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  • Wedding: August 2016

There have been a lot of great ideas on here…I just wanted to chime in with an idea for the coffee mug if that’s the way you’re still leaning :). I only had a maid of honor officially, but I invited a couple of my closest friends to come hang out and get ready with me the morning of. I had these made on Etsy for maybe $5 each (you can also choose the font to personalize it for each girl). Then the morning of as a treat I had their favorite drinks waiting for them..I thought it was a really nice treat, and I would think it’s something you could dress up with a note or a framed photo of the two of you, or even a little Starbucks gift card if you wanted to.

I also had one made that said Groom, and had a treat sent over as a surprise. You can bring the cups in and Starbucks will fill them, and I know that at least two of the girls still use it over a year later (as does my husband). 


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Busy bee

Ooh I have ideas!!! 

I was just a bridesmaid, and these are the gifts I got:

-“diamond” stud earrings (not real obviously, that would be outrageous),

-a sweatshirt with a cute, sweet graphic/quote on it (it’s from the bride’s favorite tv show, which many of the other girls watch as well),

-a robe for getting ready,

-a hangover kit (lolol),

-makeup remover,

-a pashmina, and

-a tote bag.


I have used honestly all of these things except the scarf. In fact, the tote bag (we’re talking an old navy tote bag) is something I now use every day. Since I love bathrobes, I use the bathrobe constantly (it’s a light, cheap, summer robe and I live in Texas so it’s still hot as balls in the fall). I also often forget to take the earrings out and I wear them almost every day. I wear a lot of more eclectic jewelry (mostly like vintage turquoise and clunky hippie jewelry) so the diamond studs are actually a GREAT gift because when I need to look more professional and normal (not often, I’m a musician) I finally have something to wear. 


You totally don’t have to get them all of these things. And I also totally understand being on a tight budget, so please don’t feel discouraged at the people scolding you. Bridesmaids gifts are more of a marketing ploy than they are some kind of tradition. It’s definitely nice to feel appreciated after spending a shit ton of money and time on someone else’s wedding, but I am of the opinion that they’re not supposed to be something extravagant. When people spend like $100+ on bridesmaid gifts, I’m like, shit just give me that money or pay for something else. It seems pointless. But I digress…

What about, a tote bag with a screen print of something each girl likes, maybe a dragon for one, or a steam punk corset graphic (or gears or a hat or…) for another? Even if you don’t like purses and bags, EVERYONE will use a tote at some point– from going to the beach, to lugging books, to carrying groceries. I also like your mug idea, as I have quite the collection of coffee mugs, but I think it should be personalized to each gal. 

For our groomsmen, we are buying their ties but I am personally picking them out from vintage shops, and they’ll all be mismatched. Some of them will likely be crazy inexpensive, but super unique, cute, and thoughtful. I couldn’t figure out why people pay like $50 per tie for literally the most boring tie I’ve ever seen, so that’s how I got that idea. Maybe you can find a similar idea for some girls? All of my favorite flannels are from vintage stores! Buy the girls each a soft, comfy flannel, wash it up, sew on different, decorative vintage buttons, and write them each a thank you note! Boom. 

Hopefully any of this helps….I could literally think of this stuff all night. I love gifts and I love NOT spending money haha. 


P.S. Someone is inevitably going to balk at my vintage shop idea. Not everyone loves antiques and pretty old things like I do, so if you have any bridesmaids that would think that was “gross” or “tacky”, steer clear. 

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Busy bee

To piggy back on the tea infuser idea (which I LOVE)… one year for christmas, I got my mom a wooden box from World Market that had “TEA” engraved on it, and filled it with tea bags– not fancy, from the grocery store. So you could do that too! I’m certain the box was around $15 or less. Maybe you can google it and find one that says “coffee” or “NAME” or “cool shit” i dunno. 


Also…what about a bottle of wine or liquor? If someone gave me a bottle of champagne, straight up, I would be stoked. Or cabernet, mmmmmm! If they’re flying in, I suggest not doing that, or getting a bunch of mini ones, so they don’t have to chug it and waste the gift. 

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If I were a bridesmaid, I wouldn’t be expecting much in the way of material gifts (that’s not to say I won’t get mine something). But if you’re on a budget, maybe you make the getting ready day extra special. Have breakfast and snacks set up, maybe make a special music playlist, have some champagne, decorate the room. Make the whole morning a special experience for all of you to share in. They may not have much to take home, but at least they feel extra appreciated that morning. 

