(Closed) Botox….for TMJ/TMD?

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I have never heard of that!

I have serious trouble with my TMJ, like migraine causing issues.

I was referred to a physio specialist years ago and went through a million exercises/procedures to try to find something that worked.

First she tried pressure points, as TMJ muscles are apparently different than any other muscle in the body. The pressure points when done correctly are supposed to cause the muscles to ‘release’ and relieve the tension. Your oral surgeon should either be able to show you how to do these or refer you to someone who can. You can do the pressure points from outside your cheeks but they are most effective from inside your mouth. Word of warning, it F!*ing hurts. I cried. Every damn time. even now I do. I found this method most effective, as I can do it myself now anywhere/anytime, which is really helpful for diverting on coming brain death (read:migraines).

Secondly, hot compresses (super hot! mini water bottle style almost) alternating with ice. It is supposed to relax and soothe the muscles. I found that this felt nice, and was relaxing, but wasn’t really effective.

Ultrasound. No jokes. The spec. would use a wand just like they use for looking at babies, goo and everything. The frequency causes the muscles to ‘react’  tense/release. It was a minor help, but more often than not it felt like a warm gooey vibrator on my face. kinda ew.

Posture correction. I didn’t realize until I saw the specialist that I could NOT hold my shoulders down & back where they should have been. Surprisingly the TMJ’s are attached to neck muscles which are in turn connected to your traps (and so on and so forth) so if one muscle is causing problems, more often than not others down the line are affected as well. The specialist was keen to point out that my problem would have been 100 times worse if I was well endowed (as large breasted women commonly have back problems).

Acupuncture. I thought it was cool but a little mad-scientist at the same time. The acupuncture itself didn’t hurt, but trying not to yawn/yawning when the needles were in was BRUTAL. The Specialist attached the needles to a VERY low voltage meter, that basically electrocuted the TMJ, also a method to try and cause the muscle to ‘react’ and get out of tensiontensiontension! mode. I wasn’t really sold on it, and the electroshock business was actually why I decided to stop going, it just seemed too extreme for me.

It totally sucks, and I hope you can find something that works!

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I have been clenching/grinding at night for years and years.  I have a couple night guards but I grind them so badly that I awake with little particles of the material in my mouth.  I get migraines after I clench and grind really badly for a couple nights in a row.  I have heard of Botox and would totally do it.  Let me know if you go for it.

I did not realize that the jaw muscles were so connected to the shoulders and back.  That makes sense, though.  When I wake from grinding, my neck and shoulders are really sore.  I have noticed that when I work out routinely and lift weights (Body Pump class), I do not clench and grind as much, and I have less soreness.  I wonder if it’s because I am using those neck and back muscles and developing better posture??  Weird.

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@ejs4y8: I’m really sorry to hear about your TMJ. I have the same thing, and it’s been painful for about the last year. I don’t even know what to do about it anymore.

A question for you about the surgery – do you know exactly what they did? My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon, but I’ve heard on more than one occasion that the surgery didn’t work for them and sometimes have made matters worse. So I’m a little afraid to see the oral surgeon.

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All throughout college I had super bad TMJ to the point that my jaw would lock up and I couldn’t move it, it also gave me hearing trouble b/c my joint would become so enflamed that it pressed on my ear canal causing hearing problems. Mine wasn’t from grinding though, I was told that I just didn’t have strong joints and that they were being overused. I was put on a liquid diet for almost a month to try and alleviate the pain. I was also prescribed a pretty hefty pain killer/muscle relaxer to take at night to help me sleep. I do remember my doc mentioning all the new therapys and treatments being researched for TMJ and I *think* I remember him mentioning botox. But it was never presented directly to me for a treatment option. The severity of my pain eventually went away, but I still have to be very careful about what I eat, how much I put in my mouth, I can’t chew gum, or eat taffy or gummy like things. Good luck!

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That’s interesting. Never heard of the botox option. I have had TMJ (for 10 years or so) from grinding my teeth. My hubby says some nights are bad, other nights nothing. We think it’s stress-related…I’ve had my jaw lock a few times (once at the dentist for a cleaning-scary!) and I’ve been told to try a mouth guard but I haven’t done it. (I’m bad!) I’m going to have to get one soon I think.

Let us know if you try the botox and it works! 🙂

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