(Closed) Bride sue's videography company for $122,000, Whoa!

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    I only watched a few minutes but I thought the video was really nice. Regardless though, I think ANYONE that pays 13 grand for videography has way too much money to spend.

    Her dress is absolutely insane! And gorgeous

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    @bowsergirl:  those were the bridesmaids?? I was so confused, thinking “why are there other brides there??”

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    I’m also somewhat mesmorized that her Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses are basically mermaid wedding gowns.

    Wasn’t going to watch the video…but now I have to see it!   

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    [email protected] be crazy! 

    I sincerly doubt this was all she got for 13K. I also had a high-end wedding in a big city (Chicago) and I paid 6K for my videographer bc I got the smallest package. Videography was not a big deal for me but I still went with a good one. THis video looks like a preview clip/trailer  which a lot of this kind of videographers do. My package included a 2 minute clip in addition to the full movie.I think I went with the small clip, full video, and raw footage.  Maybe not raw footage, I dont remember…

    I could have also chosen a small + medium clip + the full video + raw footage. For 13K in NYC, I bet thats what she probably got. You get the smallest clip first while they work on the full editing. It takes forever bc they shoot it in small bits (mine did 15 second clips). Basically she freaked out and went to her daddy to throw a temper tantrum bc the mini-clip did not include everything. Wahh. 

    I have ZERO sympathy, read your contract and look at samples of his work. The clip seemed fine, her Maid/Matron of Honor seemed to use that fakey-public speaking voice people love to use which made the video seem cheap but if she really wanted it a particular way she should have put it into the contract. I was very specific with what was most imporant to me and it made it into my video. The end. 

    Now if this is ALL she gets then yeah for 13K that sucks. But she has no one to blame but herself. Read your contracts… 

    I could not be happier with my video! Did it include eveyrthing? No. That’s what the full video is for. Will that include eveyrhing? Prob not. It was a long ass day. 12 hours! No one wants to see the WHOLE thing except possibly me… maybe.. 




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    @PeachSnapple:  Right?! If you go to 8:08 you can see two of them with the bride in the upper right corner. And then a couple speak right after that, so you get a close up. And at 10:52 there are good shots of them too.

    Are they not bridal gowns?!

    ETA: Oh, and at 13:00 they are all standing to catch the bouquet. Another good shot.

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    @HourThyme:  Did you see that KingsDaughter posted a link to the full 15 minute video? It was posted to vimeo 5 months ago, so I’m assuming she knew she didn’t just get the 2 min trailer.

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    Ok watched some of it, thankfully with the sound off. The video seemed fine to me, very nicely done in fact…I prefer it to most wedding videos that is just a boring re-hash of the entire day.  This is something you can actually watch without growing insanely bored after 3 minutes.  

    I think the lawsuit is just a classic case of more-money-than-taste/common sense and spoiled spoiled girl who throws a tantrum when things don’t go her way.  Maybe they didn’t do enough full-length shots of just her, her her?? Not enough tossing of the hair shots? Or smirking in the mirror? IDK.  

    And the Bridesmaid or Best Man wedding-esque dresses with the massive huge shoulder bow cracked me up. The whole wedding looked extremely over-the-top from the guests down the family members.  


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    I did see that, but even still, i still really doubt all she got were those two clips. this kind of package often includes that as part of the finished product.  I just went to that videographer’s website and he doesnt have information up on the packages he does but I doubt any reputabble videographer would say here are your two teeny clips –and if he did, it would be in the contract, which she clearly must not have read…


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    @bowsergirl:  May I note that some of the bridesmaids do NOT look happy….  two girls have this “whyyyy am I here” look on their face… Its at 7:04 and 7:05. 

    I would think that they are bridal gowns EXCEPT for the massive bow some girls have on their dress. Its like the old adage about an “ugly bridesmaid gown MUST have bow”.   

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    @Lepidoptera:  Money cannot buy you taste apparently and in her case her taste is way off. Am I the only one who got the gypsy wedding vibe from her bridal look? I loved her reception dress so much more.

    In watching the movie I thought it was really nicely done. Is it $13K worth of nicely done, who knows? What does a $13K movie look like? Was she expecting perfect lighting, touch ups and the works? Honestly I liked my video a lot better and I paid significantly less.

    Whenever I see law suits or complaints like this and the quality of the work is there I have to lean on my first thought which is the product isn’t the problem the bride is. I can’t help but think that she isn’t satisfied with how SHE looked IN the video. I would say that at times there were some angles and shots that weren’t flattering. I disliked her make up greatly and perhaps this was the problem, it was significantly faded by the time she was doing her vows and I think her lip color made her look really washed out in several shots. Her hair ended up getting frizzy by the time the reception rolled around and again some of the shots illustrated this depending on the lighting.

    I would never pick apart a bride but in this case I think that is exactly what the bride is doing. I can think of no other reason why this video wouldn’t meet her expectations.

    I have to love this comment from the website:

    Her friend says it all in the video “Monica complained for two days straight that in her massive wardrobe she had not one outfit that would be appropriate”. She expected her first date to be a 5 star restaurant. 2 days of complaints, massive wardrobe, high expectations…I see a pattern. She is way too demanding. Perfection does not exist. The video was great. That poor guy, if she is this unsatisfied with this video- he is in for a long rocky road.

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    I’d be upset because it doesn’t show the ceremony. What else could be more important in a wedding video. I would not have a nervous breakdown about it though. My friend filmed our cememony for free, the quality is not that great, but I treasure it because it’s such a special moment. 

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    It’s called cinematography. She doesn’t have a case if this was how it was advertised.  We did a cinematography style video that was 16 minutes. Granted we didn’t pay $13k but we also had a 4 min video included and it was in the same style.  Caught everything.  Occasional sound.  Dubbed music.  

    if she wanted a full length old school video she should have done her homework. Her loss 

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    @Lepidoptera:  Ok.  $13,000 is a LOT.  But did she not view examples from the videographer???  I thought the video was actually really good.  I wouldn’t pay $13,000…no matter how good the video was.  The 13 minute video captured everything.

    Also, if she is so upset about what “wasn’t captured” in the video why not just sue for all the footage taken that day???  I would think that stuff would be kept on hand for at least some amount of time.  Why sue for $122,000??? That’s just insane. 

    How would she feel if a bride sued her salon for that much money because a dress wasn’t what she expected? 

    It’s not like she has NOTHING from that day.  Just ask for the footage and maybe even some money refunded so you can pay someone else to edit another video for you if it’s that big of a deal. 

    $122,000?  Does this girl have a soul????

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