Brag on your S.O! what are the SMALL but SWEET reoccurring things your S.O does?

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Wow ladies, you are so lucky! 

My Darling Husband is sweet, he kisses me, makes me tea (or offers to), buys sweets and drives me everywhere but it often takes a bit of encouraging him before he cooks or cleans. I had to teach him to clean on a weekly basis (Sunday is housework day) and told him he’s in charge of trash. He does these things without any issues now but I had to put it in his mind a few years back (on repeat to ensure it stuck) otherwise he would never do it! He is a big man child at times but his parents babied him growing up so he never did many errands around the house. He’s always learning but so am I πŸ˜›

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My SO opens the car door for me (not every time though, lol). I almost cried tears of joy when he did it the first time, no one else ever has and it struck me as so sweet.

On the nights I stay over, he makes my coffee just the way I like it before I wake up in the morning. I love that.

The good morning, I love you texts every single morning that I am not with him.

He really is great. I like this thread.

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natalec :  My fiance always brings me treats from work that I can eat (special diet), he does his best to open doors for me after almost three years, he’ll dance if I’m in a bad mood to cheer me up (it’s really silly) and just give me cuddles whenever I need them. I also reciprocate on most of these things, and bake/cook a lot to show my appreciation.

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To many to say on here.   When I was recovering from an operation he made me special meals.   It was very sweet.

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He always buys the good wine and he cleans up the kitchen after I cook and after he cooks. 

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posts like this make me wish I saw my SO every single day πŸ™
We live together, but we both work two jobs…I can’t really comment on the things he does daily, but some things he does when we are together,

He always make sure my car is working, if I have a problem he’ll be there to figure it out and fix it (even if it means driving an hour away at night in the pouring rain to meet me at my job)

He lets me use his scuba gear if I need it, and he’ll service and repair my scuba diving gear.

I also really love that he rinses my gear out for me too -which OMG makes me so happy, who the hell likes rinsing out scuba gear lol

He’ll make me coffee on our new expresso machine

He holds me if I cry (I never had anyone do that before, not even parents)

My favorite tho, is how patient he is when I make mistakes, I’m always messing something up and he never ever makes me feel bad about it πŸ™‚

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I LOVE these posts, they have made my night πŸ™‚ So many beautiful SO’s! 
My fiance …. eepp… I can call him that now! Always used to drive me to and from work and would always plan his lunch break to be when I finished work so I never had to walk (I had early finishes) – We never ever leave eachother or hang up without saying Love You and he says it regardless of who is around or where he is (even walking into a meeting haha!). 

He always makes the bed as well – sounds silly but I leave early and coming home it looks so nice to have a clean and tidy bedroom! 

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toffeeskies :  I’m taking him out for a hot air balloon ride followed by breakfast. He has no idea and he is gonna be so surprised! His passion is photography and I’m sure he will love the view! πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ

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Always when I least expect it πŸ™‚ 

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I love this thread! 

My fiancé is so good to me. We only have one towel holder in the shower but he takes it off and wraps me up before he jumps out into the cold to get his. He warms up my truck for me on the chilly mornings. He scoops me up and gingerly carries me to bed when I fall asleep on the couch which I will never admit happens frequently. He brings me a coffee from Starbucks when we have our monthly training at work. He gets up when I don’t wake up or hear the cat meowing for food an hour before we wake up and he never complains and lets me sleep. He fixes things without making a big deal of it, like I bought a new shower curtain and he just put it up since it was still sitting in the package since I forgot about it. He went to the store, bought the parts and fixed my toilet for me. He drives most of the time since he enjoys it and I prefer to ride. My favorite? Every time I go to put my e ring back on he takes it, holds my hands and asks me to marry him again as he slips it onto my finger. ❀️ So he’s technically proposed at least 100 times already. I always say yes! 

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This thread is so happy and I love it ☺️


My fiancé is seriously amazing. We’re long distance which is hard just because we miss each other, but he makes it so much easier by being really good at communicating (except when it’s during his finals but that’s obviously understandable ha!)  I’m applying to law school right now and he’s super supportive. We’re getting married shortly after he finishes his degree and he said he doesn’t care where I go, he’ll just follow me there! He refuses to give me input on where he’d like most to live so that he doesn’t influence my decision haha! He just really wants me to go where I think I’ll be the happiest. When I was stressing about my applications he read over my personal statement dozens of times and helped me think through what I wanted to write. 

 I have anxiety and he’s so sweet to me even when I’m being a little crazy, for example he’ll double check that the straightener is off before we leave because even if I know it’s off sometimes I need him to tell me it is. Or he’ll turn the car around without making a huge deal about it if he didn’t double check and I can’t remember if I turned it off. He calms me down and encouraged me if I’m having an anxiety attack. he never makes me feel like a burden or less than just because I have anxiety.  

He makes me breakfast and let’s me sleep in or just lay in bed a little longer while he does. He does the dishes, which I HATE doing. He gives the BEST hugs. He’s not afraid to express how he feels about me, and he tells me how beautiful I am all the time. He loves calling me his fiancée now that we’re engaged which I think is adorable! He can’t wait to get married either.

He’s always trying to make me happy, even just simple things like taking me to our favorite ice cream place or letting me pick the movie. He’s always willing to try new places with me. The last time I visited we spent most of our time just hanging out at his house and cuddling and it was amazing because we had time to just be together. We’re really really goofy and weird together and it’s so much fun because we make each other laugh a lot. 

I could go on and on and on but I just really love this man. Y’all, we are so freaking blessed. 

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He always rubs my shoulders when I’m having a rough day. He’s often offering to help cook or clean up even when it’s not his turn. He reaches out and holds my hand just because. There are many!

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I thought of another good one.  I’m have this irrational fear of grasshoppers.  I told him and I was super nervous about going up to stay at his parents lake house on Labor Day weekend. Wilderness in prime hopper season.  Every time we came outside he’d go out first and kick up all the gravel/grass around to make sure there were no grasshoppers. Even though I’m clearly nuts.  That’s love!

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