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it might be wierd, and i think professional color is expensive because of the time. could you ask a friend to do it?

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IF your going to use box hair color do it yourself or have a friend do it for you.  A professional hair stylist would not and should not apply your box color for these reasons:

1. they don’t have any control over what color its going to turn out and they may be liable if you don’t like it.

2. They make money by the services they provide, the time it would take for the box color would be the same for a pro color, the price would reflect that….

I know it seems like it would be a good idea to have your stylist just put on your box color, but there is a lot of reasons why stylists wouldn’t be able to do that.  

Have fun in DC!! 



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Blushing bee
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I say NO NO NO NO NO to box dyes!!! Box hair dye is completely different than the hair dye your stylist uses. I dont know the science of it, but its not good for your hair and nearly impossible to be colored over. My friend died her own hair with a box dye and 2 years later it cant be covered with anything else.. it can but fades back to the brown within a few  days.. the only option left is to completely strip the color which can fry the hair.

I would say its ALWAYS worth it to fork over the money for professional coloring… the poster above is correct that you are paying for the time she spends on your hair not the dye itself.

If you absolutely cant afford to use a pro stylist… or for some reason she cant match a color u want, go to one of those beauty stores, like beatyco and buy the actual bottles of profession hair color, not a box!

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If you’re going to do a box, I woudl recommend the garnier ones.  In fact, I and my old tucson stylist both recommend the garnier box dye.  While I wouldn’t ask a stylist to apply it for you, I would ask her a recommendation on a color for you.  Ex. If you’re blonde, should it be warm or cool? golden or ashy? etc.  She should be able to advise on what she thinks would look best on you.

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After messing up many box-dyes, I’m all for the professional, but you can not take them the box of dye, unless it’s a friend or something and even then, if they’re a professional they have the better dyes, plus I think the professional stuff stays in much better and longer.

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A hairstylist should not do this. Professional color is completely different than boxed. Boxed color isn’t as strong as a color. Also it will be the same price, you aren’t paying for the product you are paying for their services.

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Even if they did decide to use the box, they would probably charge you the same so you might as well use the better color.

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Try to avoid the box!

Go to a hair school! I get an all over color with Redken stuff for $21. And it always looks FABULOUS. Depending on what shade you’re going with you might need a FILLER, too. When I used to use boxed hair colors, I found my color faded insanely fast and I needed to do it every month, which is bad for your hair. 

Usually an all over color isn’t too pricey. Even Fantastic Sam’s does colors for cheap. You can’t really mess that up unless you don’t blend it into all the hair well enough

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Don’t feel bad or weird about asking this question.  I can’t even count the number of times I have pondered your suggestion– while black dye is dripping everywhere (including our white countertops!) and I’m contorting myself trying to see whether I’ve covered everything on the back of my head. Arrgh!  Curses having to save money for the wedding. 😀

I’d agree with everyone else… professionals will only use the products they feel comfortable with.  I would recommend either using the pricier products in the salon or inviting over a friend.  If she colors her hair too, you could return the favor. Win-Win!  

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I agree, no. Professional haircolorists use a different product and most salons will only use the products they are licensed to us (Goldwell, All-Nutrient, Redken, etc.) Like previous posters said, hair color in a box leaves no liability to a professional stylist. And as pp’s said, they will likely charge you the same amount for the service and time.

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Box dye is COMPLETELY different from professional color. No stylist worth their beans would EVER use any chemical products brought in by a client. While it may not seem like it at the time, forking over the money for a pro color job is worth it. If you go with the box dye and mess it up, then you are looking at what called a "color correction" by a pro and that starts at a base rate, plus an hourly charge, depending on the damage and the length of your hair. My mom has been a stlyist for 20 years, and you wouldn’t believe the at-home dye jobs she’s had to fix. SCARY!

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If professional coloring is too expensive for you, I’d suggest going to beauty school. If you’re in Houston it looks like there’s an Aveda Institute there. The prices are reasonable, you just have to be prepared to spend more time than at a regular salon visit.

I honestly don’t think box colors are the absolute worst things in the world, though. As long as it’s not a drastic departure from your hair color. I like the perfect 10 brand a lot. Or maybe try a glossing treatment? I think John Frieda has one and it just kind of perks up your current color.

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I agree with ejs4y8 – Look on Craigslist for "Hair Model" or "Color Model".  As long as you go to a good/well respected salon it will be fine.  Just makes ure that they will do a simple single process for you in the color that you want.



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Hate to go against the grain, but honestly there isn’t much of a difference between the products in the drugstore and those in the salon.  The basic ingrediants seem to be the same.  The difference lies in the application techiniques and so on.  I probably wouldn’t ask your stylist to do it because they do earn based on the services they sell at the salon.  However, those of you that think the chemical compounds of the hair dye at the drug store and those at the salons are completely different take a look at this…


 I will still only go to a salon for the plain and simple reason they do it SO much better than I would!  Plus I get highlights which definitely require a skill I don’t have.  If you normally do the box I would get a close friend to do it, or go to a school as some of the posters suggested.  They do great jobs there for not a lot of money as they are learning.



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