Brilliant earth super premium moissanite vs. Moissanite&Co H&A cut

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My fiancée bought my ring through moissaniteco. We couldn’t find a setting I liked anywhere else. Mines in white gold and has a total of 51 stones in it, there’s been some issues with MoCo but my experience has been amazing! I’ve only been engaged since June but all my stones are good and tight in my setting, it doesn’t snag on anything, my ring is quite heavy as well which is nice, amazing quality, and I’m completely obsessed with it. I have a 1 carat equivalent H&A colorless stone as the center and it’s just stunning! Also, it only took a couple weeks for my fiancée to get my ring so that was nice. I give them a huge thumbs up. 

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Brilliant Earth wouldn’t tell me where they got their moissanite from, and they charge way more for it than just about anyone else, so I took my business elsewhere. They do have lovely ring designs, though, so I did use them for inspiration…

I bought both a C&C F1 stone and a MoCo brand stone to compare, and went with the MoCo as prettier. Wasn’t a round brilliant, though, so I can’t help there with H&A. I had the ring custom made by a local jeweler, so can’t speak to MoCo’s settings either.

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My ring is from MoCo and I love it. My fiance had a great experience buying from MoCo, he asked a lot of questions and sent a lot of emails, and Chris was super helpful. He also waited until about a week and a half before he wanted to propose to order the ring, and they got it to him with several days to spare.

I didn’t get an H&A stone, I personally prefer the splintery look of the standard round brilliant, so my fiance went with a 7.5mm MoCo stone in setting Eng295a

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I wanted to add – I think most of the issues (but not all) that arise with MoCo are when people get a custom ring. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way they wanted, or the quality is a little off, etc., and MoCo has a hard no return policy on custom orders and does not bend on that at all. For a while it also wasn’t clear that they exclusively use lab created accent diamonds, and people were put off by the lack of transparency about that. 

They are hardly David Klass, but I’d say they are slightly above Kay/Jared/chain jewelry store quality. But I don’t think I would trust them with a custom design, other than minor changes to one of their stock models.

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I have a BE premium moissy ring and am obsessed with it. It does annoy me they won’t say what brand of moissy it is but I do think it is very well cut and looks similar to hearts and arrows. I’ve stared at it for hours, lol, and I can distinctly see every facet. 😍 

My Fiance liked ordering from a store so we can see exactly what the ring would look like, talk to a real live person, and have that level of customer service if we ever have any issues with it. So far we’ve had no issues though.

But I agree their jewelery is a bit expensive so it really just depends on what you’re looking for. We’re normally pretty frugal but my Fi was happy to splurge a bit on this since it is a special, once in a lifetime thing.

Now for sparkles!! :


Trying to capture the arrows with my ancient iPhone camera.


Reflecting the lights from our Christmas tree 😍

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msrobinsparkles :  Anything “super premium” makes me think of a gas station, oil slick anyone? In all seriousness I went moissaniteco and I’ve been nothing but pleased. I doubt the price difference is justified. Although you can see by KittyPurry :  it’s absolutely beautiful.

I think you can savs money and get exactly what you want by purchasing the loose stone and having an amazing designed like David Klass make your setting. I heard about him here and was skeptical bc a lot of bees seemed like they had more money than me but when I got a quote I found he was very affordable. I think you’d spend less and be happier with a custom setting from DK and a moissaniteco stone than you would buying the whole set from either company. I am.

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I got the premium moissanite from Brilliant Earth, we also liked seeing them in person. The only difference in premium and super premium from what the sales person told us is the color. Premium is warmer and lower on the color scale, we personally preferred it to the whiter ones.

I really, really wanted Hearts and Arrows because I was sold on the more “diamond-like” cut plus it’s hearts <3! I almost asked for Mo&Co because of that reason, but my fiance is very old school, wanted a physical store. I thought about just swapping the stone later (they won’t just sell you the setting at BE).

I will tell you I don’t regret keeping the original stone, I realized it’s hard to really see the facets unless you are up close, and from the length of your arm, sparkles are sparkles! The setting from BE is top-notch, the little details on it are very fine, noticed more so in person after I got it.

If you don’t care either way, I would order both from BE and Mo&Co and return the one you don’t like as much. Also keep in mind, the quality of the cut can vary by stone, if you get a bad one ask them to switch it!


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SVandy60918 :  Hello I really like your ring. I see you posted on a couple forums and I just love the look along with the matching white gold band.  Did you have David Klass customize it a little for you, because I would like to have them do this ring and also customize it for me too.  My 30th wedding anniversary is coming up and going to do a new set. So I have been on the hunt for the last two years and I really like your ring set.  Could you tell me the info on it and where you got it from, I would so appreciate it.  

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Honestly, I feel like the “super premium” moissy I got in my “ring test” from BE was better than the moissy I ended up with, which is a C&C H&A colorless stone… Maybe it’s because I changed the basket on it which probably allows a lot less light, but it sparkles a lot less. When I took the BE ring home, I had bouncing sparkles all over my wall from the lamp next to the bed. I only notice “bouncing” sparkles from my ring if it’s in direct sunlight.

My husband ordered in a few different stones with our jeweler, and this is the one he picked, but I kind of wish I could have looked at them, too. 

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