(Closed) Boxer puppy coming home in June…. any advice?

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Honey bee
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Boxers are really really energetic. My dad takes ours on his runs (5miles) and she loves that. We also have a big fenced yard for her to play in. If you don’t have an area like that to let her expend her energy make sure you are able to take her on a lot of walks.

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Helper bee
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Boxers have been known to have some serious seperation anxiety. So make sure you take that into account. If they are sleeping in a kennel, put it next to the bed so they can smell you all night which will help when they are dealing with seperation from their litter mates at night.

My guy is only half boxer but he still had that problem. And of course now that we’ve replaced his litter he freaks out when we leave instead. Otherwise just be ready, they are very energetic! 

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Bumble bee
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I grew up with a Boxer.  As PP’s have mentioned, they are very energetic, especially as puppies!  Just make you sure you give her plenty of time to run and play or she may become destructive.

My Boxer was the best dog I ever had.  πŸ™‚  Sadly, he passed a few years back but after a long, wonderful life.

Also, she is insanely stinkin’ cute!  Do you have a name for her yet?


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Sugar Beekeeper

Ahhhh, I mean seriously….awwwwwwwww!

Boxers are great there are a few in my circle of friends. I have noticed they are high on the energy side so they will require a great deal of exercise and attention from you, this cannot be ignored. When ignored most of the boxers I know are quite destructive (hide all tv remotes).

Did I mention how freaking cute she is????

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Sugar bee
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@asscherlover:  Yup. Get ready to exercise.

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Helper bee
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@indyJEEP:  Actually the reason boxers can be so destructive is often their seperation anxiety. They go hand in hand. Of course my guy knows when I am supposed to be home from work and if I am even 10 minutes late, he has destroyed something of mine. I’ve lost countless pairs of shoes to him. Of course he can’t ever destroy both shoes from the same pair just to make it a little less annoying! πŸ™‚

And Ruby is such a cute name!!!

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Bumble bee
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Lots and lots and lots of exercise! They are crazy energetic, even well into being 8, 9, 10 years old. Also, lots of training and socialization – the last thing you need is a crazy energetic untrained or fearful/aggressive boxer! They can be difficult to handle.

Other than that, boxers are amazing. Have fun with your new family member! And enjoy their little “woo woo” whine they do, it’s so freaking cute.

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Sugar bee
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Awe, puppy face!! 

I’ve always (in my long 31 years, ha) crate trained dogs.  Our Golden just goes in her kennel and sleeps all days while we’re at work – she doesn’t get locked in it unless she’s sick or bad (and even then it isn’t much punishment). 

Other than that – just have fun!   You’ve had dogs, so you know… be consistent, teach good manners early.  Mom thinks I’m a little crazy for not spoiling our dog rotten, but she’s still a beggar and she’s a big face to see in your plate on the couch – not going to happen!  πŸ™‚ 

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Buzzing bee
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My boxer has horrible separation anxiety, so definitely be prepared to hide anything you love when you leave her alone. He never chewed shoes or anything like that, but he once at an amber necklace I bought in Poland and I woke up once to find him gnawing on the corner of the dresser. He’s grown out of stuff like that. He does make a mess when we leave him in the house by himself though. Mine isn’t so crazy energetic as I expected, he’s pretty lazy and snuggly. He likes to curl up and sleep on my face too.

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Helper bee
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No advice other than whats already been given but, I just want to say how cute! And I love the name Ruby πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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I love her.  πŸ™‚  My advice is to post lots of pictures on here.  Seriously, we have a female Boxer but she’s on the low end of the energy scale (Boxer-wise).  She usually gets 3 walks a day (not terribly long).  And no separation anxiety although she does love people.  She was a rescue so not sure about her history but I’d suggest socializing her with other dogs.  Ours is kind of hit-and-miss in that department.  And I’m a fan of crate training.  Ours is a sweetie.  Good luck with yours!

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Blushing bee
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Hello, my boxer puppy is amazing! She is by far the best dog either of us have ever had. She has the funniest personality (which boxers are known for). My biggest advice would be to crate train your boxer. It was hard to stick with it! But you sure will be glad when you know your house and dog are safe when you work or have to go out. She loves her crate now, she goes in if shes tired to sleep on her own now. We try to do lots of socializing with other dogs too which i think is important for any dog really. Best of luck!!! πŸ™‚

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