(Closed) Bridezilla moment….What made you have yours!

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  • Wedding: September 2012

I had a few meltdowns the first week, mostly just getting myself worked up over how many people are invited and the fact that I want a Destination Wedding but Fiance wants a big wedding.

My only bridezilla moment was about two weeks ago when I got a call from my Maid/Matron of Honor telling me  that FI’s aunt (who I can’t stand) wants to throw me my local (ie: MY family and friends) bridal shower. I seriously flipped my lid, I was screaming and cussing and having a total meltdown. I couldn’t help it. She’s the type of person where everything comes with conditions or gets thrown back in your face later. Forever I’ll hear about how she “threw me a bridal shower and it cost xxx and blah blah blah”. It caught Maid/Matron of Honor off guard and she agreed. 

So as of now his aunt who I absolutely can’t stand is throwing me a bridal shower and I’m so upset about it. I would rather not have one.

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I havent quite snapped on someone but the wedding is well over a yr away so I have time, lol!!! Lets see, I dont know where to begin with all these people putting their little 2 cents in on MY wedding! Maid/Matron of Honor has been completely picky about anything and everything! She doesnt want to wear this, she wants to be the only one to wear strapless (and shes not the only MOH), she wanted me to change the color of the dresses to peach (NO!), then she had a say-so about the shoes and just decided the other decisions didnt matter as much to her as the shoes did! Then theres my mother.  Didnt like the colors we first picked out (I dont know how she feels about these new colors but Im NOT changing them again!) Then she THINKS she has these great ideas about buying up these white fake bouquets that cost 12.99 ea. I was planning on DIY my wedding flowers and I can get 200 stems for $100. I have 6 BMs so add those fake flowers and thats almost $80 for 6 FAKE bouquets and that doesnt include mine or the corsages for the mothers or bouts for the men. I swear she doesnt think things thru all the time. She believes just because their fake flowers they are going to be cheaper. THEN the color is completely wrong. My bouquets are supposed to be peach, not white! Then theres my Future Mother-In-Law. For those who have ben following my posts, you know my issue with her. Im just not trying to get into that today. I just completely ignore her. And finally, my dear aunt, mother of my picky Maid/Matron of Honor, asking me to make an exception for my cousin (who I barely know and just met a little less than a yr ago) to bring her child to the wedding. Right now, the baby isnt even born yet but next yr he will be 1. Well, for one, we are ONLY allowing our nieces and nephews to attend the wedding and thats already 20 kids including my 3!!! My nieces and nephews are all much older so they know how to behave during a ceremony. As for a 1 yr old, I’d rather not hear his mouth over my written vows. Some people just dont get it!!!!!!!!!!

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I had a little meltdown over my dress, but it was directed solely at David’s Bridal (and I’m about to go round 2 with them.  Ugh).

I had a couple moments with my mom, too.  She doesn’t want my dad (who I grew up living with) at the wedding at all because she can’t let go of 25 year old wounds.  So she got into it with me when I told her my father, not my stepfather, will be walking me down the aisle, and when I told her I’m not making people sit through 30 minutes of special dances just so I can get one in with my stepdad (who I’m close with, but not *that* close).  She also got into it with me when I told her the wedding would be Catholic, for FI’s family, because she and my stepdad both are lapsed Catholics who are pretty hostile towards the church these days.  Oh, and when I told her she wasn’t allowed to invite my stepdad’s 50 closest college buddies I’ve never met (most of them weren’t even at my mom and stepdad’s wedding, why do I need to pay for them to be at mine? And no, mom was not offering to pay for them). 

I’ve had moments with FI’s mom, but he’s mostly stepped in to handle them.  Mostly about the guest list- she tends to call everyone a cousin, even if it’s actually like her mom’s cousin’s kid’s stepsister, so she tried to sneak this 200 person guest list by us by calling them all cousins. I didn’t want to not invite legitimate cousins (as in, our parents’ siblings’ children) because I’m close with most of my cousins, but Fiance caught her doing it and I nearly lost it when I found out what kind of ish she was pulling, because I’d been cutting friends to accommodate her inflated list.  I also put my foot down pretty hard about the B-list she wanted. 

I’m not sure if these are actual bridezilla moments, though (I think the moments with DB maybe have been, there were some tears involved).  I’d feel legitimate saying the other run-ins have been because of other people’s unreasonable expectations.  So I don’t feel too bad.

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@Ashley_B:  I understand your frustration. I ended up in tears aso many times over people. I eventualy stopped talking to family about the wedding. LIke when they called I wouldn’t answer. Or I would go “mmmhmmm” or “We’ve already decided” or “Thats not what I want and the decision is made and not up for disccussion” and magically my “dentist” would call and I would end the convo.

