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MeandYou :  It’s normal for them to stop and rest and take a breather, or need to burp mid-feeding. Also, cluster feeding is also very normal. It’s doesn’t mean you aren’t making enough milk- although cluster feeding can help increase your supply. Just let the baby nurse as much he wants and your supply should regulate to where you are producing as much as he needs. The more your baby demands, the more your body will supply, and having your breasts completely drained signals your body to make more milk. If your breasts stay full or engorged for long it signals your body to slow down milk production since it’s not being drank. Congrats on your baby!! Check out Kellymom website for good articles about breastfeeding and what is normal.

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As the PP noted, cluster feeding is nature’s way of increasing your milk supply as needed.  It’s tough, I know, but I would just let him feed as often as he needs to.  Babies know how to regulate themselves – you won’t over feed him from the breast.  I remember these long marathon feedings with my son too and I was so confused by what he was doing, but it didn’t last forever – eventually he settled into a more normal feeding schedule.  Try and hang in there!  And get some good nipple cream 🙂

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I think most moms worry about not making much milk!  Like pp, feed him as often as he wants as your supply is getting built up.  If he is wetting a lot of diapers (i don’t remember exactly, maybe 10-12) that is one sign he is getting adaquately fed.  also you typically have a two week check up to see that he is gaining weight!  they cry a lot more in the beginning and it’s frustrating getting to know exactly what they need (and sometimes they cry for no reason!)  and your nipples will get better i promise.  i remember not being able to wrap a towel around my body b/c they were so sensitive. hang in there, and call lactation hotlines or your doctor if you need specific help!!

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Try lactation cookies for the milk supply issue.

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Cluster feeding!! Marathon feeding sessions where baby wants to nurse all afternoon / evening / day / night long.  Totally normal.

As long as he has enough wet diapers and gaining weight overall (ask your pediatrician for guidance), I would try not to worry so much.  You are making enough milk.  Sending hugs though, its so rough at first!  

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 Behaviour is completely normal. As others have said this is cluster feeding and trying to increase your supply. A good tip I read was “plan to be breastfeeding most of the time for the first six weeks”. For me it went on for longer! 

As long as nappy output is fine then your milk is getting through. 


Congratulations by the way!

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Yep, cluster feeding is totally normal. I’d highly recommend some nipple butter if you don’t have any.

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I remember feeling like all I did was nurse my baby all day, every day. I thought it would never end! I had cracked and bleeding nipples that wouldn’t heal. My advice is to let them air dry with a little breastmilk on them if they ever get like that.

This is just a phase and it will pass!

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MeandYou :  Well babies will not necessarily self regulate eating if they are bottle fed.  That means they will can potentially overeat so I would take that with a grain of salt that baby will still take some from a bottle.

Basically eating often and cluster feeding can be normal.  Anytime my babies cried the first thing I did was offer them the breast.  That solves a lot of issues.  You definitely should just keep offering and let them eat.  If baby is trying to increase your supply they will ask to eat more frequently.

Have you gone to a breastfeeding group at your hospital?  They usually have a free group 3x a week or so.  They will do a weighted feed so you can see how much baby eats in a setting.  That should help to ease your worries or let you know if there is a problem.  I would highly recommend going!

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This is totally normal and your body and baby will work together in perfect harmony to make sure he gets enough milk.  Just keep on doing what your doing and during these next few weeks (or longer if you would like ) keep on feeding him whenever he “asks”.  After a couple of weeks he will naturally regulate himself.  It’s exhausting but with it mama – you’re doing a great job! Trust your body and baby on this one !

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Just keep in mind that it gets easier!  The first few weeks are SO HARD and stressful.  It hurts, and its so easy to doubt yourself.  I spoke with a lactation consultant and they said that young babies will almost always take a bottle after a feed, even if they aren’t really hungry. Also sometimes the bottle is easier for the baby to feed from until they get used to the breast.  I was told to always offer the breast first, then bottle after so they get comfortable with the breast.  

For the first few weeks we ended up giving 1-2 bottles of expressed milk on top of feeding on demand because we were having slight weight issues. Do whatever you need to ease your mind!! 

One thing that I highly recommend is this nipple ointment!  I tried a few different ones, and this one was an absolute lifesaver. 


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MeandYou :  You’ve gotten really good advice – cluster feeding is for sure what it sounds like to me…those first few weeks are hard! But I promise it does get easier. 

Advice I got from my lactation consultant is to keep tracking diapers. What comes in comes out. If you’re seeing a decrease in wet diapers I’d look into it. If it makes you feel better you can go see your doctor or a lactation consultant and they’ll weigh baby to confirm weight gain. I had a major panic around week 2 and we actually went in for 3 days to check – turned out it was all FTM scares in my case considering Dear Daughter was gaining weight like a champ. If your little one is still having a good number of wet/poopy diapers you’re most likely fine.

Second piece of advice – join a few Facebook groups! I joined a breastfeeding mom’s group and a few other local mom groups and those women are amazing. It’s a great way to talk, share advice, commiserate etc. And possibly even make new friends. Plus chances are good that someone else is up at 2am to talk about sore nipples!

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This is so normal. You’re doing great. Keep offering to breastfeed as often as possible. They don’t just nurse for food, but for comfort as well.

I also recommend reaching out to La Leche League, either by meeting or phone. They will help with any questions you might have. Plus if you are able to go to meetings, you can talk to other moms who have been there and help you out. 🙂

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