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Helper bee

You are going to so love the mac. I’m on my 3rd Mac and I’ve never looked back. 

First of all does anyone have the MacBook Pro? If so, why did you decide on this over the plain MacBook? — As a student, and Grad Assistant, my Macbook Pro (MBP) goes with me every where. I wanted the aluminum case for extra protection since the original Macbook (which I had) the plastic case tended to crack. The Apple store was great about fixing it. 

Are there any extras, feature, programs that aren’t installed and have to be bought in addition to the computer? Or does it basically come ready to go? — You’ll need to get Microsoft for Mac and possibly any other software (Photoshop, etc) you use regularly. I know that Apple offers a comparable product to the Microsoft Office suite, but I needed Office for my papers. 

Any drawbacks or reasons you would recommend against buying a Mac? You’ll never go back to a PC. I’m not even sure that is a drawback. 

If you switched from a PC to a Mac how hard was it to get use to running a Mac? —  Its so easy. its totally user friendly, and intuititive. I”ve gotten friends and profs to switch over to Macs and we’ve all never looked back. 

Hope this helps and enjoy your Mac !!

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Buzzing bee

I coppied this from another thread I gave advice on:

My best advice: Make a personal shopping appointment at a Mac Store. You can do it here.

I got an offer from my step dad a few months ago to replace my dying laptop and I really wanted a Mac. He told me to research what one I wanted, but was really pushing for the Macbook Pro.

I made a shopping appointment and told the guy what I was looking for. I’m a student and use my computer for word processing, photos and music, and the internet. He immediately told me to go for the Macbook and never once tried to upsell me to the Pro. He then spent the rest of the appointment teaching me how to use my macbook! I never felt pressure to buy from him right then and walked out of the store empty handed (we bought the macbook the next day).

Basically he told me the Pro is for professionals in the creative fields. The base model of the Pro actually comes with less than the Macbook but costs more money! Mac Store consultants don’t work on commission so they don’t recommend products you don’t need.

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Buzzing bee

Are there any extras, feature, programs that aren’t installed and have to be bought in addition to the computer? Or does it basically come ready to go? I would recommend Microsoft Office for Macs. I had it installed with “Pages” but it was too hard to upload documents to my professors etc.

Any drawbacks or reasons you would recommend against buying a Mac? Nope!

If you switched from a PC to a Mac how hard was it to get use to running a Mac? Not hard at all. The only problem I had was moving all my documents from my PC to Mac (my pictures and files saved all over the place and I had to reorganize). I recommend spending the $100 for them to do all the transfers for you.

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Bumble bee
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I got my MacBook Pro two years ago. Pro generally has a faster processor, bigger screen, and bigger HD.

Drawbacks: price

The conversion from a PC to a Mac is easy.

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Honey bee
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I totally second everything everyone has said here!  I am on my second mac and I love them!  

Again, you can get a student version of Office for Mac for like $100.  

I have a MacBook from 2005.  No cracking, a little dull where my hands sit while I type but other than that going great.  Oh, I had to replace the battery about a year ago.  This was my laptop that I use every day for school and every night for homework/web browsing.  

Eventually I needed to get an external storage drive because I just had so many pictures and songs on my computer.  

I would go for more storage on a regular macbook rather than getting the extra macbook pro.  

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Helper bee
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I switched to a Mac 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back 🙂  

I have an iMac, but I have heard Macbook Pros are awesome, especially for graphics and design purposes.  I just needed a computer for basic things, plus some illustrator and some photoshop when needed.  It is still running very well and much better than the PC my parents bought around the same time.  The last computer I had was a Dell laptop, and it lasted just a little over 4 years…  I can’t see myself getting a new Mac anytime soon, its still running so well!  I have never had to do any maintence work, like defrag or update virus scanners or anything.  I have noticed an increase of popup ads, but it went from like one every month, to maybe 4.

I didn’t get any extra programs, so I don’t know if what comes preloaded is what you mean by loading programs, but I took it out of the box, plugged it in and was ready to go.  

It didn’t take that long to get adjusted.  I still use a PC at work, but have no trouble switching back and forth.  It all became second nature.  I was nervous too, because it is a different system (I was constantly cleaning up my PC hard drive and downloading updates), but you don’t really have to do all that system work you would do on a PC.  Maybe back up your files and clean up your hard drive, but that is it.  

