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She didn’t physically examine it?! Go back to primary care doctor or to your GYN and have them feel it. Maybe even request a mammogram if you are worried about it.

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@bestbuddies:  Oh bestbuddies!  I do!  So, when I was 11 I fell really hard on my breast- I was 11 and I was playing outside and slipped on some mud and fell on my breast.  It hurt SO bad!  I got a cyst in my breast.  It was then a whole schabokle, one I was not totally in control of because I was a kid- but I had a million breast exams, I had a mammogram- everything!  It was scary as a child and I remember one nurse asked me, “so what kind of tumor do you have?”  I was so horrified.  It just went away with antibiotics.  Ever since then, my right breast has been larger than my left.  That is just normal, I guess.  So… for a long time I was freaked out about my breasts- and I still don’t really like doing breast exams.  I like to have them done by a good doctor.  Last year I got a cyst in my armpit (?) but it HURT!  The doc said it was just an infected hair follicle, nothing to lose sleep over.  I really feel you, because I have kinda fibrous, “lumpy, bumpy” (as my new OB put it and that bothered me but she specifically said there was nothing of any concern) breasts.  When the other doc saw me for that armpit cyst last year he also did a full breast exam and said everything felt normal.  Anyway, I dislike doing my own exams because I don’t really know what I am looking for.  I have really freaked myself out before.  But each time everything is normal.  So… I would see an OB and have an exam- that way you will feel better- IF you think that is necessary.  When was your last exam?  I like to get one once a year.  I am surprised that doc did not give you one.  I would probably go and get one if what you feel was not there before/ if you are not sure.  My breasts also swell around my period, but they hurt- so it is interesting that yours did not.  I would probably go see someone if I was concerned- to feel better about it.  Is that doc familiar with your breasts?

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Please get it checked out, I am going through stage 3a breast cancer now I was diasgonised July 23rd and have had 2 major opertaions and I will have a third after 8 months of chemo and then 6 mths of radation. , I have gotten the lympectomey and it didnt remove all the cancer then I had to get a full mastecomey. Breast Cancer is no joke!! I am currently going through chemo 3 days a week. I feek weak, nasuae cant move I stay in bed.

I am only 28 and I want to have kids but  we cant do anything until I win this battle of cancer. I have only been married a year and I have cancer.

I am sorry for bringing the thread down, but please get your mammograms

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You should have it checked out further just to make sure. Possibly get a mammogram.

I get these. I’ve been informed by my doctor that some women just have “lumpy” breasts. I had a mammogram. Everything was normal.

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I have a little lump the size of a grain of rice that is right next to my nipple on my right breast. I found it about a year ago when I was 26. I was REALLY freaked out. 

I went to the doctor and they felt it and told me not to worry about it. Similar to your situation, they told me it could be hormonal or from drinking too much caffeine. I was told to cut down my caffeine intake and come back after a couple menstrual cycles. I did as I was told and it didn’t go away so I went back to the doctor and begged for a mammogram. I explained that I didn’t want to be a hypochondriac, but that this was very frightening and I wanted to be as thorough as possible. 

They wouldn’t do a mammogram, because they felt that I was too young and the radiation from the mammogram was unnecessary. But they did an ultra-sound. The tech & doctor said they couldn’t really tell what it was but they didn’t *think* it was anything. They thought it might be a benign cyst. 

That still wasn’t good enough for me, but I had run out of options. So, when my insurance was switched at work six months later I went to a new GYN  and got an appointment with a breast specialist. The specialist did a fine needle aspiration and couldn’t get anything and said he didn’t think it was an issue but recommended a lumpectomy since it seemed to be making me nervous. 

In the end I decided that I had given it enough attention so I decided not to do the elective lumpectomy.

I think the main thing I leaned was if you’re not comfortable with the answers your being given advocate for yourself until you have peace of mind. Doctors, nurses, techs, see this stuff all the time and if they don’t think it’s a big problem they will not give you much attention.

You should take it as a good sign that they are not worried, but fight for your peace of mind and do your due diligence. Looking back all my worry and testing was a little excessive since my little lump is not an issue, BUT I had to do all that testing to get to the comfortable place I am now. My peace of my is all that is important! 

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Hi there! I am a new bee (although been lurking forever!) and I saw this post and had to respond! Heres a little back story..I had a benign breast tumor removed in February of this year. I felt a lump similar to what you did, and after examination by my doctor and a ultrasound they discovered I had a golfball sized tumor. Originally they were going to do a mammogram, but because of my age they told me that the ultrasound would be much clearer (I’m 22). After the ultrasound, my doctor had me in surgery about a week and a half later to remove it. (They were extremely concerned I had cancer). After surgery the offical results were a benign tumor, thankfully!

My advice is to talk to your doctor again! If you feel something isn’t right, make sure you push for other tests or ask to be examined by another physician, especially if its causing you anxiety. Sending you prayers and good thoughts!

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bestbuddies… I starting feeling sharp pains in my left breast I go every year for my mamogram, but ths time the pain really hurt and my bubby saw an indentation in my left breast went to the GYn they rushed me to get a mammograom then and ultra sound the ultra sound found 3 tumors 1 in my left and 2 in my right ,I went and got a bioysis they said they would call me, I got the call on a wednesday i remember days so well now the Dr said it was maligent, the tumor was going so big it was sucking in my skin, he said I had to have angels with me becase cancer doenst hurt, both tumors was over 4.5 in each breast. I had a lumpecomty to remove the cancer but that didnt get all of it I didnt have a lcean margin, then I had to get A Double mascetomry in my late 20″s I have to go through chemo and radation and then reconstruction surgery before husbabd abd I can even plan for kids . Chemo is painful and im sick all the time I get chemo 3 days a week and I am in the bed. But My husbadn of only ! year has been awesome and I thank God he placed him in my life.

I have no histiry of cancer on either side, I did all the testing so please ladys if you think something in wrong then it may be

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Likely, since it is changing in size, it is a swollen lymph node (can happen sporadically from shaving or an ingrown hair).  However, I cannot believe that your doctor didn’t do a physical exam.  Keep examining yourself and if it doesn’t go away, go back to a good doctor and have them feel the lump.  Every doctor that hears the word lump should feel it no matter what symptomology a patient describes.

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I had a lump in my breast that I was concerned about and went to my doctor… he said that my milk glands were inflamed due to hormones (I’m not pregnant). So that may be something to think about too.

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