Brag on your S.O! what are the SMALL but SWEET reoccurring things your S.O does?

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catash :  omg that’s amazing haha! Mine collects my abandoned hair ties from all around the house and keeps them in a little jar by his bed 

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fran01 :  All the silly little things really add up, don’t they! He also cleans my hair brush out for me haha. I mean he does other romantic stuff like he sends me flowers if I’m having a particularly bad time. And of course I love them but mostly I love being with someone who “gets” me πŸ™‚ and who knows when I’m going to want to tie my hair up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Aside from making me drinks aall the time-He drives me to/from work when I’m in on a Saturday, so I can stay in bed a little longer and not have to take the bus in. He really doesn’t have to but it makes the day feel so much shorter! He’ll also goes out to the garage before bed to put out cat food when it’s wet….the cat was my idea, the cat is mine (the cat loves him, haha) … but the path to the garage is covered in slugs in the rain and they’re gross, so he goes out.

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Oh and even though I go to bed early and he stays up until 2/3, he will get in bed with me until I fall asleep πŸ™‚

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  • He smiles whenever he sees me and gently touches or tickles me often when we’re in the same room
  • Will be absorbed in whatever he’s doing, then suddenly says “Love you” <3
  • Prepares steeped oats for me every night so I don’t go hungry at work the next morning
  • Always takes out the trash and often does the food shopping, (especially lately so I don’t have to go out in the cold)
  • Makes many, many cups of tea for me
  • Catches spiders for me!
  • He cooks – a lot – and never complains if he’s done more cooking in the week than I have
  • Is considerate and caring whenever I’m anxious
  • Always seems to remember off-hand comments about things I like, which then show up as gifts on special occasions
  • Holds doors open for me, and always offers his hand when I am getting out of a car
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Aww this is such a great thread! 

My Fiance gives me unlimited foot rubs and back scratches, always makes sure my car is full of gas, comes around after he gets out of the car to open my door, and gifts me random jewelry. Yesterday he gave me a beautiful pair of handmade gold-dipped druzy earrings. They are a beautiful “ocean blue” which is one of my favorite colors. 

He always wakes up and says “hello beautiful” and kisses me good morning, and hopes I have a good day. He’s been extra mushy lately though, outside of these things. I think our engagement has made him more romantic, haha! I’m not complaining! 

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I was sick this past week and my Fiance bought me soup, took me to get meds, bought me flowers, made me tea, and cleaned the whole apartment. He’s the best.

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Darling Husband frequently makes breakfast and cooks for me, bringing me coffee in bed. He takes care of the dogs every morning so I can sleep in. He’s considerate.

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Monday night I came home after a meeting that ran late, and a long, traffic filled, rainy commute home, to the lights down low, candles lit, dinner started, and my handsome Darling Husband handing me a glass of wine. * swoon *

He is the best!! He makes sure I always have a glass of water next to our bed at night, he also offers to get my toothbrush every single night, since I tend to crash towards the end of the night and wouldn’t be able to get up without it.  He gets up first to do the dishes every night, if I’m exhausted then he’ll do them all without complaint.  He opens doors for me.  He always says “I love you” with a kiss when saying bye/hi, good night/morning.  He’s the spider catcher and garbage taker-outer.  He also does most of the driving on long trips and loads/unloads the heavy things from the car.  He walks the dog every night, so I’m not out by myself in the dark.  I’m sure I’ll think of more later, but he’s pretty awesome.

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He always fights with me for the check.  On Christmas Eve I came home from work to find he cleaned the whole main floor (4 kids, use your imagination). He is always picking up and trying to help me out.  We don’t live together.  He plans activities for us to do.  He brings me flowers every few months.  He drives downtown and on vacation because I get anxious. He helps me parallel park. I could go on forever.  I’ve never met such a thoughtful person. 

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Haha, where do I start!

Darling Husband always makes me tea for dinner and hot chocolate for breakfast.

He does the dishes and often, we cook together.

He calls me at work every day, even when he’s mad at me.

And I recently started a fish tank, after a few years of not having pets. The first thing Darling Husband told me, very strictly, was that he hopes I understand the fish are 100% my responsibility, not his. Only, the day I bring the fishies home, he leans over the tank and tells them “welcome, you’re part of the family now!” Fast forward two weeks, and he’s fussing over them and has totally taken on the care and feeding of the little guys. He’s a softie πŸ™‚

Not to mention his silly dancing skills, his fearless parenting, and the way he’s the social “face” of the family because I’m such an introvert. I’d write a novel if I got started about all that.

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During the work week while I am getting ready, he gets up and makes me a lovely breakfast. I’ve been trying to eat more healthy and he is eating the boring things like oatmeal and salad with me, even though he has abs for days and isn’t trying to lose weight! When I go on walks to get my 10000 steps in, he comes too. He does most of the driving and never complains about my messiness. Oh, and THE BEST foot rubs! His birthday is around the corner and for once I’m doing something cool for him, even though the purse strings are tight. I can’t wait to surprise him! πŸ˜€

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I get kissed every morning before he goes to work and when he comes home.

he always texts me when he’s at work/on lunch/on the way home to say that’s what he’s doing “at work now, you looked cute asleep this morning, have a nice day love you” sort of thing. 

It’s pretty adorable 

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Everything! embarassed  His foot rubs are the best! He texts every single morning we are apart (he works away for work), he is the most patient man I have EVER met in my life! He is OCD when it comes to cleaning and organizing so I love that our home is always clean and organized wink

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