I also didn’t get a hard sell from the guys at the apple store, the computer really sells itself…

Edit: I didn’t have to deal with having to move many of my files because my Dell was so f*d up, I had been burning what was important to CDs for months and just left what wasn’t important on there.  The Dell never worked with my iPod (a major reason I switched to my iMac), so to get my songs, I googled something (transferring music files off iPod i think), and just used a program that I found.  I can’t remember what it was, but it worked well.  I only had some minor tweaking to do, all the id3 tags transferred too!

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Busy bee
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I love *love* my Mac. I switched in December after years of wanting to but never being able to. I dread having to use my PC at work.

As far as switching, I found that the user interface took some getting used to. Also, I’m a bit of a computer nerd, and the way a Mac runs means that I never have to go into the registry and fix things or pull up “Program Manager” all the time like I used to. It just works.

For word processing, I use iWork instead of Microsoft Office. You can export the files in the appropriate format (.doc, .xls, etc.) and I’ve had no problems with people reading the files. I do have Microsoft Office on my machine, but I’ve had some problems with it and it bothers me.

The two hardest things for me were importing my firefox favorites & passwords, and importing my itunes files. itunes for PC doesn’t work the same as it does for Mac, so it’s not an easy switch. You can have someone at the Apple store help you with this; I used this tutorial from ilounge but it is not foolproof.

Good luck and enjoy your mac!

ETA: I meant to add that Macs seem to have a lot of secret codes. Some things, like the “delete” key on the PC, just aren’t obvious Mac (it’s fn + delete). Or typing non-English characters, or taking screen captures (there are 4 ways to do it, each requires some key combination I can’t ever remember). I will admit to having been annoyed by this.

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Honey bee
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@flutterbi: What do you use a laptop for? Which one really depends on what you need. They’re all great, but unless you really need it, the Macbook is plenty… If you let us know the uses you have, we can better assist you in finding a system 🙂

I went Mac 4 years ago and have NEVER looked back! It’s easy to switch over, and once you do, you will wonder how you ever stayed with a PC for so long!

I have a 24″ iMac, MacPro, and Macbook…  

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Busy bee
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I am on my second Mac laptop. I don’t think they’re the best thing ever, but I really don’t like Microsoft/Windows. I got a MacBook, as opposed to a MacBook Pro, because I don’t play a lot of games or do a lot of graphics work. This computer is still kicking after 4 years and it does everything I need it to. The computer will come pretty much set-up, but as others said you will probably want to buy Microsoft Office. Don’t bother with Mac’s version of a word processor (Pages? I think it’s called)- I could never figure it out.

If you have used Windows 7 some of the operating system is similar. There is a somewhat different set-up, but I don’t think you should have too many problems if you’re relatively computer savvy. 

Some negatives are that certain software programs will not work on a Mac. For many common programs there will be a different version, but for some stuff you’re just out of luck. On my computer I have problems with flash on some webpages, but I think that has been solved and you shouldn’t have to worry (except I think ipads have flash problems). I would suggest that if you get a laptop that you get the 3 year warranty. If anything goes wrong you will get it fixed. I even had a cracked case- purely cosmetic- and it was replaced at a local apple store. 

Even with some of the issue of not being able to open certain programs, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a PC. Hi, I’m PinkBubbleGum and I’m a Mac.

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Bee Keeper
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I love my Mac!!!! It was an easy adjustment from a PC and I’ll never buy a PC again.

I do have a MacBook Pro but only because I was an advertising major and needed some of the upgrades. I now enjoy the larger screen for tv shows 😉 Go to the Apple store to see what would work best for you.

Good luck!!! and you’ll LOVE your mac! Promise!!!!!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I will NEVER buy a PC again. I love my Mac that much. Once you get used to the desktop and key commands, it’s actually way easier and more intuitive to use than a PC. As far as Pro or not, the difference is really in the processor and the memory. What do you use your computer for? If you do a lot of image editing, photography, gaming, etc, definitely get the pro. If not, save yourself the money and just get the regular Mac Book

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Blushing bee
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I don’t think you need a macbook pro. unless you work in an industry that requires you to run all sorts of crazy design programs, a macbook should suffice.

oddly enough, the weddingbee website runs like a turtle on the PC i am using at work, once i get home and on my mac, runs smooth as can be. Anyone else notice this?

I would nerver use a PC again if it weren’t for me having to useone at work. boooo.

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