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    @iRun2004:  I’m pregnant with my first, so I don’t have personal experience, however my sister’s last baby was breech, and it took two doctors, but they got the baby turned around. I’m not exactly sure what week she was at, but she was pretty far along. She said it didn’t hurt like she thought it would (ie. it wasn’t excrutiating). My cousin on the other hand, was also breech with her second, and though they tried a version, cousin said it hurt way too much, and they couldn’t get the baby turned, so she opted for a c-section.

    Personally, I’d try everything possible to avoid a c-section. I can’t imagine anything worse when having a new born than having to also recover from major surgey at the same time, and having trouble getting in and out of bed, etc, not being able to lift/move freely.

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    My baby wasn’t breech but he was transverse. He was head down at 39 weeks but then he turned sideways and I had a c-section at 40 weeks and 2 days so there’s still hope for you maybe!

    I was very scared of the c-section too but the experience was soooooo easy for me. I was up and walking immediately and didn’t even feel any pain from it afterwards. Didn’t even take any pain meds, not even tylenol. I’m told that’s unusual and I have a high pain tolerance though….

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    @iRun2004:  I was a breech baby till 2 nights before I was born. My mom said she remembers the pain like it was yesterday. She said that at her last appointment they scheduled her for a C-section because the doctor said she was 39 weeks and I wasn’t moving. They tried turning me but it didn’t work. She said a couple nights after that she was sitting up in bed and watching tv when all of a sudden I flipped. Yes flipped. She watched her stomach make a funny shape and she said it was the worst pain ever. She thought something was wrong so she went in the next morning and the doctor told her I was head down and ready to come. The next day she went into labor and I was born six hours later(:


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    My sister was in breech and my mum had a csection, but she was 42 and she said her doc was a little freaked out about turning baby as she was considered more “high risk.”

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    My 15-year-old sister was born breech. In the bathroom.

    My mom  wasn’t due for another 6 weeks, and my sister was supposed to be mentally handicapped. My mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom with 2 kids – 4 1/2 year old me and my 2 year old brother. Well that day, my mom’s friend was going to come over to play with my brother and I, and we were both getting over the chicken pox. My mom went to the bathroom and… feet were coming out. She delivered my sister on her own up to her shoulders. Her friend got there a few minutes later and finished delivery. They called my dad and 911, and they took my mom and sister to the hospital.

    And… my sister wasn’t premature or handicapped. She was 8lbs something and perfectly normal. Maybe a week early. The doctors had gotten her due date so wrong that (according to my mom) hormone levels that were normal at 36 weeks weren’t normal at the 30-31 weeks the doctors thought she was, which lead them to believe that something was abnormal. I have no idea how they got it so far off. 

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    Most (97%) of babies will be head down by 38 weeks, so at 34 weeks you still have *plenty* of time for that baby to turn.

    In my practice, we don’t even really get concerned until 35 weeks, and if by 36 weeks the baby is still breech, then we’ll talk about options for version, vaginal breech or elective section.  Before 35 weeks, a fair proportion of babies will be breech but most of them turn.

    It’s also signifcant to note whether the baby has always been breech, or whether it was head down and turned breech.  Sometimes babies that have always been head down have a reason (eg. short cord or bicornate “heart shaped” uterus) and so *can’t* really turn.  Babies who flip flop all over the place are much less of a worry. 

    If funds allow, acupuncture has a very good track record for being safe and effective at turning breeches.  

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    I said “other” because my sister was breach, but we’re twins and I was the first one out, so they just waited and after I got out of the way they turned her around no problem. I know that’s not any help in your case. 🙁


    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that he/she turns around!

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    My baby was transverse and his face was pointing towards my side instead of face down.  So we pushed for an hour in weird positions to get him to move from the trasverse position to down the center.  Then we worked to get him flipped face down.  After an hour more of pushing the doctor manually flipped him.  I had the epidural and I still felt her flipping him.  It hurt really bad!  So I couldn’t imagine them trying to flip a breech baby!  It would really hurt you and then you have the risks to the baby.  Both my girlfriends were delivering within weeks of me and both were breech.  They ended up having C-Sections.  One was a planned c-section the other wasn’t.  She went through labor before they determined the baby was breeched.  So be thankful that they know now and you can plan for it.  Because I can’t imagine going through hours of labor to then have to do C-Section.

    Hope your baby turns on her own.  But again be thankful that you have the option of C-Section and can plan for it now.

    Good luck!

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    By son was “frank breach” my entire pregnancy and he still was till 2 days before I went into natural labor.

    I had a date set to get him turned and an induction – in the emergency c-section room, in case of complications during the turning – but I went into labor 2 days after my last appointment when he was still frank breach and somehow the little bugger turned and was head down. I didn’t feel him turn or anything. He must have did it when I was sleeping.  The nurse said he was head down when I arrived in Labor and Delivery getting my cervix checked to see how many cm i was dialated. Ended up having a natural child birth with him – he was my 2nd child

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