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Bumble bee

I don’t think gifts are ever necessary. If you think the make up is enough then go with that. A forced gift is not nice. That being said I think giving them a gift is a nice thing to do and I would do the same. It doesnt have to cost much. If they love Starbucks cofee then that’s a good gift. If I was to give cofee then I would maybe personalize the mug or go to specialist shop to get my own blend or something. I have a severe dislike towards cofee so I have no idea how this works 😁

I was Maid/Matron of Honor at my best friends wedding and she game me this design jewelry. Wasn’t expensive but it was very nice and thoughtful. I wear it all the time. Also I got a card that was thanking me for friendship and mentioning all our inside jokes. That is very presious.

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I haven’t been in a wedding party yet, but I wouldn’t expect anything. I would be thankful for any gift I was given and would be thrilled that I was selected to stand with a friend/relative on such an important occasion.

My BMs were my sister and my SIL. I gave them and our flower girl (my niece) matching bracelets, and I wore one too. They really appreciated it and weren’t offended that I hadn’t given them something more expensive. I know my family, and I know they didn’t expect lavish gifts. If you feel like your BMs are similar, I think something small like a coffee mug or matching jewelry would be fine.

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I think it would be rude for your BMs to expect anything beyond the makeup – people are saying its not a gift but my girls sure were suprised that I picked that cost up for them. I paid for makeup for my girls and they were absolutely stunned when I gave them their gift bags on top of the costs I covered.

If money is a problem, skip the gift altogether unless you can find something more personal. Write them each a really nice heartfelt note, in handwriting, on really good paper, something they can cherish and keep. Thank them for being with you to support you on your special day and if it applies, include a favourite memory of the two of you or what you’re looking forward to experiencing with them on the day.

My girls all appreciated their tote bags, they were about $20 a piece and I had them personalized with their initial in their favourite color. We all used them on the day and all of us use them daily (one girl as purse, one as a diaper bag, another as a travel bag). It was nice to keep all my bits and pieces in one place so they didn’t get scattered about.

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U don’t have to spend tons but they can still be gifts than here is $15 😆 I’m throwing in some ideas for you here:   U an mix and match any of these to fit ur budget. Also they have tons of stuffs , check it out.

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If $15 is your budget, there are definitely affordable and thoughtful items you can give. The bees have posted many ideas. A thoughtful letter tied to a bottle of wine would be cool with me 🙂

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Helper bee

I second the wine and tote bag idea. You could make little mini hampers, still use the coffee idea but add in chocolates and a bottle of wine each. See if you can get personalised totes – if they’re too expneisve, get plain ones and do them up – or use iron-on transfers to print something on them (easy – all you need is a computer printer and an iron).

What sort of coffee mugs were you thinking? Maybe get those takeaway style ones like that picture a PP shared with their name on it? 

And definitely a card to say thank you!


I have been a bridesmaid before for a bride that had a very low budget wedding, we got necklaces (from those cheap jewellery stores) but it was a simple classy chain and “diamond” so it is something we can wear a lot of. We also got little shotglasses from the dollar store that had ‘Bridesmaid’ on it – I actually forgot that and never got it back but that isn’t exactly as useful so try avoid something you won’t use again. By the way, we paid half the costs for makeup and hair. 


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I actually dont think that mugs and coffee is a bad idea. Your friends know how much sacrificing and spending on a wedding can be. I would be GRATEFUL for someone to spend $100 on makeup. That’s huge!!! As for someone who said they deserve more for standing up for you in your wedding….theyre your fucking friends….thats the bare fucking minimum they should be doing LOLLLLLLLLL. Now if they help me bury a body then we can consider a better thank you gift lolllllll

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Our Female Bridal party are getting: 

-Personalized Tote bag (Etsy, $9 each)

-Monogrammed Travel makeup bag (Groupon $10 each)

-Monnogrammed Fishing Shirts (To get Ready In if they want… Flower Girl is getting a flowery robe instead)

-Personalized Water Bottles (Etsy, $9 Each)

-Necklace (Each is different, picked out for that specific girl)


Groomsmen are getting a more simple gift: (FI decided to pick his own out)

-Cooler Bag (With their Fav Cocktail)

-Personalized Stainless Tumblers

-Pocket Knife


 I hope this gives you some Ideas, Bee! 

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I think that the coffee and mug would be nice idea if they are into coffee. Do any of them like to read? Maybe a little gift bag with a book, tea and a mug for those who like to read. If they like perfume maybe bath and body works. You could do a book, candle and mug. There are so many inexpensive things that you can get. I also liked the idea of the picture frame that someone suggested. 

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I find it weird that any bridesmaid would think that a coffee mug and coffee was not “enough.” Frankly, I wouldn’t expect a thing, especially after the bride paid for make-up, which would absolutely be a gift for the bridesmaid.

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