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I only went full tilt bridezilla once, and it was the week of our wedding. We went to Mens Warehouse to pick up FI’s tuxedo which he had purchased and it turned out that it had never been ordered. When they called to tell us that his order was ready, they meant the shoes and cufflinks that he was renting, which were in a bag on a hanger. I was so bad, my vision blurred. I actually yelled at the manager and reminded him that we were getting married in FOUR days and if he didn’t have it ready by the next day, I was going to call corporate. They took care of it and Fiance bought me a giant drink…it helped.

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mine so far has been small, but I did have a small bridezilla moment when my Fiance told me that his cousin put forward her daughter as a flower girl, and her son as a ringbearer, up until then I had never planned on having a flower girl or ringbearer, and my Fiance and I don’t see his cousin that much, even less so her children. Apparently it’s cos years ago when my FI’s parents got married she was really angry for not being chosen as a flower girl/bridesmaid, so now wants her children to be flower girl and ringbearer. Let’s just say I was NOT happy, my Fiance got the brunt of my bridezilla moment though.

If I wanted flower girls, I would probably choose one of my cousins’ daughters, cousins who I am close to, as my flower girl. But I still am not keen on the idea, just another dress to buy.

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lol my moment is coming up i can feel it. similar situation to you, everything i select someone either complains or asks me to change to what THEY want. Flowers, food, wedding party attire, the list goes on, it has all been changed slighly to entirely to suit others. Now i am getting really tired of it and of course the people who were being bossy before are not happy that i am no longer interested in giving them their way. I am sure that soon i will be called a bridezilla by one of these people and that’s when i will really go bridezilla and tell them how inappropriate and rude their demands for my wedding have been. i hate confrontation but i can just see this one coming at this point.

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I briefly bridezilla’d this morning when Future Mother-In-Law emailed over her ideas for her family’s side of the guest list, and it was more people than we were planning on altogether. Then it got a little worse when I realized her list wasn’t even the complete list for FI’s half, because his friends and their +1s were still not even on it. I kept telling him to immediately email her back and sort it out, and when he tried to say something, I just told him to be quiet for now and just write the damn  email. Turned out to be nothing to worry about, since she didn’t heavily oppose our decision to gut her list and turn it into something reasonable. 

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@Sugaree:  Wow, low blow much? I dare some man to call me or my family trash. I give you snaps for not beating him! LOL. Who actually looks at the damn envelopes and pays that much attention to them anyway?

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I’ve had a couple snags, but I don’t know if they would be considered complete bridezilla moments. The first time I was asking my Future Sister-In-Law if a certain date would work better with them, as we are doing a destination wedding, and both her and her boyfriend are in our wedding party. I said that I hope the date works, for them, but if not I cannot change it yet again. Out of nowhere, future Father-In-Law says “you know it’s not all about you….” Well last time I checked, I’m 100% sure that it is MY wedding day!!! I think my poor fiance got the brunt of my anger that day.

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My closest moment so far was when we went to pick suits. I went mainly because my fiance never wears suits so I wanted to see but lucky I did because him and his groomsmen were not paying attention at all. It took them forever to pick a tie. The woman would ask a question and no one would answer her if I didn’t. Even when she was taking the details my fiance would walk off. I literally had to drag him back to the spot and hold him there. Took twice as long and I spent the whole time telling them off like they were a bunch of toddlers. I didn’t even get to talk to the woman about a better price! Annoyed!

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We’ve had a lot of unexpected issues go down which I think I’ve handled in stride. But the thing that threw me over the deep end most was when we were assembling our invitations. My Future In-Laws, my mom and my Maid/Matron of Honor all got together to glue layers, stuff envelopes, and stamp to get our invites out. As we were stuffing the envelopes,Future Father-In-Law was reading over the guest list and he says “Oh we invited Mr. X and Mrs. Y? We didn’t need to!” Also noticed we had spelt someone’s last name wrong.

I had given everyone the guest list months before doing the invitations and asked everyone to please review it since I do not really know some of these people. Ugh! I was seriously about to kick them out.

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We have had quite a few issues (especially with Future Sister-In-Law and the dress, FI’s aunt and some other things). Everything finally built up and with the wedding a few days away, I snapped last week over a stupid piece of music. I didn’t say anything to the pianist and when we got home I took it out on my Fiance (because he’s a music teacher) and I freaked out for such a stupid reason. It was too fast. It’s something that can easily be changed by asking the pianist to slow down, but I just let loose with how much I hate this duet and don’t want to do it

That has been my only bridezilla moment through the whole thing. You just get tired of being reasonable and meeting everyone elses requests that you just snap. My only saving grace to not having more has been to take some deep breaths, smile, and say “Ok!” and then just do what  my Fiance and I want to do.

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