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We have a french bulldog and boy is that breed stubborn! I believe all bulldogs are. It took Darling Husband awhile (close to a year) to get him potty trained and we have tried to teach him tricks but he would rather run to his crate and not get a treat than learn a trick. Ours doesn’t do well in heat. They don’t breathe well. We had ours out in 70 degree weather and he was struggling. I don’t know what type of bulldog you are thinking of but Frenchies have squished faces so their breathing is difficult and can lead to problems in the future. He also snored REALLY loud and his farts are face melting. Haha.

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Bulldogs are awesome, sweet lovable dogs.  But….

They have a TON of health problems unfortunately.  As Kllyod1 said, they hav horrible airways which lead to many problems including collapsed nostrils, collapsed windpipes, loose mucosa which causes airway resistance, and poor heat tolerance.  Also, due to their funny squished bodies, they have angular limb deforminities and disc problems in their backs.  I have fallen in love with bulldogs over the years but mostly because I see A LOT of them as patients. 

It’s hard for me to tell you not to get one, because they are so sweet but you should know what you’re getting in to.  I would definitely find a reputable breeder with healthy older animals that you can look at.  And, it might not be a bad thing if the puppy wasn’t too “typey”; if it doesn’t look stereotypically bull dogish, maybe it won’t have quite as many problems.

Good luck.

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Bulldogs have THE most sensitive skin and terrible allergies and they can be kinda stinky in their face folds. Be prepared to try dozens of different foods and spending lots of money on skin issues (hot spots, staph infections, ear infections, etc.). They also are a high risk for cherry-eye and I think some joint issues but all dogs seem to have joint issues. Also, I love bulldogs but I have one friend with a MASSIVE bulldog (all muscle) who was never properly trained and he’s honestly miserable to be around. Like, I avoid this friend because of his awful dog. A dog pushing 100 pounds needs to be responsive to commands and know not to jump on people because he’s literally knocked me over jumping at me/on me before. Like, I knew that I was not going to be a staunch disciplinarian with my pets so I got a small dog. He’s a good listener most of the time and when he DOES jump on people, well, he’s 12 pounds and doesn’t touch you above your knees. Get over it. LOL.

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PP are right, the breed is super stubborn.  However, they’re smart dogs.  My dog does have allergies… to just about everything.  when we first got ours, he had an issue with entropion, where his eyelids are folded in, and they were causing scratches on his eye, however, no surgery required, thank god!  As he got older, it corrected itself.  He is actually 2 today!  He is a bit of work, as far as bathing and keeping his folds clean, but I wouldn’t trade him for any other breed.  The personality this dog has is amazing.  You can literally tell when he’s mad at you or wicked happy.  When he’s mad, he’ll glare at you and then throw his head from side to side and walk away.  I’ve never met a dog with such a personality.  They’re a great breed and very loyal!

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My sister had/has two of them. (They are living with other family for a year because her husband got transferred for an assignment overseas. And she went with him.)

It’s tough to advise anyone to not get an English Bulldog because her two dogs are the cutest most amusing. lovable balls of muscle and wrinkles ever.

But boy, am I glad they aren’t mine. Since you aren’t having kids, maybe you have time to deal with all this, but I wouldn’t want to do it.

As PP have said – Boy Bulldog has a super sensitive stomach. Anytime Sis changes anything in Boy’s diet he pukes. We brought them some rawhide toys when we visited once. The dogs love them, but only end up puking later. Boy is white, so he sunburns really easy. He is also quite allergic to bee stings. Many bulldogs have issues related to breathing, and Boy was one that had an extra-long soft pallate that was causing him all sorts of trouble as a puppy. He had surgery on that and got a lot better. 

Girl Bulldog has had skin problems all her life. This was the result of an irresponsible breeder. She has a type of skin mite that gets passed down from the mother. That mother dog should have never been bred. However they think in addition to that, her skin is allergic to grass. She takes some form of doggie Zyrtec every day and this has really helped. Now that everything has been diagnosed and treated she’s doing a lot better.

Both Boy and Girl had ‘nose jobs’ to help open up their airways. They both get over-heated and short of breath easily. (That’s after the surgeries)
They are BIG dogs. They will not play too well with Grandma or other frail people. You’ll have to be able to handle them and make sure others are safe around them. They will destroy all the dog toys you give them within an hour. Yes even the ones that claim to be super heavy duty. They shed a lot.

All that said – they are so wonderful to be around. They have such personality! They are so sweet. They love people and just cling to your side all the time. (Hazardous when in the kitchen LOL) They are fun and playful and have the most amazing faces. They are amusing just sitting around. So cute. The ones my sister has love water. In the summer she fills a kiddie pool for them – they go nuts! It’s priceless to watch. They are just always making me laugh when I’m around them.

So if you feel like you can devote all the care they are gonna need – go for it. But be prepared!


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