Bridesmaids gifts?

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julies1949 :  Yeah, agree. And if you know it’s something your Bridesmaid or Best Man will wear again. Like if all I wear is really big, flashy jewelry, and someone gives me dainty little earrings or whatever, I probably will never wear them again except the day of the wedding. It becomes more of a prop than a gift when you’re choosing something that isn’t their taste or style or that you know they won’t wear again.

I mean, I guess it all depends. I personally hate all the personalized crap and I really don’t like people buying jewelry for me because I have a very particular style. When you buy the exact same thing for all your bridesmaids, I doubt it’s all their taste unless you just have a few.

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My bridesmaids are getting Kate Spade clutches with mini bottles of their favorite booze inside, along with a spa gift card for the day before–mani, pedi, massage and facial.

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The “shop like it’s their birthday” advice always makes me crazy. For my friends’ birthdays, I usually give them alcohol or makeup… I’d like to do something a bit nicer (and not perishable) for a bridesmaid gift!

I also can’t get on board with buying different gifts for everyone. I have three sisters, and I learned a long time ago that if I buy them different Christmas gifts, there will be unavoidable jealousy when someone likes someone else’s gift better. So every year, I pick out something I think everyone will like, and I buy three (sometimes four if I want one too).

I’m looking at doing really cute pullover tops from Lilly Pulitzer for everyone, and also a nice photo frame. 

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My friends and I don’t buy each other gifts, so I’ve never known what to do with the buy them gifts as if it’s her birthday advice. I usually like…call and say happy birthday? My friends constantly move–they definitely don’t want stuff. 

So I’m buying them nice chocolate from a local chocolatier (they all like chocolate), and might just get them gift certificates to like Starbucks. I would theoretically like to get them a gift certificate to a restaurant local to them that they like, but they’re constantly moving. My wedding is in 6 months and half my bridesmaids have no idea where in the world they will be living by then. But Starbucks is pretty regiftable. 

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I’m with a lot of PP’s about the “buy like it’s their birthday” thing. My friends and I don’t exchange gifts for Christmas or birthdays, so it’s much harder to think of things that they’d like and use. I plan on giving them robes for pictures (but no names or anything on them), something the same for all of them like a cute Swell water bottle or something, and then one small thing that’s more personal for each girl (airplane necklace for my sister who loves to travel, HP bath bombs for my friend who loves HP and baths, etc). 

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I got them stuff they could use in the wedding, and then added smaller, personalized gifts as well.

When I asked them to be in the wedding, I gifted them beaded cluthes from BHLDN (my bridesmaid and 2 matrons of honor got the floral ones, and my Maid/Matron of Honor got the sparkly chevron one):




They also got rose gold bridesmaid bracelets from Kate Spade (one of my sisters has worn hers several times just in her day to day life) and champagne gummy bears:



I gave them the other gifts the day before the wedding, I had custom made rose gold zodiac necklaces:



I put them in large, lacquered trinket boxes I’d scored at paper source on clearance.


I also gave them as follows (about ~$30 per):

1) Super fuzzy comfy and warm slippers from Free People for my Maid/Matron of Honor

2) Antique French grainsack that happened to have my sister’s initials on them (she is obsessed with grainsacks)

3) Antique plates for my other sister that match cups and saucers she and I both have (and had bought when traveling in France together)

4) Fig scented candle from Anthropologie in a really gorgeous vessel for my bridesmaid.


Junior bridesmaids got rose gold and druzy earrings and necklaces, along with nail polish and some other fun things I can’t remember right now.

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I’ve been grappling with this.  I want to do robes or PJs as a photo prop but I wouldn’t make it their “gift.”  I think I will get them a personalized make-up bag with their initial on it and put a Sephora gift card in there.  I prefer to give/receive practical gifts, even if they aren’t sentimental.  Also, we are doing two ceremonies (two cultures) and I am paying for one of the dresses.

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Agree with other posters; robes and jewlery for the wedding definitely do NOT count as gifts! Lol how would you like to pour a ton of time and money into somebody else’s party, just to get photo props as a “gift”? It just sounds too narcisstic to me; you’re supposed to be thanking your BMs for their time, effort, and money spent; not dressing them up as photo props for your own enjoyment.

I prefer the idea of personalized Bridesmaid or Best Man gifts based on what they actually like; yes I’m sure there are girls who would truly would like the photo props, but personally I would rather the bride just save her money rather than give me a robe or hanger or jewlery or whatever that I would never wear again.

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A gift is a gift, in my opinion.

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