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@lefeymw: Gotcha. I’m sorry that happened, I actually know of a couple of different breeds that have turned, mostly in old age. Its really sad, but nothing that I would generalize with any breed. I do get what you are saying though.  My dog is older now, and has always been an only dog, so i’m not so sure I would let her stay alone with another dog either. Although, she is amazing around our cat, and has never ever shown any aggression, even when he is lunging at her and chewing on her neck (I swear, he watches lion shows on Animal Planet while we are gone!!!).

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@MrsSl82be: I know a few grumpy old humans too 🙂

We had an old standard poodle growing up and I hated it. It got old and snappy, but again at worst it bit lightly or just bit and it would growl first and let you know it was not happy. My problem with pitbulls is they are great, until they arent

Odd comparison but its along the lines of “I trust my boyfriend/fiance/husband… until they cheat” You swear they wont, but it happens. And unfortunately the outcome of a pitbull “cheating” is much more severe than an old dog getting snappy.

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Like I said eariler due to prey drive these dogs MAY not be good with other dogs when they are older. That doesn’t mean that they are bad dogs or that they will “suddenly” turn. There are warnings just most people miss them. And dog aggression does NOT translate to human aggression. Its very very very different. I have an akita. I’ve owned a very dog aggressive akita in the past. Akitas also are a breed that has problems with other animals. However my dog aggressive akita was great with kids of ALL ages. Its just a matter of making sure the dog stays on leash, neighbors don’t let their dogs loose to run up to your dog and in general having control over you dog and not letting it run around and have bad introductions to new animals.

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@MrsSl82be: Completely agree 100% with the harness.  Our dog started doing MUCH better on walks once we bought a harness rather than using the collar.  I hated the sound of the coughing/choking when I had to pull my dog when he just had the leash on the collar… broke my heart.  Do the harness!

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@lefeymw: That’s not fair to say you won’t comment on pits but then post a link like that. That link is garbage. I’m involved in rescue and have worked with MANY pits who have been through hell at the hands of humans and they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Once known as the nanny dog and war heros, pits are amazing dogs. Yes.. they were bred to fight. Other dogs. They were also bred that in the middle of a fight with another dog, a human could get between them and seperate them with their hand with no fear of getting bit. How many breeds can you say the same for?


Cocker spaniels bite more people than pits do. Pits just get bad media and uninformed people making websites like that to give them a bad name. Such a misunderstood but WONDERFUL breed.


And blues are GORGEOUS. That puppy is going to be a STUNNING dog:)



As an aside my first encounter with a pit in rescue was a dog who’d been rescued from the trunk of a car with another pit.  The jerk who had them was part of a stupid new fighting ring where they literally fight them in the trunks…. it’s sick. Anyway she was pretty beat up and sad….  she got out of her cage and I was kneeling on the ground with another dog. She came barreling top speed at me out of the kennel area and into the yard. I”d not met her yet…. she ignored everyone else and put both paws on my chest and OOMPH I was down and on my back. She stood over me, looked at me.. and proceeded to give me kisses all over my entire face, her entire body wiggling with her tail.


Pits also have the best smiles;)


ETA I posted before I Read all responses. I see this was already discussed:)  However it isn’t wise to keep 2 of the same sex.. especially 2 females.. of ANY dogs but MOST important any TERRIER dogs together in the same household. If they aren’t spayed it is even worse…

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I’m not allowed to get one so long as I am married to my husband because their poops are too big. 🙂

Tongue out

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I have a 75lb mastiff mix and he is so gentle. He’s really sweet. We need to work more on his leash walking-he likes to pull a lot when he really needs to potty. But really. He’s sweet. I also grew up with a Boxer at home, and my Grandparents had Malmutes. As long as your daughters train their dogs well, they will be sweethearts.

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@microscope: Um…poops are HUGE! lol.





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Both of those pups are absolutely adorable! We’re seriously considering a pit when we get around to getting a dog. 

My parents have a bernese mountain dog which are pretty enormous as well. To be honest, they’re just big babies. Short of knocking you down if you’re in his/her way, as long as they’re trained well, there’s nothing to worry about. Now, if you happen to end up with a 100+ lb “lap dog”, you could have a problem on your hands…

I’d also like to add that I totally hate it when certain breeds get a bad rep because of human influence. Any breed can be vicious, it’s all in how they were raised. I’ve heard of poodles attacking, so yea…

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As far as training goes, it’s not really feasible to take a 9 week old puppy to a training class and expect them to learn to sit or stay.  Most classes don’t let dogs into obedience training until they are 5 months old anyway.  “Training” at this age is more like enrolling for puppy socialization classes so your dog learns how to behave around other dogs.  Socialization with children is also important, so if you have anyone with kids who will let the kids come over to play with the puppies (with close supervision).  Take the dogs with you everywhere!  Introduce them to (nice!) strangers.  Allow strangers to pet your dogs (close supervision).  They require a lot of exposure from about 2 months old to 6 months old to happy, fun experiences with new people and new dogs.

Ask the local Petsmart or Petco trainer for tips.  They are usually really helpful with breeds like Bullies and Pits.

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