(Closed) Bridesmaid Horror Stories?

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I don’t have any but Id be curious to hear someone else’s.


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  • Wedding: October 2012

My younger sister (1 year younger) is a bridesmaid. . and she just announced that she’s pregnant! The wedding is planned for 6 weeks after her baby is due. The main issue is that she wants nothing to do with planning, dress shopping, etc. I guess it’s me being selfish – but I’m super irritated! PS – She is not the most stable person as it is – super immature and emotional, lives at home with our parents still WITH her boyfriend/baby daddy (lol). . 

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This isn’t MY bridesmaid horror story but it is a horror story about a bridesmaid in a wedding I was in a few years ago.

My cousin had her best friend of ten years in her wedding and everything went smooth up until the morning of the wedding when the bridesmaid called my cousin to tell her that she didn’t get her dress and was at David’s Bridal picking one out. THREE hours before the wedding! Of course she couldn’t get the same clover green chiffon dress that all of us other bridesmaids had. She did get a short, satin, clover green dress (at least it was the same color right?!)

And to top it off, her hair was up in a pony tail and looked like she just hopped out of bed and never showered.


As if this wasn’t enough, she actually got kicked out of the reception for making fun of the age difference between the bride and groom (granted I was not particularly fond of the huge age gap myself, but you don’t make fun of that to the new stepdaughter of the bride and the Groom himself!)


I am sure there are worse things that could have happened. But this would be a horror to me if anything like this happened at my wedding. 

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  • Wedding: May 2013

Oh, thank God…a chance for me to get this off of my chest…

I’m ashamed to say that I was an AWFUL bridesmaids the first time I ever stood up in a wedding. First off, I didn’t actually pay attention to the day of the wedding – so it wasn’t until  a week beforehand that I realized the (out of town) wedding was on a Friday and the rehearsal dinner was Thursday night. So, because I didn’t take that Thursday off of work I missed the bachelorette party, rehearsal and half of the rehearsal dinner (and yes, this caused me to stand out of place and hold my flowers incorrectly at the ceremony), THEN my boyfriend was offered overtime only days before their wedding and took it – basically meaning he couldn’t come with me even though I had RSVP’d for two. On top of it all, I had just started a new job and had zero money so I wasn’t able to get the bride & groom a wedding gift, and I even forgot the card I had meant to give, so they got zilch from me (in my defense on that one I did give her a nice shower gift and clearly had spent money on my dress, shoes, and hotel room – but still, to not even give a card? Yikes).

So anyway, there’s my long story of an awful bridesmaid…me! Luckily I did learn a lesson from it and I have since been a successful Bridesmaid or Best Man in 2 weddings. I will also know to be very understanding if my younger girls (I will have 3 ‘maids under 21) trip up a bit during their first Bridesmaid or Best Man experience.

I suppose though that at least I didn’t show up to anything piss wasted. 😉

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  • Wedding: August 2011

My Maid/Matron of Honor and Matron of Honor got into a huge fight after my bachelorette party b/c the Maid/Matron of Honor was acting like a witch and ruining everyone else’s good time, including mine. She bullied us around on where to go that night and when to leave, INSISTED on driving instead of getting someone else to do it which was the plan originally so that she could have fun too, and bitched about having to kick her girlfriend out of the house so we could crash there that night after partying. She didn’t invite ANYONE- just the bridal party, and alot of my other girlfriends were hurt by that. 

I mentioned she let us crash at her house, which don’t get me wrong, was really nice of her, but she didn’t wake up until 11am the next day and by then we all had to leave- I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me for marriage class, the Matron had to pick up her little girls from the sitters and the other 2 maids had dress fitting appts. She sent me a nastygram about leaving her house and the bachelorette party, and didn’t even give me a chance to call her that evening to thank her, which when I tried to, she didn’t answer.

Weeks went by and she didn’t respond to me, or the matron when we tried to contact her. Finally she dropped out of the wedding 21 days before over Facebook.

Think long and hard about who you want in your wedding party. 


