows feet, frown lines and forehead. I dont know how much was put in though, but I couldn’t frown, which was great. Only bad thing was when I got a bruise near my eye, but it went after a few days.

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