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while i dont think i know anyone that is gay i do think that the right to marry should belong to all adults and not just between a man and a woman

but, i respect your opinion and unless youre standing outside parliment waving a sexist/racist/homophobic sign i wouldnt judge you or call you ignorant – life is different for everyone…….. i guess thats why i dont discuss religion and politics with people either





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trust me… you are not the only one who feels this way.

I share your opinions and point of view as well, but sometimes I am hesitate to state it in fear of being called “ignorant”. But at the same time, I know that people live by different religions and different standards of morality.

hang in there! just letting you know you are not alone, sister! :]

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I hands down respect anyone’s opinion on this subject, regardless if it is in line with my opinion.  It’s being open to other opinions that is important, I think.


That being said, I have a gay friend who wants to start a group that, to further support the sanctity of marriage, would ban divorce.

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Itll all be ok cheer up

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I don’t think you’re the minority! Look at all the mainline Christian denominations that are struggling with this same issue today…if you were in the minority, GLBTQ marriage/union would be a non-issue. Just remember to respect other opinions just like you would expect others to do for you. But yes, it does get a little lonely sometimes, no matter which side you’re on.

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*hugs* I’m really confused on my own opinion on the subject, honestly. Which is why I don’t talk about it. EVER. That being said, I absolutely cannot STAND when people are nasty to me about someone else’s political or religious beliefs. For real? I don’t really care what the other person things, especially coming from a third party who is clearly biased. My boyfriend is a minister in the DOC and he is MUCH more liberal than I am on this topic and yet people (one of our managers who is gay) judge him solely on the basis that he’s a minister. It’s not fair to either party; boyfriend feels judged for being held to a stereotype and manager feels judged because boyfriend is also a minister.

I am so, so sorry that people are being nasty to you. It’s definintely not okay and if you feel comfortable doing so, I would tell them that they are being just as intolerant and rude as people who are outspokenly against it. Privately held opinions do not deserve to be publicly ridiculed if you are thoughtful and calm in your explanation of your beliefs, or your decline to talk about them *hugs*

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This is an interesting discussion. I understand your perspective and anyone and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The issue becomes a problem with how some people choose to express that opinion. People who are intolerant and refuse to hear another perspective through radical behavior make it challenging for others to feel comfortable to express an opinion that is unpopular.

I find that when I have an opinion that will be viewed as unfavorable to the audience I am with, I keep my mouth shut. It saves a lot of headaches.

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Everyone has the right to have an opinion.

But when you post in a thread about bees disappointment in finding out that there is an eHarmony/WeddingBee connection because of eHarmony’s not so LGBT friendly views, of course there are going to be people with different views that yours.No one is trying to pick on you because of your views but what you are doing is kind of like going into a gay pride rally and then wondering why people aren’t agreeing with you.


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I agree with DollyLava. I saw your post in the other thread and I have to say, no one is trying to be mean! We just want everyone’s views to be respected. They were expressing their disappointment–not introducing a discussion about gay rights, you know?

I really hope you don’t judge Weddingbee harshly because of this, though. We love hearing all opinions whether we agree or not. I think it’s just the timing or delivery of opinions sometimes that can rile people up.

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If I went to a Christian fellowship meeting, where people were talking about their feelings for Christ, and raised my hand and said, “Hello. I personally don’t believe in Christ as the Saviour. I personally believe organized religion has brought suffering to the world. Wow, are we really going to get into this subject?” — well, however civilly and respectfully I expressed my beliefs, the very act might be interpreted as provocative, or slightly aggressive, or possibly even uncivil.

Even if stirring up trouble or being a gadfly was absolutely, in no way, never ever my intention. Even if I was just making a heartfelt statement.

I think that might have been akin to what happened on the other thread. 

Very few people on this board would begrudge you your heartfelt opinion, I bet. And even fewer would want to deny you your absolute, American right to free speech. It was the choice of venue/context that perhaps lead to people taking offense.

People were asking for support — fellowship — as gays/lesbians planning a wedding. And in that context, to state a personal belief that these people seeking mutual support and fellowship are (in your opinion), morally in the wrong from the get-go…. and to question the propriety of them even having their discussion… well, it’s not so shocking that people felt hurt or offended, is it?

Can you see what I mean? 

PS: The above illustration is for … illustration purposes only.Wink I’d never, ever, ever do such a thing!!

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I’m sorry you feel this way! Although I am Christian I believe in the right to “marry” whomever you chose. But I always respect the others opinion! I posted this link on another thread, and think I’ll post it here, too. I think the overall idea is pretty good. And I wonder what you lovely ladies will think of it as well!


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I don’t think it’s about ‘jamming opinions down your throat,” rather, it’s that people care passionately about this issue, and rightly so.  To people that are supportive of gay marriage, (myself included,) it feels as though people who don’t support it are being discriminatory, the same way that people have been discriminated against in the past based on race, religion, etc.  We wouldn’t stand for that in today’s society, and nor should we based on a person’s sexual orientation.  I will vocally stand up for gay marriage until it is legal everywhere. 

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