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I was a co-maid of honor with a nightmare for a partner.  The other matron of honor was a new friend of the bride…  I think she became matron in part because she was living near the bride while the bride was dating the groom, and thus the bride talked with her frequently about the wedding.  As I mentioned that I was the maid of honor, I might also mention that I was a lifelong friend of the bride…we had been friends from nursery school and ended up rooming together in college.  The other bridesmaids were all very close friends of the bride…with years of friendship under their belts so to speak, and while we weren’t all best friends, we knew each other fairly well.  The bride had dated the groom for about 2 months before she got engaged and went from being best friends with her mom to actually buying her wedding gown without her…basically because the new BFF  ie the other Maid/Matron of Honor had taken her to a David’s Bridal, and she having done no research believed that the super fabulous sale was one day only…NOT they’ll have it again next weekend or in two weeks or whenever… so it wasn’t a good start for wedding planning.  Next the other Maid/Matron of Honor tried on bridesmaid gowns and picked a dozy of a dress for the rest of us, but she didn’t want to wear it and ordered another gown.  Which was only made worse when all the other bridesmaids discovered that their gowns needed alterations that made a cheap gown go from cheap to couture in price but definitely not in quality.  In the days before the wedding after finding that the cheaply made gowns didn’t fit, we found ours scrambling for ways to make it work without breaking the bank.  At one point, I found myself telling the bride that I may need to have an alternate top made because the top of my two piece set was so ill fitting that it might not ever work correctly…  but felt funny because my alternate would have to be a different fabric because there was too little time to get a replacement ordered.  I didn’t realize that the other Maid/Matron of Honor had ordered a completely different gown, which would have made my choices so much easier… My Maid/Matron of Honor partner made the invitations for the bridal shower that I hosted at my home which would have been helpful had she not directed the RSVPs to a wrong phone number.  When it was finally time for the wedding, things got even crazier…just after learning that the other Maid/Matron of Honor had immediately ordered a different style dress, a second bridesmaid was discovered to have a different gown for the wedding…  (this one was at least logical…it was a more modest style for a woman whose church dictates longer sleeves.)  But that was just more frustrating to those of us stuck in a doudy dress that we never would have picked.  (The modest top was a significant improvement on our version.)  This made for an unhappy set of bridesmaids,(especially those of us who had spent couture prices for cheap and awful) and a distinct feeling that the other MOH was not a team player.  Things got worse, because other Maid/Matron of Honor didn’t realize that sharing the job did mean sharing the job…and that was annoying.  She also seemed to hog the bride’s time to the point that all the other bridesmaids including myself found ourselves out of the information loop.  By the end of the wedding, the rest of the bridesmaids and myself found ourselves so annoyed by this woman, and also by the bride herself, because she hadn’t looked out for her long time friends and family members.  Moral of the story, be aware of what’s happening!

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  • Wedding: August 2012

About 6 years ago I was co-maid of honour in my sisters wedding, and I was supportive and attended everything and helped out. Since then my relationship with my sister has been touch and go (we’re both stubborn red heads with different ideas on life).  

When i got engaged I had a close friend whom I wanted as a maid of honour but I knew that my sister would not be happy.  I left the decision for several months. 

We had an engagement party, with the decision of the bridesmaids up in the air still) to have the parents officially meet and my sister texted the entire time and then left early saying she had another party to go to (ours was planned a month in advance and she is 31 years old!).  

I finally decided to have three bridesmaids and no maid of honor, so I wrot and mailed them all a personal cute letter asking them if they would be a bridesmaid.  One happy phone call from one friend, another happy phone call from another and two weeks later my sister finally called…..

I have never cried so much in my life.  She said yes to being a bridesmaid, but was FURIOUS that she wasnt the maid of honor (she assumed I had one) so she opened the gates of hell and told me how she hated what I had and hated that I was happy (she was going through a divorce to her defense) and she even admitted to leaving my engagement party early because she couldn’t stand us being happy.  I finally got a word in edgewise and told her I had no maid of honor and only bridesmaids and she suddenly shut up.  I felt horrible and embarrassed and completly let down.  Even since then its been touch and go with her, supportive one day and bitter the next.  I  understand why, but at the same time it’s hurtful.  I was there for her on her big day and she isn’t ready to be there for me.  And how do you demand to be the maid of honor in one sentence and then admit you can’t stand how happy I am in the next?


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  • Wedding: December 2011

One of mine blew off my bridal shower that she was supposed to help co-host to go to a football game with her boyfriend. She called me the night before and said she was having family drama and couldn’t make it. Pictures were on facebook for a short time which is how I found out. She still doesn’t know that I know that she lied. Yeah…haven’t seen her much since the wedding.

