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I work about 50 hours a week and Darling Husband works 60 hours a week.  We manage just fine.  I use my crockpot 1-2days a week, we usually get takeout once a week, and i cook a quick dinner the other nignts.  Once a week Darling Husband is stuck at work past dinner time and orders dinner there. I definitely always have healthy snacks ready for us to take to work – apples, kind bars, baby carrots, turkey meat sticks, or peanut butter snacks.  And breakfast is premade- yogurt and granola or hard boiled eggs.  All grocery shopping and errand running is done on the weekend.  we still meet our friends for dinner or drinks or coffee after work once a week (usually around 8pm).  The hardest thing is fitting in working out / exercising.  I usually walk or ride my bike to work (2 miles) which is only 15 minutes longer than taking the subway (i live in nyc).  DH goes to the gym 2 or 3 mornings a week before work at 6am.

It’s not bad at all, just takes some pre-planning.  The only thing I would say is we do spend a majority of time together on weekends- i wouldn’t makes plans for a girls day every saturday, and I would be upset if he committed to a weekly fishing trip or golf game.  Every couple of weeks those activities are fine, but weekends are generally time for us to hang out (with or without other people)

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i only work 40 hours a weeks and Darling Husband and I still cook on sundays for the week.  we make a few vartieties of chicken and a bunch of veggies.  then we have lunches already prepared and we can go to the gym after work and not worry about having to cook when we get home.

planning and time management are key. 

you don’t have to go out every weekend.  but if you are worried about your social life, go out with friends 2 saturdays a months or a friday happy hour.  it will work.

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I’m a public accountant so I work “normal” hours for the majority of the year and then from Jan-April work very unpredictable and long hours (you’ve never felt like you eyes are going to fall out of your head until you’ve been sitting in front of a computer screen from 8am-1am!

I’m not going to lie, during busy season I don’t really see my friends a lot (mostly because I know that I can catch up in the spring). I do however have a lot of phone dates, or I try to double up by seeing multiple people at once, or going to a spin class with a friend.

I pre-make a lot of freezer meals. Stuff like caneloni, lasagne, chili, curry, and meatballs all freeze nicely. I also try to do a lot of meal-prep on Sundays. I’ll do all of my grocery shopping on sundays then before I even put them away I chop the veggies, cook a couple of chicken breasts, hardboil some eggs etc. I also try to bake on sundays. I can whip up a banana bread in about 10 minutes (then just throw it in the oven for and hour).

Cleaning the house is where I struggle. This year I think I’ll get a cleaning lady because last year I was able to keep the house somewhat tidy, and my Darling Husband did help, but i’m the kind of person that usually bleaches behind the toilet and wipes down the baseboards etc every weekend and you just don’t have the energy to do that!

Like others have said, it’s all about time mgmt. Figure out what works for you (would you rather do a marathon cook/clean/grocery shop on sunday? or try to do one task every day ater work and take you weekends off?) and then try to get into a routine.

Good luck!

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There was a period of my EMS career when I had 7 12-hour shifts a week.  It was ridiculous.

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I work 40hrs ish a week (usually a little more!) and I just cook when I get in! I leave between 715-730 every morning, and get back 7pm. I also work at sports events at the weekend to supplement my income.

We tend to stock up the freezer with meat etc. and just get something out to defrost in the morning, then cook in the evening. We tend to make recipes that are quick and easy 🙂

Social life…. we don’t really go out much if I’m honest! We’re not those sorts of people who like to go out drinking. Our social life revolves around our sports, so we tend to have time for social, as we always make time for exercise!

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Can you do some sort of flex scheduling so you go to work at 6 instead of 8? It sucks getting up that early, but once you’re up it feels like you have waaaaay more time in the day. I work 12-hr days most of the spring and summer doing biological field work, but I usually go out at 6 so there’s still a little bit of day left at the end. I agree with PP, making time to exercise is the hardest :/ I also eat a lot of ready snack foods like veggies (cherry tomatoes, snap peas, mini bell peppers), smoked salmon, plain yogurt, nuts and trail mix, fruit, jerky, etc to cut down on food prep time. And caffeine is your friend!

