(Closed) Brazilian Wax? First time tonight, and terrified! TIPS?

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@Baroness_Meg:  I’ve been getting them done for a little over a year now. Relax! Take a few ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment.

I think that the pain is fleeting…and the areas that you expect to hurt, don’t really hurt that much πŸ™‚ You might be tender to the touch and maybe a touch bruised afterwards though. Most importantly, no sex for at least 48 hours!

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Ditto on the ibuprofen.  And make sure that your person uses the hard wax if they have it.  It hurts much, much less than the regular wax with the linen strips.

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@Baroness_Meg:  Take some ibuprophin about an hour before. Trim your hair short, but not too short. I also like to take some headphone and my iphone loaded with some relaxing music. It really isn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. Also I like to already have some Bikinni Zone Cream (found in the shaving aisle at most stores) on hand for when i get home. It helps dull any pain and helps prevent ingrown hairs as your hair starts to come back in.

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I have been doing these for a while now πŸ™‚  It’s really not too bad.  Make sure they use a hard wax NOT a strip wax.  The hard wax won’t stick to your skin so it causes less irritation.  

Actually, I can link a website with tips for you:


Good luck!!

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+500 on the ibuprofen. And does your waxer have the option to purchase numbing cream to apply about 10 minutes prior? That helps too. There’s also some breathing techniques I learned. When they go to rip, breathe out forcefully. It truly does help.

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Ibuprofen, may help a little bit but seriously, they hurt like hell. Nothing I’ve ever done has made it actually hurt less.. but the end results make the 10 or so minutes of pain worthwhile. It also has a lot to do with your pain tolerance, I have that of a baby, so I don’t fare well.

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Wine and/or ibuprofen beforehand is a MUST!  Also you might want to look into any numbing cream that contains lidocaine…. it really does make a difference!  Good luck!  It does hurt but the result is worth it.

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I’ve always had great experiences and I’ve never had to take an ibuprofen before or after.

Good news… you might think that waxing your ass crack is going to really hurt but actually, that’s the easiest part because your skin is thicker there. I find the “ring of fire,” the area right outside the vajiggle-jaggle, to be the most sensitive.

You’ll do great!

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*shudder* I’ve had a few and am not a fan, only because I’m a giant baby.

Everyone else I know that gets them raves about them, however, so I’m sure you’ll be happy πŸ™‚

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@Baroness_Meg:  Agreed with the IBProfen. Also, dont eat chocolate an hour before… it makes you more sensitive. Your first time (or two) will hurt REALLY BAD (I’m not going to lie to you), but DON’T let that scare you away. Every time after that it is a piece of cake!! And, the hair comes back MUCH thinner and a waaay less amount of hair. Use an exfoliating glove every time you shower (after the first 24 hours, because it is sensitive) to prevent ingrown hairs. The other girl said wait 48 hours after the wax for sex because your pores are open and the could get infected rubbing up against his skin.

I also agree to make sure your person uses hard wax, and not hot wax (like eyebrow wax) it is MUCH better pain-wise to use hard wax. Make sure you looked up your salon online and that they have good reviews. I looked mine up before I went, and they specialize in brazilians. The best in the area.

I have been getting brazilian waxes for about 3 years now, and I love it!


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I’m not gonna lie, it hurts like hell.  The last time I had it done was for my honeymoon, and I’m not sure I”ll ever do it again.  I have very sensitive skin and VERY thick, coarse hair.  

Definitely ibuprofen and numbing cream (I’ll invest in some if I ever go back – I haven’t used it before).  And, if you can pull it off, I’d get drunk.  For real.  I think with a few vodka sodas I’d be relaxed enough that it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Has anyone ever been drunk and gotten a Brazilian before?  I need real-life stories πŸ˜‰


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@Baroness_Meg:  I have been getting it done for over 3 years now. I’m not going to lie..the first time hurt like a bitch but everytime its gets easier! It’s like a walk in the park to me now lol Just dont get it done right before or after your period as its alot more sensitive during that time. I also sleep with no underwear the first few nights after getting it done just so it doesnt get irritated. After getting it done I wil lnever ever shave again..my hair has become so thin and patchy and takes a long time to grow back now..its awesome!  

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