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  • Wedding: November 2011

My bridesmaid got into a huge fight with her boyfriend right after we arrived at the reception venue. He was really drunk and she was not having it. She stayed for dinner and then after that she got so mad at him she went outside and walked on the busy route outside. I’m talking about a busy street with no sidewalks – 5 way intersections. She ended up walking to the hotel which was about a mile away. In her bridesmaid dress. in heels. no sidewalks.

They broke up after that but got back together just recently.

Thankfully, I didn’t even notice that she was gone. I was so busy and having a good time. I’m not mad either. She was there for the things that I needed her to be there. If she missed pictures after the ceremony I would have been pissed.

A lot of my friends don’t get why I’m not mad. But oh well!

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  • Wedding: September 2013

I’ve told this story on the Bee before, but at my friend’s weddinge, her Bridesmaid or Best Man was in LOVE with the groom. During the first dance she cut in, and luckily there was someone to dance with the bride. She later got piss drunk and cried the whole reception and during the speeches so loudly that the best man had to cut his speech short.

Later that night, she egged their limo and drew mustaches and horns all over their guest book pictures.

And for some reason, the groom still talks to her. It’s insane.

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  • Wedding: July 2011

Me me me!!!!

Short version:

My maid of honour bailed on being in our wedding party and bailed on my life an hour before the rehearsal (Thursday before the Saturday wedding)

The day of was so amazing and she is now forgotten and as far as I’m concerned made a decision that was going to happen eventually, it’s just too bad weddings can bring out the worst in people.

Long version 🙂

Two weeks before she bailed on us using her Dad’s large beautiful mansion house (it was empty and for sale for months, that is why she offered it months before) for my bachelorette and staying at the night before the wedding/getting ready the day of. She just said she couldn’t do any of that and bailed, no replacement, no offer to do something different, so my BM’s planned something, fine. She is from the other side of the country and was coming in for her Dad’s (2nd) wedding the weekend before our wedding and wanted to know if I needed her for anything so she could plan to go visit other friends and family. Which of course, is fine….rather than saying if I could have her for a day, I didn’t want to keep her from family especially her short time here, so I said I didn’t need her. This was a week prior to the wedding? Anyways, she took it as me not wanting her to be involved, and honestly after bailing on the bachelorette thing I really did question how much she wanted to be there. We’ve been friends for a long time and I picked her because of that, but our connectivity has really lacked in recent years and true colours came out with this wedding stuff. So anwyays. Wednesday pre-wedding comes and she offers to pick me and a Bridesmaid or Best Man up to go to dinner/”bachelorette” thing for me and texts at 5:11 she would be at my house to pick us up in 30 minutes. At 6:15 she still wasn’t there and with resvervations for 6:30 we got my Future Brother-In-Law to drive us. She showed up late and pissed I left without her, wtf was I supposed to do, I had Mom’s, FSIL’s, grandmother’s at this, I can’t be late. End of night she says “call me later” and leaves. She’s usually a social butterfly and did nothing to talk with anyone. It was just so weird, so not her. She calls the next day and asks why I didn’t call her, I said sorry but because we had a house full of family it wasn’t exactly appropriate. She then asks if I can bring her Bridesmaid or Best Man dress to the rehearsal, I was like…..why? You can get it when you come after the rehearsal (dinner/party was at our house) She said “well I would have to know there was something happening after the rehearsal to know I was coming over” I at that point hit a breaking point and was like “MOH, on Monday you asked me what you could bring to tonight (originally we were going to do potluck, decided last minute to have it catered) and now you’re acting like you didn’t know anything was going on, stop, please!!!!) Phone call dwindled and I said I would see her at the venue for rehearsal. Few hours goes by, our house is full of people, rehearsal is at 6pm….it’s now about 5pm. I receive a 3 part text message and says someone else should be Maid/Matron of Honor and good luck at the wedding and all the best in the future.


I decided not to deal with it rehearsal night with all the fam and so I said let’s have fun and deal with it tomorrow. I call her first thing, leave a 2+ min voicemail saying there’s been some miscommunications obviously, I want you at the wedding, let’s figure this out, blah blah…..no word from her that day or since then. I was deleted from fb, bbm, everywhere possible by 9am the next day. Cut my losses, move on and enjoy this so so so special day.

