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Blushing bee
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I had metal bracket braces through my grade 12 year, and requested they be taken off for my prom day. My orthodontist was happy to do this, and we went hrough the pain of putting them back on afterwards.. but it was worth it! 

Not everyone is a good candidate for invisalign, but your orthodontist will be able to assess this for you. You would have a series of photos and models taken that would be sent away, and invisalign will send you back “after” photos. So they will be able to show you what your teeth will look like after the invisalign.. it’s quite amazing. There are is also a form of “rapid” invisalign that you can do. It essentially moves the teeth more quickly/drastically in a shorter period of time, so tht you can reduce the amount of time they are on for. Not everyone is a candidate for this depending on your bone heights, but its worth asking about.

Like many ladies said above, metal bracket braces can alter your teeth more drastically but are obviously not an aesthetically pleasing. Your fiance obviously loves you just as you are, but I say go for it! It’s amazing how much your smile can alter your confidence!

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Blushing bee

I work at a ortho office and we have adults all time and I thinkit is totally worth it! invisalign will take longer then if you get traditional braces froma good orthodontist! Get multiple opinions and go with the best Dr! Most of our cases are well under 2yrs! If you find one that does Suresmile thats a great prgoram that speeds up treatment!

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Helper bee

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dal92:  I have had so many mouth issues including braces twice, as well as a major jaw surgery. The second time around I got ceramic braces put on my front teeth. They’d be noticeable in photos of you smiling but not during the ceremony. I’d suggest not letting braces get in the way of your date for your wedding. Do what your heart desires!

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Do you guys know the average price range for invisilign? I had braces before, but my teeth have drifted back slightly as I lost my retainer, and then it didn’t fit by the time I found it. I won’t be getting married for at least two years, so perhaps I can save up and get straighter teeth in that time as well. 🙂

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i wore braces as an adult..although my ortho told me if i wanted faster results i should go for sapphire braces instead of invisalign ..they are more durable than ceramic and work almost as good as metal…i wore them for 10 months only and it made a huuuge difference. you probably should consider sapphires too, just make sure you find a good specialist.

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Busy bee

I’ve always been someone that was SO uncomfortable with my teeth. I decided to spend a TON of money on them before the wedding, and my Fiance agreed that it was fine with him because he wanted me to be happy. We’re still paying my teeth off (on a 0% interest card) and I have to say it was TOTALLY worth it. I had to get invisalign first and then some cosmetic changes because of the way my teeth are. The invisalign were not fun, they were uncomfortable, painful, annoying, along with a whole lot of other things but I have to say I would absolutely do them again. I actually have to finish straightening my bottom teeth, I did the top ones only, and I’ll probably do it next year sometime, because they don’t bother me as much. Two huge benefits from invisalign, it’s a great diet – I wasn’t trying to lose weight but I did because it’s so much hassle to eat. Two, it really encourages healthy dental habits, I never used to floss and now I do daily, it’s true that once you have to do things for a certain amount of time it becomes a habit. Good luck!

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Bumble bee
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After 32 years I’ve finally decided to get braces! I’m getting married in less than a year!  My ortho and I set up a plan where they will take my braces off for the wedding, then put them back on afterwards, because mine will take 2 years 🙁

To be honest, my teeth are so overcrowded that anything (even with braces on) is BETTER than what I have now.  My ortho is working with me to speed up the process to ensure my teeth will be straight on my wedding day.  I get mine in a couple of weeks!!!  Terrified but absolutely excited!

As a wedding gift my ortho isn’t charging me to put them back on (it’s usually $1300).  So I am super excited!!!

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Busy bee
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Honey2Bee:  Invisalign was AMAZING! Not really that pricey at the plac ei went. not a lot of effort and my teeth are straight now! loved it! I say go for it! Even if you start the treatement before the wedding and need to continue during, you just dont need to wear your trays that day and theyll be straighter by then

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Blushing bee
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Honey2Bee:  I say go for it!!  I had extreme gaps in my front teeth and always bugged me. Once I got engaged I got invisalign for about 6 months to help even out the spaces and then I had to have fillings and I was done a couple of months before my wedding and I am so glad that I got my teeth fixed. I don’t regret it and loved how the pictures turned out as I wasn’t afraid to smile and i still don’t have to worry about it so it was soooo worth it  

Also I loved that you could barely tell I had them and I could take them off to eat or things like that and not worry how they would look. They were a bit uncomfortable but that’s expected but there are no issues if you take them out for a couple of hours. Lets say you take them off for the ceremony, and reception as long as it’s not the whole day. 

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I cuurrently have invisalign ( currently on tray 7 out of 30) My treatment process will last me about a year and 2 months and although I will still have them on for the wedding I decieded to do it so that my teeth could be straightened as much as possible before the wedding. My teeth werent horribly crooked, mainly it was my two front teeth that overlapped that botherred me. So far i can already see movement in those teeth and I can certainly feel it when I put my new trays in. I’m glad my attachments are also not very noticeable so thankfully photos shouldnt be too noticeable. 


heres my post when I first got the invisalign, I did not have the attachments  put on yet. 



Here’s a photo with my attachments and rubber bands (I have a very bad deep bite- one of the resasons why my treatment is so long) 


These are some photos of me with the invisalign trays on w/ attachments and rubberbands! pretty amazing  🙂 

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