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Blushing bee
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Hm, unfortunately on the vendor end this is one of those things that you can’t really hold them to unless you have something official put down in writing.  I think I would talk to the store, explain the nine bridesmaids plight, and see if they can give you a discount of some kind.  Then I would talk to your girls and explain the situation and see if they would rather you try to find a less expensive dress, or if they’ll go ahead and pay the extra.  If they pay the extra, I would give them an extra special gift!

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That is a really unfortunate situation. Maybe offer to split the cost of the extra money with your bridesmaids or pay for it alltogether if it’s not an outrageous amount? I would definitely speak with a manager to explain the mistake and ask for some kind of incentive for you to continue giving them your business.

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Did you put a deposit on the bridesmaid dresses? If so, then I think you may have a legally binding agreement. If not, you could ask them to help you out with a discount, but it would be up to them.

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I would print out the original e-mail from the employee, bring it with you into the store, and talk with them about your situation. Although an e-mail isn’t necessarily a contract/legally binding agreement, it does show that the employee made a mistake. This may lead to the bridal store wanting to correct said mistake, therefore giving you the originally quoted price. It might not work, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to try!

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Shoot – my uncle was able to purchase a $1,000 fancy-schmancy bbq for a mere $50 because the sign was mislabeled and the store had a policy of honoring their advertisements.  Bring the email in and demand that they honor their own quote and if not you will be forced to bring your business elsewhere.  No reason to be rude, but be firm.  Speak directly to the manager.  You’ve already mentioned the name of the bridal store on this website and you could give a poor review on yelp also.  It would be in the store’s best interest to accommodate you.

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Blushing bee
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For my bridesmaids they charged all the girls different prices.  They charged half of them the original price quoted and the other half the price of the junior bridesmaid dress.  I argued and argued with them that they all should pay the cheaper price since it was their error but they wouldn’t budge no matter what I said and made the girls who were charged less pay the difference.  I wouldn’t run out and recommend the store to anyone but they were the only place who gave a discount on Jenny Yoo dresses.

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Bumble bee
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Hmmm… You did get the quote in writing.  That should be enough for them to honor the quote, otherwise they are engaging in deceptive business practices.  It’s their mistake, not yours and you shouldn’t have to pay for it.  (For instance, when a sign is misplaced in a grocery store they usually honor the price on the sign)  Be polite, but firm.  If they refuse to resolve the issue, report it to the Better Business Bureau.

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Bumble bee
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Having had been in retail management for 10 years – it is their responsability to honor your first quoted price. Not only that it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

If you found a dress on a rack at Bloomingdales, and it was marked on clearance, but rang up full price – they would give you the marked price.

I agree with bluegreenjean, it’s their resposnaibility. I would bring in the orginal e-mail – not speak to ANYONE other then the manager – the lower ranking people even asst. managers have less pull. Tell them either you get what was quoted, or you’ll go elsewhere for your bridesmaids dresses and leave a poor report about them on the BBB. (use the later part of that only if they show resistance, which I can’t see them doing) 

What a bunch of jerks! Keep us updated! 

And just a word of wisdom – having the experiance that I do NO retail rule is a firm thing, they are all bendable if not breakable with little to no issue to them. So don’t be afraid to push a bit! 

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i agree with sweeney2b. if you’ve got something in writing, then it is definitely enough for them to have to honor. i also have a backgound working in retail.

if that store/company is really concerned about their customers, then they should do whatever they can to accomodate you. if anything, it was the employee’s fault that you were quoted the wrong price, and it should be he who should be feeling the heat for it. definitely do what you can with the store manager, and if all else fails, contact the better business bureau. they really helped me out with a complaint i had about a store.

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Blushing bee
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Sweeney2Be rocked it…and the others who said they really should (almost have to) honor your original quote. They gave you information and you acted based on that information they are liable. I watch People’s Court dang it and…I think that’s how it goes. Any lawyers on here? Anyway, fight for your rights! Please do keep us updated. I hope it all works out!

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