So yah…. that was my horror story….that honestly worked out for the best. I didn’t miss her, my BM’s did a surprise speech and the day way perfect -everything happens for a reason.

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  • Wedding: December 2011

I had one bridesmaid who was just rude about every single decision I made for the wedding, including my choice of husband. She never had a kind word for him. She criticized me for providing dinner for my guests (even though my reception was from 4:30-8:30, which is dinner time for most people) because I wasn’t thinking about the starving children in Africa, and that she was more considerate because she was only doing brownies and punch. She repeatedly said that my wedding was wasteful (we came in under budget for almost everything) and her wedding wasn’t. She complained on Facebook with sarcastic comments about the bridesmaids’ dresses being too expensive (even though I paid for half and let each girl pick her own dress), then went out and picked bridesmaids’ dresses for her wedding that were more expensive and that we had zero say in and were terribly unflattering and hot (wedding in the middle of the summer in Florida). And now, every picture I have of her from the wedding shoes her looking miserable. At the reception, she sat in a corner sulking because I asked her to sit at the head table with the rest of the bridal party and she didn’t want to too. She didn’t dance at all, or talk to anybody. And everyone I’ve taked to about the wedding has asked me who the miserable-looking bridesmaid was.

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I just came back to visit this thread, and thought of a second story… and it’s actually about the bride from my first story…  She was a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding, and was miserable for almost the entire wedding.  The first problem was that she hated her dress, which I can’t blame her for disliking it because it did not fit properly.  It was a DB dress, and really think that in this case, part of the problem of the fit was either that they didn’t purchase the correct size in the gown or DB shortchanged the plus sized gowns.  (The skinnier girls’ gowns fit fairly well, but my friend’s dress was not made to fit a busty figure.)  When I look at photos of the day, the fit of the dress is fairly obvious in comparing dresses, and her dress looks like it needed a couple extra inches of fabric to make the dress match the other dresses in the bust line.  Those of you who wear a D cup or larger know that your bras are deeper than the A cup… and by being deeper they need more fabric to cover the exact same space on your figure.  In her case, the bridal shop (DB) should have either ordered a larger gown to be more figure flattering or altered the dress to have a crumb catcher top so that she didn’t feel or look so exposed.  I know my friend was uncomfortable, and I think that she believed that the dress was just not her style, but in looking at the photos of the dress with others in the same style, you can tell that the dress isn’t made properly to fit her figure.  (If she had had an A cup size maybe it would work, but not all the other girls were A cups, and theirs were fine…  so I believe that this issue was a design flaw that wasn’t completely noticable looking at one gown, but looking at the group of gowns together the issue could have been fixed by a good seamstress.  Anyway, my friend was miserable in the outfit, but resolved the problem with having a wrap made to cover up with after the ceremony.  (Since I was in her wedding in an equally annoying gown… the irony of this is not lost on me. ) But rather than just live with it, and smile, she was miserable, and her husband made it worse.  He acted like a turd most of the wedding, dressed as if he was going to the grocery store rather than a formal occasion, and when he learned that she was to sit with the bridesmaids pouted like a two and a half year old baby.  Mr. Stormcloud also thought that he was professional photog and spent the time grumply snapping photos at every occasion and since the reception hall was filled with mirrors, I realized that every professional photo would have his grumpy face in the photo.  (After realizing it, I took photos too, but from views without him in my viewfinder.)  I knew that the professional photographer wouldn’t know that this large grump was going to ruin some lovely photos.)  Anyway, Mr. Stormcloud was so angry and rude that he had a fight with his wife the bridesmaid SIL during the reception, and stomped out of the wedding.  The sad part being that this was a family reunion wedding for the groom’s family and the first big occasion that their family had been together since the FOG had died in a car accident the summer before, and there were cousins coming from across the country to be with them.  Bridesmaid or Best Man SIL was the groom’s only sibling, and her husband’s nonsense caused her to be in tears and distress for much of the reception.  And for the groom’s guest list, it caused us to be stressed as well.  I’m sure that the bride would call this a horror story, and I can’t blame her!  The sad part of this for me is that the bridesmaid involved is a dear friend whom I love, but I don’t enjoy the company of her Stormcloud husband.  The bride and groom involved are also dear friends and we find ourselves bonding together against Mr. Stormcloud. 

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