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Hahaha, I was the exact same way when I found out my first child was going to be a boy.  But you get the hang of it very quickly.  Just be prepared for lots of peeing in your face, so cover that sucker quickly when you change his diaper.   My son is 12 now, but my Boyfriend or Best Friend had her son this past May, and she registered for the cutest thing.  I’ll post it on here, just wish they had made them when my son was a baby, lol.  Oh, and I totally dressed him up in the cutest clothes I could find that weren’t too boyish if you know what I mean; maybe they were borderline girly, lol, oh well, but I just hate most of the boys’ clothes out there.  Good luck, and congratulations!


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I haven’t experienced this, but I got a good laugh from your post.  But, if you go to like Babies R Us or the like, you will find a TON of cute boy stuff!  I was really surprised.  My sister is having a boy and once we started shopping, it was hard to stop.

I would love to have a girl, and Darling Husband wants his little boy.  But I too LOVE the frilly dresses, so I know what you mean.

Someone said this to me before…with a boy, you only have to worry about your own son….with a girl, you need to worry about every boy out there!  🙂


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Thats awesome you found out now.  You have plenty of time to adjust to the idea of having a son.  I wouldn’t over think it though.  Boys really aren’t that hard.  Boys are just like Men (maybe thats the other way around), they just want to be praised and loved. 

There may not be quite as many cute boy clothes but there is a lot of cute boy stuff. 

Check out these blogging moms that all have REALLY cute boys!






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I’m with you!  I didn’t really think I was going to be having a boy and was all set for a girl.  I’ve been having to wrap my head around it for the past few weeks and am still getting used to expecting a boy now. 

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I felt the same way, and I have a girl. I grew up with one older brother, and though I had girl friends, I was in for a shock when I went to college and had roommates. I hated rooming with girls. I had four roommates in three years, and I only got along with one of them. Once I got my own room, it was so much better.

So, I know how you feel, but it was the exact opposite of your experience. I’ve always preferred the boys clothes. I adore the trucks, dinosaurs, and little characters. I am absolutely not into the pink, frilliness (sp?) of girls clothes. Yuuki’s only four months old, and I do my best to keep her out of pink if I can, but it’s so difficult.

I never really thought about having a daughter. I didn’t really know what to do with the news of having a girl. I’m still worried at times that I’m not going to be able to relate to her, because I just don’t relate to girls that well.

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I want a boy so badly!  I grew up with three sisters and a mother and I never got along with them that well.  I am a “tomboy” I guess, and I really hope for a boy.  They seem easier to get along with.  I wouldn’t completely know what to expect, having grown up with girls, but I want a boy.

The boy babies I have nannied for have been a lot easier than the girls (which is likely just coincidental)- but it just seems that way from my experience.  I also love doing “boy” things like fishing and catch. 

Girl baby clothes are so cute, but some boy baby clothes are adorable too- little overalls and little suits and things.  Darling Husband and I both want a boy… we’ve go our fingers crossed- but I know I would relate to a girl as well.


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Not pregnant yet, but I secretly want a boy.  I know I’d love a girl and get to play dress up, but I also only really want one kid, and I kinda like the idea of a boy.  I’m weird I guess.  I think I’ll be happy either way, and so will the hubs.

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@AudzinLuv: When my sister had a boy she quickly learned how to keep from getting splashed by turning on a small space heater pointed near him so there wasn’t any sudden temperature change to cause the peeing reaction.  Same for bath time – she kept a space heater pointed near him and because the exposed upper half is still warm even though its out of the water, few peeing incidents and less crying occurred.  Granted, this may have just been her baby but still . . . its something I’ll definitely be trying when my little one comes along.

I’ve also seen the pee-pee tee-pees becoming popular similar to the wee block.

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I used to think like that. I really wanted a girl. I felt I wouldn’t be able to relate to a boy. Pink is my favorite color and I like all things girly and glittery.

I read somewhere that if you’re really hungry during pregnancy, statistics say you’re having a boy. Wow, was I hungry! I know those things are just old wives tales, but I’m convinced I was going to have a boy. And then I miscarried. Now I’m sad that I don’t have my little boy.

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Oh I felt the same way! When we found out we were having a boy my husband was exstatic but me…I never even considered it would be a boy. I knew nothing about them. But then I thought more about it and realized maybe I will like being queen bee of the house! Haha! Now our son is 2 and I love him so much! He’s nuts starting to dive off the couch and other high surfaces…boys! Now we are TTC and now I feel like I won’t know what I would do with a girl! So funny how things work. Congrats! Boys are a lot of fun!

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I felt the same way when I found out I was having a girl!  I’m happy, and the important thing is that she’s healthy, but I secretly wanted a boy.  But all children are blessings and I’m just getting used to it now!  And remember — you can always have more!

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Aw! You’ll learn all about them! My friend wanted a girl and got a boy. Now he’s a daddy b0y, but spends time with mama too. 🙂

I don’t have kids, but we are TTC and I just have a feeling we’ll get a boy…but then my SO has a 11yr old son, so that may be proof.:(


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Like @Superstitions & @cbee, I kinda want a boy.  I’d love either a boy or a girl, but since: 1. my mom & I have totally different personalities, 2. I’m a daddy’s girl AND a tomboy, & 3. both hubs & I LOVE sports (friends & coworkers joke that I’m really a guy trapped in a woman’s body with a woman’s sexuality), I think I might relate better to a boy as a first kid. 

On the flipside, I want to have both eventually, so if a girl comes first, I’ll find a way to fall in love with having a girl.

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