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To keep myself motivated and reminded why it’s important, I put an unflattering picture of myself up on the fridge from before I lost weight. That way I can’t access food without seeing it. Then I put the receipt from my wedding dress on my dresser with a measuring tape and measure every few weeks. 

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Honestly, it sounds like you just need a change-up in your routine. I’m a member of a gym, but I also reward myself with new music on my IPod or new work-out DVDs to keep myself motivated. Even knowing that I have 2 or 3 new songs sometimes can be enough to motivate me to get moving.

Take weight loss off the table for right now. Even if you don’t lose another pound, you can start changing the composition of your body. And THAT can do a lot more with your dress than anything else.

There are many days I don’t feel like eating right or working out. I tell myself, “You only have to do 10 minutes of a work-out, then see how you feel.” usually, I want to keep going. It’s just the initial movement that’s hard to break. If I tell myself from the get-go that it’s a two hour work-out, I’m less inclined to go work-out at all. 


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I tried to motivate myself to lose weight when I was getting ready for my graduation a few years back.  I bought a size or two too small thing I’d fit into it in a few months.  Like you I had lost weight before and thought it would be easy and fun and help me keep the weight off.  Instead I gained 15 pounds and got to my heaviest weight ever.

I didn’t lose any of it again until last year and right now I am gearing up to re-lose 5 pounds I gained over the holidays.  I think you just you to get yourself in the right mindset.  Look back at what worked for you last time and try some of those things before.  No one can convince you to do it except yourself.

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I’m currently dieting. I don’t have a huge amount to lose (about 22 pounds total), but, having lost 15 pounds so far, and being just 7 pounds off my target, feels amazing. It’s hard work, but it will be worth it in the end; I’ve already had comments about how slim I look, and it really spurs me on to stay motivated. I even managed to lose 2 pounds over Christmas, which I’d never dreamt I could do.

Just keep the end result in mind. Also, I gave up with diet clubs a while ago, as I found I lost motivations due to having to plan (I work shifts, which can make planning meals difficult). I’m now using an app called Fitness Pal, and basically, you set a calorie allowance (I’ve set mine at 1500 per day, which is about right for a woman dieting), and then you can scan bar codes or add products by searching. Literally everything is there, and I find it great for keeping tabs on exactly what I’m eating.

I allow myself one ‘splurge’ day a week, where I allow myself about 2300 calories (saving the extra 800 on other days eg for 3 days a week I just have 1200 per day); enough to have a meal out, or a few glasses of wine. It gives me something to look forward to, and keeps me motivated.

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Just to add: I find calorie counting works because there are no ‘forbidden’ foods; I can have a little of what I fancy, just not too much. I’ve also found it’s educated me on what I’m eating; now, instead of reaching for a packet of sweets at 200 calories, I grab a piece of fruit at 30-40 calories. Similarly, instead of having a take-out pizza, I go for something like a chicken shish kebab with salad: still really tasty, and feels a bit ‘naughty’, but it’s around 1/4 of the calories of a pizza takeout meal.

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I lost 35 lbs 2 years ago, and another 12lbs since November! I HATE excersize, so I just monitor my calories! I literally cram myself full of veggies for dinner (with like 1/2cup of pasta at the bottom as a treat), and I mix my breakfast cereal 50/50 with bran so I get a TON of fiber.

I think the most important thing is not to deprive yourself! Last week I was like “MUST EAT PASTA” so I had twice as much pasta as usual that night and leftover pasta for lunch the next day! And that next night, I happily went right back to my veggies.

I think it is important to mention that while I don’t go to the gym, I work 50 hours/week in childcare, which is an extremely active field.

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I was on Nutrisystem for my wedding and lost over 25 pounds. I look and felt amazing. I found putting my food on smaller plates helped trick my brain into thinking I was eating more than I actually was. I saved the trays from Nutrisystem (which is what you could do from your Weight Watchers meals) and put my food in those.

Make sure you eat a healthy snack often throughout the day. Do NOT deprive yourself! Maybe celery with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter OR make yourself a protein shake or smoothing in the morning to help keep yourself from snacking. I do 1 cup of spinich, 1 cup of vanilla yogurt, and 1 cup of fruit (I if you don’t want your smoothie sewage water green lol then use 1 cup of strawberries).

Just some ideas to help. I just had to remember that it was my wedding day, and how much I loved my dress. A beautiful dress like mine deserved a fabulous body to match!

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