Bride & Mother Veil disagreement :-/

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cloud9bride :  it went fine. Made it down the stairs with no snags or anything! And they were a combination of wood decking and stones. Honestly, now that i think about it it’s kinda a miracle it never snagged, lol. I guess i just assumed that if it DID snag, the veil would tear before it ripped off my head? Like the force of me walking was greater than the force necessary to untrap the veil. Guess it worked out! (And my veil never ripped!)

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cloud9bride :  Girl, no is a complete sentence.  “I’ve already told you no, mum, this is not up for discussion.  How’s Margaret feeling?” 

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You need to shut it down firmly and nicely. ‘Mum, it’s my final decision that I’m not wearing a blusher. There are going to be plenty of special moments other than that and I’ve made my decision. Let’s stop talking about it now.” I wouldn’t start going into all the reasons again, honestly the only reason you need is that you don’t want it. 

Blushers are more rare than not in my experience. A bride at a very Catholic wedding I went to had one, it was all the way down to the ground and she had to wear it down for ages, you could tell it annoyed her a bit, she kept trying to put it out from her face.  

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Well I haven’t tried on very many veils and non of them had a blusher. Do you want to where a veil? If so what kind. I do think the whole idea of it not being revealed till the end along with other traditions are so outdated so I totally get not wanting to where one. I have seen pictures of people whering them and I can still see their face just fine. Maybe talk to your dad about it maybe that’s why your moms making a bigger deal over it. Ultimately I think you should where what you want and feel comfortable in. 

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I’m having a blusher. Mainly because a friend of mind wore one and her fi lifted it when she got to the end of the aisle and his beaming face was soooo sweet when he did it! I also dislike gathered veils and love drop veils.

How does your DAD feel?

Your reasons sound good. Even though I’m having a blusher, my Mum’s thing is to go on and on about how sad it is that I’m not having a tiara (I really really don’t feel it’s ‘me’). 

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I am wearing a blusher because I think it’s romantic and mysterious but if you don’t want to and you’ve already purchased your veil then you should put your foot down!! Your dad will walk you down the aisle and give you a kiss on the cheek. That’s already super special. Lifting the veil won’t add to the specialness of the moment.

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It’s not her choice. She doesn’t get a say in this. 

The tradition of a blusher was to hide you from the groom till it was too late for him to back out and to keep you pure to God (or something like that) 

I didn’t wear a blusher. I’m not  religious and I didn’t want my face covered. 

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I’m having a blusher just because I like the look. I don’t personally put stock in the tradition of what they used to mean. It’s 2018 and we can reclaim things. OP wear the veil you want to. 

I understand mothers can be very pushy especially when it comes to weddings. However, this should 100% be what YOU and your Fiance want. And if push comes to shove, tell her you’ll wear her veil just to placate her, but where your veil on the actual day 


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Girl, you just need to say no and you do not need to give her a list of reasons why. You don’t owe her an explanation, you are entitled to wear what you want.

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