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I used this method: https://bestdiy.tips/remove-acrylic-nails/


Then I started doing gel polish instead. It was much less harsh than acryllics. There are varieties that do a better job protecting the nail, so I’d do some research given how fragile yours are. Give your nails a few months to recover before you do anything else. Also start taking either prenatal vitamins or a hair and nails supplement. They really do help. 

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If you do get them removed, which I’m sure you’ve had a nail break and you’ve seen what your nail looks like after several fills/sets, each of your nails is going to look that broken and brittle way. I would get them professionally removed and ask for them to soak them off as much as possible. If you do this I would look into a nail strengthener, I hope maybe someone else here on the boards will have a suggestion for you because I don’t recall what I used back when.

The healthiest way would be the way you described above which is filing your nails as the healthy regrowth occurs without exposing your nails. I remember my fingers being sensitive for quite a bit after removing my acrylics.

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I used to have acrylic nail regularly for the same reason you did: i used to chew my nails. I stopped when my nail became like yours as well. I decided to keep the nails as short as possible and let them grow out naturally. I also moisturized my hands and put “nail” or fingers vitamins/serum/oil. I tried a few things and decided on one. It now has been 5 months and my nail is all pretty and look healthy again. However I didn’t put any nail polish or anything that may prevent the helping process. 

Good luck. 

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I quit acrylic after having worn them for 10 years. I wasn’t a biter, but my nails are naturally thin and brittle so the acrylic was the only way I could get long nails. When I was ready, I got them soaked off, cut down to the nailbed and then covered with gel polish. I re-did the gel polish on short nails for a few months until my nails were in decent enough condition to wear with just plain polish. After another month or so, they were in perfect health, but still in their naturally thin-ish and brittle state so I had to keep them short.  Full disclosure: I went back to acrylic after a couple of years because I just don’t like the way my hands look with short nails. 

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nelliemade :  I would recommend getting them professionally removed. After that, keep your nails trimmed short so there’s less chance of them snagging and breaking off while the healthy nail grows back. Apply Essie Treat, Love & Color which is a great strengthener that comes in sheer colours, either every day or every other day. Once a week or more often if you can, remove all polish and give your nails and cuticles an oil soak. For this, warm some olive oil (20 seconds in microwave)in a small bowl and soak your nails and fingertips for 10mins. Also, take biotin or a prenatal vitamin daily. 



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I used to get acrylics all the time.

I, like you, am a nail biter and they would look horrendous without acrylics. I had been going to the same nail salon for a long time and after a year or so, the quality of the service kept getting worse and worse. I used to always get one specific tech and she was very nice and spent a long time making sure the nails looked nice and I always enjoyed my trips. But then the salon got so busy I had to make appointments to get the nail tech I liked (or just an appt in general as there is always a 30+ min wait), which I do not like doing because I just like to walk in when I happen to have a free afternoon, and all the techs just are so fast because they have people waiting at all times and the quality really suffered. In fact, my Fiance was so annoyed anytime I would say I was going to get my nails done because I would come home and complain about them and he’d have to hear me bitch for the rest of the night. Even my usual nail tech got too fast and my nails would always look…odd. And they’d break so easily. And then my nail tech would give me a higher and higher price each time I went in, it went from $17 to get a fill to $22 even though their menu still said $17. I’d be sitting next to someone else getting the same regular fill with normal polish by another tech and they’d get a $17 bill and mine would be more with nothing different. I hated the inconsistency. In both price and quality.

So I made the hefty investment into acrylic supplies to do it myself. I knew the steps, I just needed the stuff. That didn’t last long because the stuff stinks up your house and it is so strong it could burn off your nose hairs. It also took 4 times as long as going to the salon and because I am not a nail tech, they looked silly when I did them too.

I happen to have a few bottles of gel polish from Ulta and a LED lamp (you can get one from Amazon) and I started doing gel at home. This has really allowed me to grow out my nails. I put gel on and when I take it off, I leave it off until I find myself biting my nails too much, and then I’ll throw gel back on, and so on. I haven’t been to the nail salon since April and my nails look better than they ever have. I don’t have anything on right now and I find myself picking at them so I need to get some gel on, but I don’t have to spend all that money for a gel mani at the salon because I just slap it on at home and call it a day.


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I was a chronic nail biter until a few months ago. I never liked going to the salon cause I was so embarrassed of my nails. I started painting my nails with the nail growth miracle serum by Sally Hansen. It made it harder to bite my nails because the polish made them stronger. After all my nails had grown without biting them for about 6 weeks I went to get gel done and haven’t bit since! 

Shellac is better for your nails than gel is but a tad more expensive. I’m going to try dip powder at my next visit which can go 4 weeks without chipping. It may take a few months but I’m sure if you remove your acrylics, start applying the serum every 3 days or so, you will have gorgeous nails on your wedding day! Good luck!

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My nails are naturally thin and brittle so I was less concerned about them being damaged from the gel polish (though I’m finding that proper care and maintenace with gel polish is much less harsh and damaging than the acrylics were).

I wore acrylic nails off and on for several years and I’ve removed them and grown my own nails out again (because I get bored with the maintenance or tired of looking at that line in the budget! I also really disliked how fake acrylic nails looked- no one ever seemed able to consistently get them thin enough to look natural for me). The best method, for me, was to get the acrylic professionally removed and then wear them short for a few months while they grew out. I might also do clear polish or something over them just to give a little bit of cushion because my fingertips felt so tender for a while.

Because my nails tend to be so thin (and because the filing for the fake nails was so harsh), any kind of pressing or scraping (for gel nails) would have been really uncomfortable so I wouldn’t do that. Even the mechanical filer made me jumpy, at times.

Biotin and silica are both good for helping your nails grow out quickly and adding strength. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water/liquids, too. I’ve heard people say that Biotin caused them to break out. I haven’t had that issue but I’ve heard it more than once. I’m also a big fan of oiling your nails (Trader Joe’s Argan Oil is a good one but there are lots of others that work just as well). That will help keep them, and the skin underneath, supple- especially good now as we head into winter and when your nails are so brittle and prone to splitting and breaking while they heal and grow out.

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I would just get them taken off then leave them alone for a few months (just paint them at home to discourage yourself from biting them). take a multivitamin. If you just leave them alone (no gel or shellac or anything) they will be healthy by your wedding.

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Your best bet is to commit to just leaving them short and natural for a few months.  You will get used to the new look.  I used to do acrylics and just stopped, my natural nails are never as long but I’m happy to be rid of the expense and maintenance.  

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I second the gel manicure – but make sure it’s the right kind! Growing up I remember a lot of people getting fake nails that were either gel or acrylic.

In recent years however, salons around me started offering gel/shellac nail polish (it’s more similar to a traditional manicure). It doesn’t add any length or fake-ness to your nails, but the polish won’t chip for a couple weeks. I also have a huge nail biting problem and found that the gel actually made my nails stronger, because I finally wasn’t picking /biting them all the time and the polish added a bit of strength so that they would not break. It might be a good transition style of polish if you’re trying to go natural. 

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If you want healthy nails, take some prenatal vitamins! Holy moly! I’ve never had such strong nails. 

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