(Closed) Break Down What You Eat Everyday and Then State if You are Thin or Larger

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I am a street size 10-12 and very active. Obviously I don’t eat the same thing everyday but this is a typical day for me:

Breakfast: Spinach egg scramble with 3 eggs but only 1 yolk and a piece of rye toast with butter

Lunch: Soup and saltines

Dinner: Pork chop with rice and vegetables

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I’m a street size 2-4 and run at least 3 times/week. I also don’t eat the same thing every day, but it’s generally this:

Breakfast: Bowl of Special K Blueberry w/ 2% milk

Lunch: PB&J or sandwich on a roll with lettuce and a fruit cup or peaches

Snack: Orange, strawberries or almonds after I run

Dinner: meat, starch & veggie

Snack: Popcorn

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Honey bee

Depending on the month and brand I wear a size 2/4


A little bit of leftover hot and sour soup, string cheese.

Snack was a salad with black beans a little bit of blue cheese and vinegar

lunch, about 2 dozen brussels, 1 piece of bread with sliced chicken breast deli meat, slice of apple with a bit of PB… and something else.. I am still hungry-

Planned plain yogurt with a bit of sliced strawberries

dinner will likely be an orange glazed chicken atop a vientemese cabbage salad

 Right now my knee is killig my but normally I do 2-3 days of crossfit plus circuit style workouts at home another day or two, maybe a run etc.

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I eat large amounts of food and cannot gain weight. I seriously went on a weight gain diet a few years ago and attempted to consumd 3500 calories a day plus I was drinking Ensure and i probably gained like .5lbs in 2 weeks So i gave up. My sister always says I waste food

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Typical day:

Breakfast: bowl of cereal, piece of fruit

10:00ish: cup of tea & biscuits

lunch: either a big sandwich or last night’s dinner in a tupperware, piece of fruit, dessert (usually piece of cake)

15:00ish: coffee/tea and chocolates

dinner: cooked dinner (unless I’m lazy – then it’s bread and cheese) which is usually a generous portion of carbs and protein and some vegetables. I tend to eat a lot of meat because I often have a big protein hunger! 

I’m not particularly active.

I’m sort of between size 8/10 UK which I think translates to 6 or 8 US.

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Today I had:

Breakfast – Whole Wheat English Muffin w/ very little peanut butter, Greek Yogurt.

Lunch – Tarragon Chicken with Cranberry Sauce & Goat Cheese, Broccolini

Snack – Kettle corn

Dinner will be a buffalo chicken quesadilla (made at home).

That will get me to around 1300 calories…

I am between size 4-6.


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I’m a size 4 and a typical day would be:

Workout in the morning alternating cardio and strength training for 60-90 minutes.

Breakfast: 1 cup Cereal (Special K, Cheerios, Rice Chex, etc) with 1/2 cup fat-free milk. ~250 calories

Snack: Yogurt or cheese stick and raisins ~150 calories

Lunch: Soup, salad, or leftovers from the night before ~250 calories

Snack: 25 almonds, mixed fruit bowl, or Fiber One bar ~150 calories

Dinner: Protein, vegetable, starch ~350-450 calories

Evening I take my dog out for a mile and a half walk/jog.

I try to consume between 1200-1500 calories a day, really depends on the workout I did that day.

I’ll sometimes have a snack at night to curb my sweet tooth like a small piece of chocolate or chocolate milk.

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Buzzing bee

I’m a size 4-6. What I eat varies a large amount, so I’ll just go by yesterday.

Breakfast- container of raspberries

Lunch- Mcdonalds Quarter Pounder meal with diet coke

Dinner- Beef and broccoli in soy sauce

Snacks during the day- 3 pixie sticks, 2 packages of pop rocks, a large tootise roll, and a handful of chips

So yeah.. not exactly a healthy day at all. Today will be though! I should also add that I don’t work out. Not at all, not ever. I’m way too lazy for that.

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I don’t eat the same thing every day either but today…
Breakfast (around 7am): 1 slice of whole wheat toast with a little butter and jam
                1 cup of almond milk
Snack #1(10:30am): Fiber one bar
Snack #2 (12pm): Dried fruit (today its pineapple…some days I eat an apple, some almonds, a graham cracker, rice cake, etc.)
Lunch (2pm): Bean, rice and lettuce wrap on whole wheat tortilla with baby carrots
Dinner(6:30pm): Salmon patties with steamed veggies and quinoa
Snack: Popcorn (if I’m hungry) but I try not to snack after dinner
I’m also very active. I run usually about 5 days a week with 2 days of weight training.
I’m a size 2/4.

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I’m a 0, sometimes a 1. For breakfast I usually just drink 2 cups of coffee. (I hate breakfast and eating first thing in the morning.) Lunch MIGHT be a ham sandwich or peanut butter and honey if I’m hungry. In the afternoon I sometimes snack on Pringles and cheddar cheese, and then eat a big dinner, which is really my only full meal most days. Tonight I am making grilled chicken with fettuccini and alfredo sauce and garlic bread. I’m just one of those that gets busy during the day and forgets to eat or doesn’t make the time and then just forgets I’m hungry. On the weekends, I usually eat more too though, since we go out to eat.

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Today I had:

Breakfast – A Zone nutrition bar. a cup of coffee.

Lunch – a turkey sandwhich on a wheat bagel thin and an orange

Snack – Probably will have a handful of mini rice rice cakes

Dinner will be grilled chicken, green beans, and oven roasted new potatoes

I am a size 0.

I weigh the same size no matter what I eat or how much i eat. I’ve been known to eat a whole pizza by myself, but don’t gain a pound. I have some crazy metabolism or something. The downside? No boobs. . . AT ALL

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I’ve always between a size 2 and 4. I probably consume about 2500 cal/day and can maintain that size. I’m still lucky with my metabolism at 35 and I can eat burgers, pasta, pizza, cheesecake anything I want all day.

I recently had to go on a permanent medical diet due to this condition : http://ic-network.com/handbook/diet.html . I had to give up alcohol, chocolate, Chinese food, Mexican food, tomato sauces, condiments and so many other things I love. I immediately lost about 8lbs because gorging is not as fun anymore.

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I’m a size 22 but when people guess they usually think I’m a size 16-18.

I have a digestive disorder that makes eating hard sometimes, so I rarely eat breakfast. Lunch usually consists of a cold sandwich or low sodium soup. Dinner is almost always baked chicken and veggies, or some kind of turkey meat meal (it’s got less fat than beef!). I rarely drink soda, it’s usually water or tea for me. I don’t eat or drink anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. I do tend to eat quite a bit of chocolate, but usually the diabetic kind since most candies are made with HFCS, too.

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