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uncltredpearl:  Used to work in Corrections. Many 16 hour days (mandatd OT). Plan, Prep & Positivity. Plan out your week. Put it together how you would like it to go (rest after a 12 hour day & clean on days off, or clean each day just a little after work and have full days off to do whatever). Prep meals at the beginning of the week. Makes for an easy grab and go & not fussing around with cooking everyday. Positivity. 12 hours can be rough, just keep thinking of the good things as to why you’re at where you’re at.

It looks like you’ll be off on the weekend, so making social events will be relatively easy, as those days are open/you’re off. I used to do 2 back-to-back 16hour shifts on Friday & Saturday…. Buzzkill. That meant Sunday (one of my days off), I spent it with friends and family. Once you get in your groove of things, you’ll see what works for you.

Good Luck with your new schedule!

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I typed a novel of a response and Weddingbee ate it, so I will try again:

Darling Husband and I work at least 9 hours every day and have at least an hour of commuting time. Some weeks it is more.  The way we make it work is by being disciplined and scheduled and prioritizing eating breakfast and dinner together. Our schedule is typically like this:

5:15 Darling Husband wakes up, out for a run by 5:30. Back by 6:30 and is showered, dressed, and ready to go by 7:15. Eats breakfast with me, and is out the door by 7:30.

If it is hot out, I get up at 5:45, out for a run by 6, back by 7, get breakfast ready by 7:15, and am showered and out the door by 8. If it is cool, I get to sleep in until Darling Husband gets in the shower.

For breakfast, I make a batch of homemade granola bars every week. We eat them with yogurt and a banana. It takes 2 minutes to prep and easy to multitask making during dinner one night a week.

We are at work until about 6 or 630. If it is cool, I run home (it is faster than metro), but either way am normally home a little after 7. I’ll pick up groceries on my way. Darling Husband does chores around the house while I make dinner/unload the dishwasher/shower. I try to maximize my time as much as possible by multitasking– I shower while pasta water is boiling or preheat the oven as I am stretching. I also prep many meals ahead and freeze them (and cook enough for leftovers for lunch). After dinner, we clean, pack our lunches, and have about an hour and a half to watch TV/do chores.

For us, it works because we are flexible and committed to making it work. I may get up early just to eat breakfast with Darling Husband and some days I do a larger proportion of chores because I am home first. If there are some days where we aren’t home until after 9, we will get take out. But the norm is just to be flexible and understand that a 9pm dinner and 10pm bed is our life for now.

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I generally work around 70 – 80 hours a week, sometimes more (I’m a doctor). 

My advice – be super organised, plan meals for the week, cook & freeze food in advance on your day off, do your grocery shopping online and have it delivered. And outsource anything you can get away with and afford (cleaner, dog walker etc). Plus get your SO involved in house keeping, cooking, shopping….

Yes your social life will suffer a bit but I promise you’ll manage to make time for it.

I find exercise is by far the hardest thing to squeeze in, but am trying to improve that by riding my bike to work.

Good luck. You’ll be fine. 

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Finance bee here. Wish I knew when am I going to come home every day =) In good weeks I work Mon-Fr 60 hours. In bad its around 70-80 hours includung week end. My Darling Husband does more or less the same (both in finance). We eat a lot of wok (buy bags of already cut veggies, pre-cooked rice and add some chicken). When we are too tird we take out pizza from the freezer… Its a good idea to have some stuff in the freezer, as you never know how tired you will be!

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CityBearBride:  this is exactly what i do – my work week varies from 50 – 100 hour week. a HUGE help is if your work has a fridge, bring two days lunch ingredients at a time then prep them at work. if you work late have it for dinner. <br />socialising – weekend only generally sunday. <br />sport – either very early before work or straight from the office. i dont spend much time with my partner in the evenings. only on saturday sunday and on hols really.

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somehow i get the impression that most ‘bees’ dont work at all, or very little on these boards.

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