(Closed) Bottled Water is Bad for You!

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Water brands do put warnings on the labels not to reuse the plastic bottles after consuming the original drink. However I always felt this was more of a marketing ploy so you would buy more water rather than refilling with the tap.

These days everything can make you ill (apparently) Trouble is evidence is not substantial enough, and people would need to eat/drink vast quantities of these chemicals to get a reaction – which is a really intangible thing to measure as no two people will consume the same amount, at the same time, with the same regularity.

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God, I’m so sick of “it causes cancer!”. It seems like everything causes cancer in one way or another, or atleast that’s what people believe.

If your friend is like me, she’s probably sick of hearing it. Did you give her your spiel as she was drinking bottled water? I find that’s generally when people do it. I’d find it annoying too if that were the case.

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People don’t believe it because every few months some hysterical study comes out that says “COULD YOUR MATTRESS BE GIVING YOU CANCEROUS TUMORS?” and then a few months later it’s proved to be total bullshit. Now it’s water bottles, and then it will probably be cardboard boxes. People are sick of it. Let’s start by getting the food companies to take all the above mentioned shit (growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids) out of our food and then we can freak out about water bottles.

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Bumble bee

What @KatyElle: and @UpstateCait: said.

That’s not to say that there isn’t some validity to the findings, but one can only hear “Wolf!Wolf!” so many times before tuning it out.

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so is tap water in many areas…  So are many other things. Don’t waste your time arguing that fact. Most people don’t want to hear something contrary to their beliefs. 

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I saw a pretty interesting documenary on bottle water, which included some interviews with people from the fda even.. needless to say the interviews didn’t go very well. lol

If you have Netflix you should check it out: Tapped

There’s so much around the bottled water industry it’s almost ridiculous that we still put our money in it… BUT it’s been very common to consume bottled water for a long time and in all that time we were told how we needed it and everything else, so getting people to change is of course difficult.

As for the cancer… we’ve taken our food, water, and land and absolutely destroyed it.. so yea, lots of things “cause” cancer now. and that makes it very easy for people to brush it off as “yea yea, that’s just the way it is..” BUT.. it is still harmful and we should still care enough about ourselves and others to really look into and decide if it’s worth it to continue in a habit or not.

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Honey bee
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I have heard that drinking water after leaving a water bottle in the car, baking in the hot sun, is not a great idea…. but I don’t think we have much to fear from drinking bottled water.  So many other things come in plastic containers, so why just water?  It doesn’t make sense to worry about this.  I mean look at how many children’s juices are in plastic bottles.  OMG WE’RE KILLING THE CHILDREN!!!!!!

The biggest problem bottled water causes is… the bottles.  The sheer amount of non-biodegradable waste that is created from bottled water is horrendous. 

Now everyone go out and get one of these awesome Britta watter bottles!!!  🙂

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I am right there with you. Like some PP’s said the leaching problem doesn’t happen until the water is heated or cooled in the bottle the problem is that lots of things happen to them before they even get to the store where you may buy them. The are shipped in big trucks that are not climate controlled for hundreds of miles. My husband works at a grocery store. He has seen some bottled water come off trucks frozen, and other times of the year steaming. They actually have a section in the back room where they put it until it comes back to room temperature and can put it out. Some bottled water distributors even store the bottle water in warehouses for up to a year before shipping them out, again in uncontrolled climates, and some even rinse the outside of the bottles with heated water before being shipped to remove dust/debris. So yes leaching does happen when they are heated or cooled but the bottled water industry doesn’t do it’s best to protect that from happening before it gets to you. And yes, it is not just water as many PP have said. It is anything that comes in plastic, which is ironic that TV dinners are in plastic and you are told to microwave them… The food industry really isn’t out for our best interest in the USA.

In addition, it takes an average of 1 shot glass worth of oil to create, process and distribute each bottle of water. In my eyes that is ridiculous. I haven’t drank bottled water in years, not just for my health but also for the health of the environment. Filtering your own water at home is not only much more cost effective it is much better for you.

Okay, and getting off my soap box now. Smile Sorry, this is ironically a topic that I feel strong about. We didn’t serve bottled water at our wedding. (That is usually for our caterier, but we asked them to switch it up for us.) If any of you are interested in stuff like local food and things that are better for you I would strongly recommend that you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I loved it, and couldn’t put it down.

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Honey bee

I think the concern over bottled water should be less about the chemicals and more about the waste of the bottle. Its not that it isnt/cant be harmful, but there are so many more things we do in our house that are likely to be worse because we do them way more often.

If you want to get into chemicals there are many more problematic chemicals in your life that should be eliminated first. Teflon, BPA in canned foods (especially acidic foods), no more microwaving in your tupperware and washing it in high temperature dishwashers to clean it (IE your leftover dinner for lunch?) because most of that is polycarbonate plastic. General consumption of sulfites in foods and in household products.

As PPs have said its the treatment of bottles more than the fact that it is bottled water. In which case you better watch that plastic bottle your kids juice comes in, also the soda you feed your guests etc and how they are handled.

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I think another case in point is that Coca Cola and Pepsi make clear that their bottled water is simple tap water packaged by them and exponentially over-priced.

Seriously… we Dasani and Aquafina are from our city water sources.. so not only are we already paying for the water we already use in our homes but we’re also paying MORE just for the convenience of having it on the go.

Kinda ridiculous is you ask me… but right up our consumership alley. lol

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I’d take tap water in a nice double-walled stainless steel reusable water bottle over plastic bottled water any day.  It keeps the water so nice and cold!  And it’s not wasteful.

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@Wonderwoman217: I spit out the bottled water I was drinking when I saw that. 😉

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