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For whatever reason, wedding dresses usually are bigger than your normal street size – typically 2 sizes up.  I used to work at a very reputable bridal salon and we order the dress in based on your largest measurement – usually either your bust or hips – and then alter the rest to fit your body perfectly.  Also, one designer’s sizes may differ from another’s.  I’m sorry you had such a bad experience though!!  I never stepped foot in any Woodbridge stores…they are all the same! 

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I bought my dress at Amandalinas and had no problems.

But then again, I’m taking the dress somewhere else to be altered.

Sorry for your bad experience! 🙁

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I second the fact that salons tend to order things bigger than they should be. I ordered a Bridesmaid or Best Man dress for a friend’s wedding in July 2009 – I wear a size 12 (sometimes a 14) – they ordered my dress in an 18. The thing was HUGE. They didn’t have an in house alterations, but ‘conveniently’ referred me to the alterations place RIGHT NEXT DOOR. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I’m sure they were getting kickbacks from that place for referrals which is exactly why I found my own seamstress. When she saw the dress on me (she had previously worked for a bridal salon before going out on her own and starting her own alterations business), she couldn’t even believe how big they had ordered it – I was swimming in it both on top and on the bottom. Definitely – make sure you know what you are getting into and don’t let them sell you something wrong. Do your research! I know I will from now on. Also, something else I would say – ALWAYS get a written quote from your seamstress. Mine told me the simple alterations would be $100 even. When I got my dress back from her a couple of weeks later, it was $150 and she hadn’t done anything extra to it and couldn’t tell me why it was 50% more.


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I can’t say all Woodbridge stores are the same, I got my Bridesmaid or Best Man dress at Mona Richie in Woodbridge, for a friends wedding, and their service was excellent.  The alterations were also included in the price of the dress, but they were more expensive dresses… but I would definitely recommend them!  I agree that the dresses are always ordered much larger than needed, but easier to take it in than add!!  Better safe than sorry.

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Sposa Italia in Woodbridge – buyer beware!

I tried a dress on that I really liked and when I asked who the designer was she said “Sposa Italia”. The price was far more than I wanted to pay so I kept looking at other stores.

By chance, I found that same dress as the main pic on another bridal gown store’s website. I thought, hey wait that dress looks EXACTLY like the one at Sposa Italia. Turns out that the dress was designed by Anjolique, and either Sposa Italia copied it to a tee, and more than doubled the price for ‘their unique design’, or, and more realistically, they didn’t tell me the actual designer so I would buy it from them at their ridiculously marked up price!! I called several other stores to check the price and they were all the same except at Sposa Italia, which was 2X the price! Crazy! Be careful. I also saw other stores in Woodbridge (I think Amandalina) rip the designer tags out from the dress so you wouldn’t know who the designer was!

Just be careful ladies, and if you can, try and shop around to compare prices on the dress you want.

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The two girls that work there are highly unprofessional and absent minded. They do not know how to run a business.

I had been in there about 8 times and not only did they not remember my name (which could be understandable), they did not even remember my face and treated me as a “new” customer each time! That was very annoying and unprofessional. 

I had called them many times to ask when the dresses would be in, and they could never give me a straight answer. They even told me that they would NOT be calling me to let me know when the dresses were in. When I called two weeks later they said the dresses had come in and that they “had called me”, when in fact they had not. I ordered the dresses 8 months before my wedding and they did not come in until the month before! Then they said we should come back for alterations 1 week before the wedding. There was no way I was doing that so I promptly took the dresses elsewhere to be altered.

They also do not know how to measure properly. They told me my normal-sized 11-yr old sister would not fit in the junior dresses. Ridiculous! They then measured her to be a 22 in the adult size. Clearly my normal-sized sister is not that huge and they just don’t know what they are doing.

Granted, their store does have a lot of selection, but when weighing the pros and cons, there are definitely many more reasons to NOT go there.

There are so many other stores you can go to– save yourself the headache and go somewhere else!

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As a bridesmaid, my experience with Mona Richie was DISASTROUS!  First off, the dress was ordered way too big!  Going in for measurements turned out to be completely pointless and a complete waste of my time as the size they “supposedly” ordered was a 12…and I am a 4!  I agreed to have my alterations done by them…BIG MISTAKE!  It seems like every week I was making my way over to get pinned and poked but with each visit…the dress looked worse and worse.  Promise after promise was made that they would get it right, that I shouldn’t worry because I was so “BELLA”, but these are just cover ups to the FAKENESS they possess. The dress was too short, the bust too tight, and the seams were tugging from every angle!  DISGUSTING…this back and forth nonsense lasted right up until the day before the wedding!  To top it off, the strap and zipper broke on the day of the wedding…SHAMEFUL!  Although they welcome you with a smile, don’t be fooled…my best advice to you would be to shop somewhere else…it is not worth your time, effort or even money, it will only cause you STRESS!

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I had a really bad experience at Amanda-Lina’s earlier this year and so did my sister last year. I think that if it’s not an original style exclusive to the store, they should let you take pictures of yourself in the dress. But Amanda-Lina’s doesn’t allow pictures. This was the first store we went to that did not all photography, so when my sister pulled our her camera a sale associate said “Do you know how to read? There’s a sign that says “NO PICTURES”” The sign was written on a white sheet of paper against a white wall and barely noticable, yet she was so rude! A simple “excuse me but we don’t allow pictures” would have been acceptable. Anyway I have a big beef with this store and others like it because I personally need to see how the dress photographs before buying it.

That being said my family has had nothing but great experiences at Mona Ritche. Me and my 2 older sisters got our gowns there (Mona knows her stuff and in each case SHE picked out our dresses) as well we all each other’s bridemaids and all our BM dresses there and my mom also got all her MOB dresses at this place too. Nothing but positive things to say….but do make sure you get every detail discussed written down on your receipt!

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I have to say I was in LOVE with a dress I tried on at Mona Richie. BUT they were pushy, would NOT tell me the designer of the dress I liked (I think it was maybe a knock off?) and would not let me take a picture. My grandma was buying it and was sick in the hospital and could not be there. Needless to say, i refused to purchase anything from them. I would rather drive half way around the world before I go back there.

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I have to say that I had a great experience at the Bridal Suite in Vaughan, as a Bridesmaid. They were very sweet and helpful. Its a small store but service was very good. I did get it altered elsewhere tho.

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I purchased junior bridesmaids dresses at this store (unfortunately I did not read the reviews here before I went there). I was assured that the dresses came in junior sizes. When the dresses came in (2 months later than they promised) they were a women’s size 2 for a 7 and a 10 year old. They were ridiculously huge!! When I asked why they were so big, I was told that this was the smallest size they came in.


Why wouldn’t they direct me to dresses that came in junior sizes instead of assuring me that the ones we chose would come in the size that we need. Then they wanted to charged hundreds of dollars for alterations!!!!




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Wow! I’m new to the board and just starting to shop. Thank goodness for these tips. My friend said it would be cheaper to find a good seamtress and take alterations from some place not dress store, they tend to charge a lot for alterations because it’s easier for most brides just to do alterations right there after buying the dress.

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Checked out Amanda Linas with my bridesmaids and they the the tiniest collection and the prices were way too high for what they were selling. I wasn’t impressed at all.  We left after ten minutes. 

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I have to say I just bought my dress at Mona Richie and they were amazing. granted, there was no one else in the store, but they let me stay for about 2 hours, i must have tried on at least 9-10 dresses, and finally found my dress. They let me take a picture of it, they gave me a cap on the alterations. I obviously don’t know how the alterations will go, but I’ll have to wait. But i will tell you, i was treated amazingly.

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