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  • Wedding: May 2014

nawella:  Hi there! Sorry to hear you are feeling this way πŸ™ 

I just wanted to say that maybe you could check out groupon or livingsocial for a facial appointment. I found a groupon for two facials for $70. I had my first one last weekend and I loved it. The best part was that they told me what kind of products I should use to take care of my skin properly, so now I can do that at home.

I hear you on the crazy antics though…I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to look “your best ever” on the big day.

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  • Wedding: September 2016

I haven’t been married so I haven’t been in your position.  However, I’ve struggled with acne since I was in middle school and (I’m 28 now).  I’ve tried lots of different brands (proactive, store brands…) with varying degrees of success but nothing was able to consistently control my acne.  Then my sister started using Paula’s Choice products and swore that they were helping her acne.  I skeptically decided to give it a try.  The first month I didn’t notice any difference but gradually after that I saw improvements.  I’ve probably been using the products for 6 months now and never have break outs and very rarely do I even get one blemish.  I swear by their products and would recommend them to anyone who has issues with acne.  I use the skin balancing product collection but they also have a product collection for acne called Clear.  They also sell sample sizes of most of their products if you want to try it before purchasing the full size πŸ™‚


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  • Wedding: August 2014

I don’t know… I used to have the most obnoxious acne (never HORRIBLE, but always something gross on my face) until birth control magically cleared everything up. Before BC, though, I tried EVERYTHING. You can drive yourself crazy throwing different things on your skin.

Unless you have not given the scientifically proven treatments a shot (medication, birth control pill), I say just do the best you can with make up and ask your photographer to do some retouching in Photoshop. Getting rid of acne in Photoshop is SUPER easy with the stamp function, so consider getting a copy of it or another graphics prog so you can retouch any other weddings photos yourself.

Then just enjoy yourself on your wedding day, and tell yourself that everything can be fixed in post. πŸ˜‰

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  • Wedding: July 2014

Your photographer can definitly work a lot of magic.  Over the counter products aren’t going to be a miracle treatment for stubborn acne.  I broke out along my jaw line and the ONLY thing that helped was getting an antibiotic RX from my dermatologist. I know that’s not an option for you.  I would NOT recommend getting a facial- they can bring out all kinds of demons from your skin and actually make it worse. I would drink as much water as possible and using an antibacterial face wash.  Don’t kill yourself with products, that can actually make it worse.

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  • Wedding: March 2014

Facials close to the wedding can cause breakouts to get worse. The only things I’ve found that work for my HIGHLY sensitive, combination skin, are a Biotin supplement and vitamin E supplement (never clinically proven to help skin unless you’ve got a defeciency, but it works pretty good for me and biotin is water soluable so you can’t really overdose on it unless you take like, 10mg a day), lots of water, and making sure I moisturize with something light that won’t clog my pores.


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I vote for accepting that whatever your skin looks like… it really won’t make a difference. The pressure to make everything “perfect” is insane!

Things happen! (I just read the thread about the bride’s family getting into fist fights and the police coming to the wedding. Her attitude is amazing!) Accidents happen. One other bride hit her forehead and had a huge GASH on her head days before her wedding. Her MUA did wonders. But mainly she looked so HAPPY in her wedding pics that even if the gash had been visible it wouldn’t have mattered!

You will look radiant on the day. Allowing any potential breakouts to have the power to make you feel less happy…. don’t do it!!!

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  • Wedding: May 2014

Trilly:  +1 Taking Biotin helped my skin too. I also switched to all organic products and that really helped (I have really sensitive skin).

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  • Wedding: July 2013

nawella:  I have also been struggling with really bad acne my entire life. I’ve used so many products & medications it’s not even funny, and here’s what I realized finally: for my skin it’s all about balance. Too dry and I break out/too moistorized I break out- too oily & I breakout/not enough oil I break out… So using more products won’t necessarily help you, it;s about using the right products in the right amounts/times. I also discovered my face cannot take any type of harsh treatment. I’ve gotten facials, dermabrasions, glycol peels and my face was a mess for weeks afterwards. It looks best without all that harshness… 

I did notice that a lightweight moistorizer/sunscreen made a huge difference for me. I use Jan Marini’s moisturizing sunscreen and it feels great, keeps me moistorized without a ton of oil. I also found that using the blotting papers during the day along with a freshening spray (like ELF setting mist) makes a huge difference. Also, the time of the day I take off my makeup matters- If I wash my face when I go to bed at midnight, I’m a mess for the next week. But if I take it off after dinner at say 9pm my skin looks great! I also take prenatals (for the zinc & other supplemental vitamins), but without biotin as it causes cystic flare ups for me, and vitamin E and think it makes a difference in the healing time of old breakouts… 

I also found that covering up breakouts isn’t as hard as I thought, I was just doing it wrong! I looked up a few videos on youtube re: concealing pimples & can now cover up just about anything! Your MUA will be able to cover anything you are unhappy with, and maybe mention to your photog you are really worried about your skin (I did & he was happy to put a little extra photoshop work into the closeups)… 

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  • Wedding: November 2012

The only time in my life I had acne was seriously from the moment I got engaged until the day after the wedding. I am not even kidding. I NEVER had a problem with acne prior or since that time of my life. It was like a cruel joke lol.

How I managed it during that time was I got a subscription to ProActiv. Normally I would never use something this harsh on my skin, but it was necessary at the time. Before I used ProActiv I tried a few other acne treatments such as the Clinique acne line, Yes to Tomatoes, and another kind that I can’t remember, but ProActiv was the best. The first week or two I used it my skin was peeling really badly, but I kept at it. After it adjusted to the routine it was fine and the acne became more manageable. It didn’t go away completely before the wedding, but by the time it came around I had only two small blemishes that were easy to cover with makeup. Then after the wedding I ended my subscription (which is a pain in the butt, because you have to call them to end it and they keep talking to try to keep you as a customer) but I have some stocked up under my sink just in case I ever have another flare up. Good luck!

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nawella:  2 words: oil pulling.  Look it up!  Works wonders for me.

Also, make sure your MUA uses sufficiently covering products and that your photographer can airbrush!  I’m more concerned about how my pictures will come out b/c I have to look at them forever! 

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Totally in the same boat. I’ve been at war with my face for the last almost 2 years (adult acne?? wtf??).

Like PP said, oil pulling is supposed to be good for acne. It’s really gross until you get used to it, though. But it whitens your teeth, too! I’m on week 1.

Drink tons of water. Cleanse/moisturize EVERY DAY, TWICE A DAY, AND NEVER, EVER SKIP IT (consistancy will literally determine whether or not your face clears up or not, at least in my experience), with “good” stuff (the investment will be worth it, even for little ol’ frugal me). I use Skinseuticals cleanser and exfoliate every other day with Peter Thomas Roth firmx peeling gel (which is incredible and has cleared my skin up even when RX stuff hasn’t). You can get both of those on Amazon.

I’m a photographer, and it will literally take your photog like, 3 seconds per picture to clear your face up in editing. So, if it’s the pictures you’re worried about, don’t. Unless you have someone who has no idea what they’re doing, they will be fine. If they’re not, send them to me and I’ll fix them, haha!

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