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I love my husband with all my heart. I am going through a tough time with the loss of a family member and DH has been by my side non-stop. The first day, he was such a rock and was the strong person I needed. It wasn’t until a couple days later when i was feeling a bit better that he took his time to break down. I was supposed to start work yesterday and today, but school was cancelled because of a blizzard. DH took both of these days off of work because he doesn’t want me to be alone while I am still hurting. No matter if I am happy or sad he is always so attentive and always wants to hold my hand and kiss my cheek. He stares at me and tells me i’m beautiful all the time. I didn’t think I could possibly love him any more until I saw the pure joy and love in his eyes when we found out our little one due in the spring is a girl. He talks to her and tells him how lucky he is to have her and kisses my belly every day. I know I will love him even more the day I see him hold his daughter for the first time. 

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I left my keys and wallet in the garage last night (not attached to the house), and I remembered about them right as he was getting into bed.  Without me even asking, he went outside into the blizzard and got my keys & wallet.


Even though I’m more than comfortable around both sides of his family, whenever we’re at family events, he’s very attentive to me and makes sure he’s closeby in case I’m uncomfortable for some reason.


I could go on, and on.  I’m so lucky and love him so much.

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We were randomly shopping for fun tonight and my husband spun me around and pressed me against one of the clothing racks and kissed me, then punctuated it with “I have such a beautiful wife.” Then, upon check out, I found an adorable sweater with a bunny on it that was far too much money…. I just held it up to show him the rabbit, then joined him back in line. I spaced out while waiting for the line to move and he had gone back to grab the sweater for me ๐Ÿ™‚ When we got home tonight, he said “Fashion show!” and made me put the sweater on, and just hugged me and told me how adorable and perfect the sweater is.

He’s amazing.

Reading through the rest, it sounds like we all got very lucky!

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I have a cold, and he went out after work to pick up dinner even though I was planning on it and was really feeling okay. He remembered exactly what I like. The little things matter!



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I worked a long day today at my retail job (10 hours). I recently got a new bank card because of my own stupidity and only activated it yesterday, but I haven’t changed my pin yet. I called him to see if he could find it (he didn’t, I’ve misplaced it) because I didn’t have cash to pay for my lunch and couldn’t use my card without my pin. Without me asking, he came over to where I work (it’s right across the road, but that’s beside the point) and gave me enough small change to get what I wanted for lunch. When I got home from work today I was struggling to walk because my feet were sore so – again, without asking – he gave me a foot rub. He also spent today, one of his few days off from work, cleaning the house because “I don’t like you coming home to a messy house”. Now he’s just being cute and watching the cricket. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bees, it’s ME who’s the lucky one. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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My husband is a very patient, sweet man. He is the laid back one in our relationship where I can be more uptight and anxious

He rubs my back every night before we go to sleep. My mom has cancer and leading up to when we receive updates on her condition, I get very anxious and can’t sleep very well. He does everything in his power to calm me and get me to sleep. 

Now that we’re pregnant I’ve seen even more of his sweet side. Every morning he will get me breakfast, whether he runs to get me something or makes me something. He cooks a lot more than I do at this point because at 20 weeks my stomach still can’t handle a lot of smells. 

Every day for the last 11 years (we’ve been together since 16) he has told me how beautiful I am. He never misses a day. This means so much more now since my pregnant body, leaves me a bit self conscious and anxious. I know that he’s biased and he’s supposed to think I’m beautiful, but hearing him say it and the way he looks at me makes me realilze that as long as he thinks it, who cares what everyone else thinks. 

I feel lucky every day…. especially to have a man that looks at me like this..:


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  • Wedding: February 2014

Since Fiance and I are apart for a few weeks due to work it sucks but he is the sweetest. He sent me a photo of his nightstand and it had a picture of me with the words “you are the most beautiful first thing in the morning. Smiling and nothing blocking that natural beauty I fell in love with. I miss seeing that face next to me but this will do until I see you next”

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I have been building a table in my Father-In-Law shop over the holidays and really wanted to get it done before going back to work, but we needed to do chores around the house too. So DH stayed home yesterday and did all the laundry and cleaned the garage, while I worked on the table.  

