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Both me and my brother were bullyed a TON in school.  It made me develop thick skin and I was able to let it roll off my back typically (but I did switch schools partly because of it eventually – although more so because the school I was at was terrible academically – I didn’t learn a single thing in 6th grade).

My brother on the other hand was really affected by it and I really think the bullyin ghe went through exacerbated his battle with depression.  He’s doing better now but there were some really dark days and he even had to be hospitalized at one point.  I don’t think he would have had nearly the battle with depression that he did if he wasn’t bullyed.

ETA: My brother and I were bullied for totally different things.  I was bullied because I liked school and did well without really having to try.  He was bullied because he was a boy who didn’t really care about sports and because he was smaller than most of the other boys his age.

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Anyone watch that program a few weeks ago that put kids in a situation where there was a bully, with or with out an adult present? They did a bunch of scenerios and it was very eye-opening how all these kids reacted. Every time too the parents would say, “my kid would never bully” or “we’ve discussed this at lengths” and then you see their kids joining in on the teasing. I think only 1 or 2 kids actually stood up for the kid being bullied. Another surprising fact is that often times telling on the bully isn’t enough you actually need to confront the bully.

While I think a body slam was a bit too much I think standing up for himself was the right thing.

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I think the little brat got what he deserved. He punched the kid in the face without retaliation and THAT wasn’t enough for him. He continued to attack the kid. He is lucky that all he got was a body slam. I don’t agree that both kids should have been suspended either.

My daughter and I have numerous conversations about bullying. I let her know that I won’t tolerate her participating in that type of crap. I also teach her to stand up for herself b/c that’s the only way to stop a bully. My dad taught all of my sisters not to take any crap off of anybody and I am teaching my child the same thing. I don’t want her to start any trouble but I am surely teaching her how to handle herself if trouble comes looking for her. 

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The bullying is out of control. Something needs to be done, and I agree it starts at home.

I was bullied a lot as a kid for being overweight. I played sports and had a big group of friends, which I think helped a little. But I was also painfully shy so I never said anything to anyone, not even my mom. I was so embarassed by it and held it in for years.

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I was always pretty popular and ran with the “in” crowd but I HATED bullying and would always stick up for “dorks” who got bullied.  I didn’t give a shit who was doing the bullying (if it was some popular boy whom I was friends with).  I’d always chime in and make them feel stupid.  I was a pretty confident kid now that I look back, I never let anyone intimidate me and always stood up for the underdogs. 

The only time I got bullied was my senior year when I started at a new school and went to a really ghetto high school that was predominantly black/spanish and for some reason this black girl in my english class didn’t like me.  Maybe she was threatened by my loner/confidence (I hung out with my friends from another school and just kept to myself at that school, but not in a cowardly way). One day in class I was asking a bunch of questions about a project because I was confused and she ran her mouth in front of everyone and said, “damn stop askin so many questions bitch” and I turned right around and said, “I wasn’t fucking talking to you BITCH” LOL!  It was so funny, everyone was shocked because I was like the new quiet girl.  She started getting all worked up and yelling out threats and I was like, “BLAAA BLAA BLAA” and laughing at her and the teacher broke it up and told us to shut up.  I was scared inside and thought she and her friends were going to jump me every day but they never did anything.  All talk lol 


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Good for him for standing up for himself. 

My brother was bullied a bit because he was a shy, quiet kid and would rather draw in his sketch book than play sports. On his way home he was threatened by 3 teenagers with a BB gun when he was 7/8. Obviously he was terrified and actually had no clue at first that it wasn’t a real gun. It was a pretty terrifying experience for all of us given the context (Bosnia in 1992).  

My parents always taught me to stand up for myself and others but when adults make it none of their business to get involved then they make this so much more difficult. 

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I actually just experinced this in college… I wrote a blog about it and someone from the school actually contacted me about it! 

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@totheislnds: Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I just love her so much. I wish my parents had been more proactive in my life.

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Its really heartbreaking working at a girls high school and seeing exactly whats happening between two girls but being powerless to do anything about it.  Although boy bullying tends to be much harsher on the physical side, one thing i can say about boys is that at least they get it out there and deal with it.  With girls, its all behind closed doors, or double-speak, or sarcasm, or so insidious and seemingly innocent that you seem paranoid to say anything about it.  I’ve reported bullying to the director of students no less than 13 times in the past year, and every time its been investigated and found to have no merit, and i know in my heart that there really is bullying going on but nothing can be proven.  I’m getting to the point where i almost want to leave the school because i feel like my observation and reporting isn’t doing anything and i’m at my wits end.  My school has a “strict zero-tolerence” policy against bullying.  Yeah right ๐Ÿ™

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I think that little shit got what he deserved. If that was my child who was being bullied, I would have applauded him for standing up for himself.

Just this past weekend, an 18 year old boy from my school district killed himself as a result of bullying. That makes 8 bullying related suicides in less than 2 years. It’s sickening to think that so many children have taken their own lives because of some little assholes who think it’s funny to make fun of kids that are different. I sincerely hope that the bullies who drove these kids to suicide are prosecuted to the fullest extent. How is it fair that they get to carry on living their pathetic lives after single handedly driving an innocent child to killing themselves?

My cousin (who attends the same school district) was bullied a few months ago. He and the bully were sent to the principal’s office but the principal didn’t have time to deal with the issue so he said that he would look into it the following week. It took more than 2 weeks for my cousin to actually get to talk to the principal. This happened literally days after one of his classmates took his own life after being bullied. How in the hell could the principal of the school not have the time to deal with a situation that is KILLING his students?!? I lost any shred of respect I had for that school district after that. 

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I teach gifted students, and I am constantly watching for signs that they are being bullied.  I know that they are more likely to be bullied because they’re the geeky/nerdy students.  I tell them all the time that they can trust me and I am there for them if they need help with anything.

Bullying makes me so sick inside, but I also want to help the bullies.  Statistically, bullies have usually been bullied themselves and often have other crap going on at home.  It does NOT excuse them one bit… they deserve every consequence for hurting others.  But, I wish more people would also be concerned about getting them help too.  They are obviously very troubled children who need help in some way.

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