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  • poll: What is most important to you?


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    One of my sidestones would be around an SI1. It’s hard to see the inclusion, but I’m particular and have this (bad) ability to spot flaws quickly. But there are eye clean SI1 graded diamonds! If it bothers you would you be willing to go down in color for better clarity?

    As for your poll, cut! I went with a smaller diamond to make sure it was eye clean and has an excellent cut.

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    Honestly,  there are eye clean SI stones,  but I think you could go down in color and bump up clarity, especially if you are looking at bigger stones. Have you seen this diamond in person? It really is based on the individual in if they are color sensitive and if you can see any inclusions. I said cut is most important because that dictates the light return which is important when it comes to the sparkle factor!

     Oh, and it being D in color is at the top of the color scale and you can go down to F if you really want the stone to be white but if you’re not color sensitive, you can definitely get away with G-H in color. You may even like the warmth and you might like an I!

    Congrats on starting to look! 😉

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    My Tiffany Soleste is an “I” color with excellent cut and I actually love the very slight warmth. The variance between color grades is minimal and only aparent when you compare rings side-by-side. Quality of cut affects the light refracted, which in turn affects the “fire” and “brilliance”. Without that, you have an average rock.

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    cpockk:  I agree w/PP and say I would bump the color down to a F or G, and get VS2 of better. Make sure the cut is excellent. Also, the lab which is doing the grading makes a big difference. I would only buy an AGS or GIA diamond-stay away from EGL stones. They do not grade on the same standard as the other two. 

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    I have a SI1 stone. It’s an upgrade in size from my previous diamond which was a VS1. I notice no difference and see no visible inclusions. Going down slightly in clarity allowed us to get the larger stone I wanted in a higher colour grade.


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    I just picked up my e-ring today (yay!) and have spent the last month learning about diamonds. Personally, I have found that cut is king, a well cut diamond will give you amazing fire and scintillation (the bling!) and can make a diamond appear larger.  In regards to clairity, as it turns out, I’ve got a good eye and was able to spot inclusions when looking at SI clarity so I ended up going with VS.  With that said, since you’re looking for opinions, I personally would (and did) bump the size down and the color down to G/H (both face up white) in order to get a better cut and clarity.

    Good luck and happy searching.

    P.S. Have you taken a look at Pricescope? They are an amazing resource and know A LOT about diamonds!!

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    cpockk:  Sounds like a lovely stone but I would want to see it in person because of the clarity rating.

    What is the cut of it? I and most people would say that’s the important part because it affects all the other C’s and is what makes it shine and sparkle. The cut can make colour look higher than it is, hide some inclusions, make the general clairty better so it doesn’t like cloudy or milky, it affects the dimensions on whether it’s a deep cut or shallow cut and whether it’ll appear bigger on top…etc… 

    The clarity can be a bit iffy when it’s a SI. I would want to see the stone on whether it was eye clean, where the inclusions were and what type of inclusions (can be more than just black carbon spots). Some SI are eye clean but can have others with obvious or noticeable inclusions. Some have inclusions where you can hide them under a prong so you wouldn’t have to see it and you’ll be the only one who would know it’s there. There are some, like mine, who’s inclusions are white so you can’t see them easily. While some will have other kinds of inclusions like clouds, feathers and sometimes have a milky appearance (though less likely with the last one with an SI). Feathers can be one to worry about depending on how big and the location of them. Such as if they get hit a certain way they could crack or snap in half, if it has one I would avoid one that was close to the surface and in the centre (it also doesn’t look all that pretty looking at what appears to be a crack). 

    The colour is top premium for being a D and that’s going to be the big part of the cost. To be honest even the most colour sensitive don’t typically need it to be a D, an E, F and sometimes a G is fine. Depending on how colour sensitive you are. I would look in a store to see how colour sensitive you are, some love a bit warmer stone and you end up saving a lot of money and can better in the other C’s. Personally I would drop a colour grade or two and get a better clarity, and it cut depending on what this ones cut is. 

    Also, is it certified and by who? For a diamond that size I would want to make sure I knew what I was getting. 

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    As others have said, I would go down in colour to get better clarity. You can get eye clean S1 for sure but you need to be working with a good seller.  Where are you looking at buying from?  Do you have a favourite cut in mind? The various shapes vary in the way they size up.  Pricescope forum folk will help you find a great diamond if you tell them your budget. 

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    cpockk:  in a well cut diamond you won’t be able to see any flaws. I just got engaged a week ago. My fiancé got me a 3 carat, triple excellent cut, I SI1 diamond. It’s beautiful and icy white and is eye clean. Cut is definitely king! 


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    cpockk:  I think you should go down to F and bump up the clairty to VS1 -VS2 and make sure when you buy you’re diamond get a GIA graded stone. I would avoid all AGL stones at all cost they are the most unreliable lab and you will get ripped off. 

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