Also, I couple weeks ago when I was having an awful time at work he surprised me with a beautiful poinsettia, tons of candy and a long sleeve underarmor (which I had really been needing for our winter outdoor soccer league…it has been so cold!) 

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my husband will randomly want to slow dance with my in the kitchen while we’re cooking.  he still remembers the turns and fancy moves of our “first dance.”


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@missfrillycoat:  My husband is amazing.  He is my world.  Its always the little things he does that makes me feel more and more loved.  But, recently I realized how glad I was that I married him.  We went on a trip with 4 other people and stayed in a hotel suite.  The other guys complained so much, had a tantrum when they didnt get their way, made as many excuses as possible to get their way, full of sarcasm all the time, and wouldnt apologize at all for their behavior.  Nothing was ever their fault, they acted like they didnt care or even want to be there. 


He is nothing like that.  He as so much patience, doesnt have a fit if he doesnt get his way, doesnt try to get his way when someone disagrees, will always apologize if he is wrong, rarely uses sarcasm and when he does its never in a mean way.  

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@missfrillycoat:  When DH and I were engaged we read the 5 love languages book. I told him I wasn’t sure what my love language was. Last week I told him that I’m pretty sure my love language is acts of kindness. I told him it really makes me feel good when he helps out around the house, or does things to lighten my load. Since then, he’s put away the clean laundry twice, emptied the dishwasher every time it’s been done washing, washe dthe pots and pans after dinner twice, and brushed my puppy. I know there have been other things too. 

It just has made me feel more loved than ever because I can tell that he really is putting in a lot of effort, even though it’s not convenient, or something he really wants to do.

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I was at FI’s for the holidays and spent 5 of the days on the couch or in bed sick.  He took excellent care of me even though he was sick too.  He cooked, did all the shopping, ran out to Redbox, made sure i had my ipad, phone, water, tissues, and cold medicine next to me and if i moved from the couch to the bed he would move it all with me.  I couldn’t sleep so i went to the couch and he brought me back to bed and said if I kept him up he would move to the couch.  He basically takes really good care of me all of the time but went above and beyond because i hate being sick. 

But the big one is that he is selling his house, changing a job that he has been at for 20 years, moving away from his friends, and even further from his family so he can move the 370 miles to be with me because he loves me.  Now that makes me all warm and fuzzy any time i think about it. (Now if only his house would hurry up and sell)

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My husband knows where the laundry hamper is.

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I feel like I can’t say enough good things about my husband! One of the things I love most is that he is totally committed and loyal. I have some conflicts in personality with my brother, and he defends me to the end any time the topic comes up. Any time I am feeling insecure about ANYTHING (my abilities, my appearance) he always gives me a little pep talk. He is endlessly supportive.

He is a total kid at heart and makes our life so fun together. I can’t keep track of how many times I’ve been doing dishes or cooking in the kitchen and he will come running up behind me, put his arms around me, and starts dancing with me. We have more dance parties in our kitchen than anywhere else in our house!

This Christmas, he really did some special things for me. Usually for holidays, he will get me some kind of plant or flower (I’m a gardener and am blessed with a green thumb). This year, instead of a live plant, he got me a Willow Tree figurine with a woman grasping an armful of flowers. It talks about the bloom of friendship. He told me that I am his best friend, and it reminded him of me. Also, we are TTC and he bought me my first maternity shirt! He even gave me this adorable speech about how excited he is for us to grow our family, and how “bought in” he is to the idea of getting pregnant.

I tell him all the time that I have no idea how he ended up with me! God knew what he was doing by putting us together.

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I love reading these brag posts ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that our men are good husbands! 


I love that my husband is an amazing cook. I keep saying I should really start to learn how to cook better, but he just pats my head and says he is happy to cook for me ๐Ÿ™‚ So I usually do the dishes, but if I am really tired, got a headache, or had a bad day at work, he would say nothing and do the dishes too. He takes such good care of me and never lets me do any of the bigger house chores. I complain that our vaccum cleaner is heavy and it’s really tiring to clean 3 floors of house lugging that thing, without a word he took over the vaccuming for me <3 


He is not so much the romantic/sensitive guy, but he shows his love for me through taking care of me and doing things for me and I appreciate it so much. 



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