Breastfeeding AND formula experiences?

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teacherbee01 :  I am on BFing/pumping groups and yes, many people supplement with formula.  You can even choose to Boyfriend or Best Friend at home and just give formula at daycare (or whatever).  Only trick is that you probably would need to give formula on the weekend as well since your supply won’t be fully there.  Supply=demand.  The supply is only as good as the demands placed upon it.  Some women will Boyfriend or Best Friend and then choose to give formula if they go out or something. Some women make a goal to Boyfriend or Best Friend at home and pump at work but if they fall short a couple ozs then they just use formula to make up the difference (typically what people are doing when they say they are supplementing formula).  You can do whatever you want.  You just need to understand when you lessen or reduce the demand, your supply reduces to follow suit.

I have a 3 y.o. (weaned right after 2) and an almost 7 mo old.  I have never used formula (didn’t need to) but I did/do Boyfriend or Best Friend at home and on the weekends and I pump at work so baby gets bottles of pumped breastmilk at daycare.  Or bottle of pumped milk if we decide to go out alone or something or if I otherwise can’t Boyfriend or Best Friend (like this weekend I was out gardening and covered in Off so I had my Darling Husband give a bottle until I could finish and get a shower).  My daycare offers free formula (well, included in the cost I suppose) so that is a benefit I’m sure for a lot of people but I don’t take them up on it.

I don’t mind pumping at work at all (free breaks!) but I really have no desire to pump at home since it’s a waste of time (I can just feed the baby) so I don’t pump at home (usually).  Both of mine have had great latches and I have adequate (or more than adequate at the beginning) supply so EBFing has been overall quite easy for me.  Never had any nipple pain outside of a little discomfort the first week or so.  And it’s nice that if we go out to the zoo or pool or whatever I don’t have to remember to bring bottles or formula.  I just bring myself!

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My experience was with both formula and breastfeeding. However, before baby was born all I did was plan for breastfeeding. I bought everything I needed – a cute cover, breastfeeding tops, ointment, the special pillow, freezer bags, etc…. I did not even consider that I would need to formula feed and I wanted to breastfeed for at least 6 months since that was the length of my maternity leave and I did not want to pump at work. But baby was born with jaundice, would not latch, my milk took a long time to come in, and if we didn’t start formula he would have had to be re-admitted to get treatment in-hospital for very high bilirubin levels. We were pretty freaked. It did not help that nobody at the hospital before we left could really help us get him to latch (later found out he had a slight tongue-tie) and we tried with many, many lactation consultants, even one that we paid privately to come to our house. I was pretty harried and I totally felt guilty at the time for having to give him formula, but looking back, I was so glad that I did and now I know that you can try your hardest to breastfeed, but it doesn’t always work and you have to do what is best for both yourself and your baby.

So what we did was feed with both formula and breast milk. For the first 3 months I alternated every feeding between breastfeeding and formula feeding. I also pumped. After the 3 months I kept pumping for a bit, froze what I could and eventually switched exclusively to formula. At the 4 month mark he was already taking in some solids and formula stopped at the 1 year mark.

Because I had not considered that formula feeding would be necessary, I had not purchased any bottles whatsover, or any formula. The hubby had to go to Target to get whatever he could, and I remember wishing I had done some research and had some stuff ready before the birth. In reality you just never know what will happen with your baby until they are here, but my suggestion would be to plan for both. Get the minimum you can for each scenario. If your health insurance covers it, get a pump.

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I breastfed, pumped and formula fed all in one day…now I just breastfeed and do one formula bottle at night, baby is ten months. Breastfeeding is a lot easier as time goes on.

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