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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: July 2012 - The Gables Inn, Santa Rosa, CA

What we did is pay for it in installments.  Rather than saving up a big lump sum and then spending it all at once, we paid for it as we went– most of the smaller stuff, decorations, accessories, etc. I just paid for our of my monthly “fun” money.  Then whenever we were ready to make a big purchase (booking the venue, photographer, florist, caterer, DJ, etc.) I put the charge on the credit card, and paid it off as fast as possible. 

Our budget is about the same as your, maybe a little higher– planning on $10-12k for the wedding and $5k for the honeymoon.  

So, last year, when we booked the venue, we put the $2k on the credit card and took 3 months to pay it off– then once that was paid, we booked the photohrapher for $1k– paid that off on about 6 weeks, and then bought my dress, and so on.  

Doing it this way, we’ve been able to plan and save at the same time whihc was much easier for us. 

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  • Wedding: June 2012

I figured out what I could do without each week (e.g. my discretionary fund) and put that into savings.  I was willing to forgo Nordstrom in favor of wedding savings most of the time.  lol.  We also put our Christmas bonuses, tax refunds and gift money into the account. 

I will say that as we entered the final six months before the wedding, I no longer was “saving” and was instead “spending.”  My discretionary money each week was being used for wedding purchases (e.g. shoes, accessories, paper products) that I accumulated slowly.  That way our wedding savings account only had to be used for the big vendors.

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@juliette.eliza:  Thats a great idea, I never thought of that!

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If you’re expecting a big tax refund, that means you are having too much taken from your paycheck.  Adjust your withholding (there is a tax calculator on the IRS website) and divert the difference into a savings account– really easy to do if you have direct deposit on your paycheck, just have it go there straight away instead of hitting your checking account first— then you will at least earn a little interest on top of the money you put in. It’s not much but it’s better than letting the IRS have your money for free.

Look for little ways to save every day towards your wedding:

-Analyze your cell phone bills and usages for the last few months. If you can get by with a cheaper package without going over in texts or minutes, then cut back. Put the difference in your bill into your savings account

-If you can drop some channels from premium cable, that can save you big money

-Cut your restaurant meals in half. Brown-bag to work more often, and cook at home more often. Even if you’re only splurging once a week in restaurants, cutting that to twice a month will give you at least $100 a month in your savings

-Cut out Starbucks!!!

-Do a trash can audit sometimes. Are you throwing away a lot of food because you don’t eat it before it goes bad? If so, stop over-buying, even if it means you go to the store more often just to buy less on each trip

Most folks, even those who already live fairly simply, can find $100 in monthly savings by just looking at where their money goes. That’s $1200 a year and pretty painless once you get the hang of it.

Also once you get your ballpark wedding price laid out, add 20-30% on top— part of this will be for the zillions of tips you end up giving everyone involved, and part will be for the expenses you didn’t imagine, like bridesmaid gifts or fancy panty-hose under your dress. You WILL find items you missed, all along the way!

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  • Wedding: August 2012

I pretty much stopped buying anything I didn’t need and putting as much as I could into savings. I would suggest working backwards from when your payments are going to be due so that you have an idea as to when your going to have to have that money available. I actually just did this today to see where we were at. I also made one list with items we had to pay in cash and another with items we pay with credit. We plan to have all of the money we need to pay the credit card right away, but I did this so I know exactly how much I have no other option for paying just in case.

If you haven’t booked your venue yet, all inclusive options may eliminate your need to make a lot of deposits if you don’t readily have that money available right now. Our venue package included cake, dj, limo, food & bev. and  flowers. All we’ve had to pay is the deposit and our 6 month payment towards food. The week of the wedding we pay the rest.

Good luck! I think it’s always best to over save. If at the end you have extra then your a step ahead for your next big purchase or for some extra fun things on your Honeymoon 🙂


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

we opened a joint savings account and put money in there from every paycheck as we went along. SOmetimes it was only $100 and sometimes my Fiance got bonuses and would put them in there as well. Also paying things off as we went….. a shirt here a dress there and write everything down!

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